It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 868 - Ling Xiao’s Son!

Chapter 868: Ling Xiao’s Son!

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“That is not possible!” exclaimed the Third Marshal.

The First Marshal and Second Marshal both had huge changes on their facial expressions. Ling Xiao giving them such news had stunned them greatly. Privately, in the Flying Dragon Special Forces, there were also 21-year-old operators who had entered imperial level. However, this result was gained through combining all the resources of the Federation and using a lot of secret techniques to nurture these people. However, doing this would leave them with a lot of post traumatic stress and would also deplete their potential as mecha operators at an early age, with no possibility of reaching any higher levels.

However, Ling Xiao was clearly not talking about those types of individuals. Someone who had surpassed his existence meant that Ling Xiao believed his son had a high chance of becoming a god-class operator. If that was the case, no matter how many people the Federation’s military was to sacrifice, they still have to pay the price to save this future god-class operator. After all, the three marshals knew what an additional god-class operator meant for the Federation.

“Wait, I remember the research department had come up with a theory. They said that the son of a god-class operator could never advance to the imperial level…” The Third Marshal finally spoke out what he was thinking about.

At that moment, the reporters watching in the conference room were still surprised by Ling Xiao’s public announcement that there was a 21 year-old imperial operator on Planet Haijiao. Now, they were all dumbfounded by the Third Marshal’s new statement.

“Did the Third Marshal just say the son of a god-class operator?” Wen Qilian grabbed a reporter she didn’t know and shouted excitedly.

“Yeah…” That reporter also excitedly nodded as his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Ling Xiao’s son!” Every reporter had an answer in their minds. This was news that was enough to shake the entire Federation. If Ling Lan was to actually advance into god-level, then they would create a new record for the human race for being the first father and son god-class operators…

On the large screen, faced with the Third Marshal’s questioning, Ling Xiao said proudly, “It wasn’t possible in the past doesn’t mean it’s not possible now, and it also doesn’t mean that it will not be possible in the future!”

“My son Ling Lan could advance to imperial operator proves that the supposed research results are false. Then, how could we confirm that the results of Planet Haijiao’s battle and future prospects are true?! Using only one piece of intel to determine the lives of 280 million soldiers. I, Ling Xiao, do not agree!” Faced with the Third Marshal’s pressing questions, Ling Xiao actively counterattacked him instead.

Ling Xiao’s words had proved Ling Lan’s identity. He was surprisingly Ling Xiao’s son! All the female reporters excitedly covered their mouths and giggled uncontrollably. ‘It turns out the son of the handsome man is also a handsome man!’ Ling Xiao’s statement of disagreement also ignited the hearts of the male reporters, so the entire conference room instantly erupted with noise everywhere.

Ling Xiao’s provocation made the Third Marshal’s face turned pale. A general in his faction quickly tried to chime into the conversation. “Even if Ling Lan is an imperial operator, how could one imperial operator and a few hundred top-level operators hold on for more than three weeks?”

After those words were spoken, all of the reporters in the conference room became livid. It was just as General Ling Xiao had said. They also couldn’t prove that Ling Lan’s group couldn’t do it. What would happen if a miracle actually did happen and they actually held on for more than three weeks?

Hearing this, Ling Xiao instantly straighten his posture with confident expression on his face. He said without hesitation, “Just from the fact that he is my son. He can definitely perform a miracle.”

“Haha, Ling Xiao, you’re too naive. You’re going to take the risk of sacrificing the lives of millions of soldiers just on the grounds of him being your son? How are you going to take responsibility if your son can’t hold on for more than three weeks and in turn making us sacrifice millions of soldiers on Planet Haijiao for no reason?” Asked a general under the same faction as the Third Marshal who was of the same rank with Ling Xiao. Using the fact that he was an old fart to mock Ling Xiao needlessly.

“If I dared to say it, then I will also take full responsibility. If my son, Ling Lan, cannot hold on for more than three weeks. Then I, Ling Xiao, will automatically resign from my position as general!” Ling Xiao angrily said as he smashed his hand on the table.

“Ling Xiao!” The First Marshal shouted, “Don’t be impulsive!”

“Marshal! When you appointed me as the General of the 23rd Division, I was anxious and asked you the question on how to be a qualified general. Back then, you only said one sentence, and that was to care for soldiers as if they were my own flesh and blood,” Ling Xiao said with reddened eyes. “I have always done everything in that philosophy. Ling Lan is my son and at the same time, also my subordinate. If I abandoned my own son, then the idea of caring for the soldiers as if they were my own flesh and blood would be considered a joke, wouldn’t it…”

“Thus, as long as there is a sliver of hope, I, Ling Xiao, will not give up on any soldier in our military. For that, even if I have to risk everything, I will not regret it!”

“General Ling Xiao really is a warm-hearted person. He doesn’t hide his emotional side. I believe that he can definitely love his soldiers like he would his own flesh and blood.” Wen Qilian, who was usually strong-willed, had tears dripping down her eyes uncontrollably. After seeing the generals heartlessly sacrifice a portion of their soldiers for a so-called victory, Ling Xiao’s words had warmed the hearts of all the reporters. Ling Xiao wasn’t logical, calm and wasn’t like most generals that they knew, but they felt that it was a great thing that Ling Xiao had become a general.

Ling Xiao’s words made the other generals go silent. Back then, when they became generals, they had also said the same statement. However, when did they forget it? Or perhaps they had never taken it into their hearts in the first place?

At that moment, Qi Yaoyang, who was silent, coughed loudly. He first looked at the Third Marshal with an apologetic expression and then said, “Just now I kept telling myself to look at the whole picture and not put my own feelings into it. However, General Ling Xiao’s words have moved me. My unfilial son would rather fight with me and follow the leader he followed from his childhood to the 23rd Division. Although this made me very angry, no matter how unfilial he was, he is still my son. This time, he and his leader, Ling Lan, are both stuck on Planet Haijiao… As his father, I can’t abandon him. I also want to be a general who loves his soldiers like his own flesh and blood.”

Hearing this, Ling Xiao snorted coldly, “Lieutenant General Qi, what’s wrong with him joining my 23rd Division?”

Qi Yaoyang also snorted coldly with a look of disdain on his face, “Then, why don’t you let your son join my 13th Division?” Ling Xiao took his son and still had something to say about it?

The two of them stared at each other, and a slight killing intent was sensed in the air. In the end, they both snorted coldly and stopped their quarrel. After all, at that moment, they were on the same team. They must set aside their differences and cooperate with each other for once.

Ling Xiao’s words made the First Marshal have a change of heart. He turned around and looked towards the Second Marshal and asked, “Brother Song, what do you think?”

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