It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 888 - Reinforcements!

Chapter 888: Reinforcements!

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As expected, after flying for some time, he saw the transport team moving towards their base furiously. He scanned through them but didn’t see any familiar mechas. ‘Where did the people from 250 go?’

Yang Mingzhi saw the ace mechas that were at the back of the transport team and hurried over. He stopped them and asked, “Where are the people from 250?”

These ace mechas belonged to the leaders from Song Yiqing’s 224 Mecha Clan. When they saw the reinforcements from 250 Ace Mecha Clan, they literally could feel pressure being lifted off their bodies. They replied hurriedly, “They are holding a group of imperial operators back for us. Please hurry up and help them.”

Yang Mingzhi’s expression changed. He quickly called Gu Dongyang and they rushed to the direction the transport team directed them to.

Han Jijyun hid in the dense forest not far away. He turned off the engine of his mecha and watched as his team members self-destruct one by one. His expression got colder with each death. Besides that, he had no other expressions, like an ice statue in the frigid cold. People might have thought that he was a heartless person if they had missed the pain in his eyes and the drips of blood that were flowing down his hands. He had clenched his fists so tightly that his fingernails dug deep into the palm of his hand.

Suddenly, Han Jijyun heard a roaring sound behind him. He moved his mecha and saw a bunch of familiar mechas. Tears suddenly started to fall from his eyes, creating two lines of water streaks that flowed down his cheeks.

The reinforcements were finally here. He didn’t have to force himself to watch his comrades self-destructing anymore.

He really hated himself for being too weak. If he was stronger, he wouldn’t be a burden to everyone. He wouldn’t have to hide in the dark and feel helpless. He wouldn’t have to watch his comrades sacrificing themselves right in front of his eyes. If he was just as strong as Qi Long, he would at least be able to fight with them side by side.

‘Why am I so weak?’

As Han Jijyun questioned himself, Yang Mingzhi and Gu Dongyang saw the brutal scene in front of them. Fires and clouds of smoke could be seen everywhere. Broken mechas parts were scattered on the ground with most of them belonging to 250 Ace Mecha Clan. This brutal scene stabbed the hearts of the two veterans.

In the air, Liu Furong was fighting with Luo Qi in a one versus one battle. The 10 remaining mechas from 250 Mecha Clan formed into a small team of their own and were battling with the last five imperial operators from Hailiya. Every single attack they made was all self-destructive. It was obvious that these mecha operators were prepared to die with the intention of dragging their opponent with them before they die. Their viciousness and fearless attitude towards death caused their opponents to hold back against them. They were afraid that the mecha operators from 250 Ace Mecha Clan would hug them and self-destruct. Hence, members of 250 Ace Mecha Clan were able to survive till now.

This was also the reason why the members of the 250 Ace Mecha Clan managed to destroy 6 imperial mechas.

They used the lives of over 30 ace mecha masters to exchange for the lives of six imperial operators. This was an amazing feat that no one had managed to achieve in the entire Federation’s history, even their descendants might not be able to achieve it. However, to Yang Mingzhi and Gu Dongyang, the lives of the six imperial operators were not worth the lives of their 30 mecha operators as these people were their brothers-in-arms. They were comrades who fought with them, trained with them, ate with them, slept with them. Even though they were only ace mecha masters, even a single mecha operator from that group of 30 mecha operators was more precious than the six imperial operators combined.

“Kill them! Leave no one alive!” A strong killing intent appeared on Yang Mingzhi’s normally gentle face as he gave his order to kill.

They couldn’t just let their comrades sacrificed like this. They must let the Hailiyan mecha operators pay the price!

The mecha operators of the two teams rushed towards the six imperial operators. The imperial operators used to be confident that they could destroy the remaining mechas but now, more than double the number of remaining mechas suddenly appeared. They now started to worry. From the movements of the two leading mechas, they could feel a sense of imperial operators in them. Luo Qi knew that these two mecha operators might be more than half step into the imperial stage. They should be at pseudo imperial stage now. It would be a tough fight.

Half step imperial and pseudo imperial were both imperial stages but the difference between the two was huge. Half step imperial stage had the word ‘imperial’ in it but it was actually closer to ace stage. This was just the highest level of ace and the person was just half a step away from imperial stage. However, this half step couldn’t be taken easily. Some people might be unable to take that half step in their entire life. No matter how hard a person worked, if they couldn’t break through the imperial barrier, his piloting skills would forever be stuck at the peak of ace stage.

As for pseudo imperial, it meant that the person had already entered the imperial stage. Their mecha piloting ability hovered between half step imperial and imperial stage. As long as they were given more time to get used to the operations, they would be able to stabilize their controls and become a real imperial operator. During battles, a pseudo imperial operator had a real chance to become a real imperial operator. After all, it’s just a matter of time for them to become imperial operators. This was the difference between half step imperial and pseudo imperial.

Luo Qi wouldn’t have minded if more ace mecha masters came. However, now, there were two pseudo imperial operators who might be able to advance to the imperial stage if he fought with them. Luo Qi didn’t dare to take the risk, so he ordered his team members to retreat.

‘I will wait for reinforcements to arrive and come back again!’ Luo Qi felt annoyed. He waved his giant sword and slammed Liu Furong away. Then, he controlled his mecha and retreated in the direction of Base Yaqi. The other five members of his team followed behind him closely.

“Running away? Not so easy!” These people killed many of their comrades. How could they let them off so easily? The mecha operators quickly blocked their path of retreat fearlessly.

“Damn it!” Luo Qi quickly fired a beam while signalling to his members to grab any chances to retreat.

Liu Furong was unwilling to give up too. When he saw Luo Qi firing at his teammates, he howled in anger and fired furiously at Luo Qi with his beam gun.

Luo Qi had no choice but to evade the beams, so he was no longer able to help his team members, causing only one of his team members to be able to escape. The other four were chased back into the battlefield and got surrounded by Yang Mingzhi and Gu Dongyang’s teams.

After Luo Qi evaded Liu Furong’s beams, he wanted to use his beam gun to help his four team members. However, when he saw his beams were all blocked by Yang Mingzhi effortlessly, he knew that this was an expert at long-range attacks. Without his beam gun, he no longer had any chance to save his team members, so Luo Qi turned decisively and retreated with the one member who had escaped.

As a regiment commander of God-Killers, Luo Qi not only needed to have powerful mecha piloting ability, he also needed to be decisive and know when to give up certain things. Because of these traits, he was able to defeat many candidates who wanted his seat and sit in the position of the regiment commander for this long. Since he knew that saving his team members was impossible, he decided to leave.

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