It's Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1:

"Simply put, I wouldn't be able to live past this day!" System[1] 5237 mutters over and over like a broken record, incessantly rolling back and forth beside Sui Yuan. "Nowadays, everyone is striving to become male and female leads. Male and female supporting leads either give up too early or simply take over the storyline to counterattack. The world has been turned upside down! Yiyiyiyi…you must do your job properly this time ah! If you give me any trouble…I…I…I will drag you to hell with me!"

"It should be "destroy"," Sui Yuan corrects absently.

"…Fine. You will be destroyed together with me." System 5237 chokes on its words for a little while, then says sternly, "This is your first assignment. It's not too difficult. As long as you listen to me, I can guarantee you will cross this obstacle!"

"Understood." Sui Yuan obediently nods his head.

Having been through several partners, 5237 is not quite accustomed to having such an obedient companion. Recently, is there anyone who is not awfully shrewd, always making some bizarre request, or putting in a great effort all because they wish to receive more benefits? The kind of life 5237 is used to is one of sweet-talking its targets in order to bedazzle them with fantasies and sell itself. Afterwards, it will always be stuck in a long and laborious battle of wits.

…This short idle period of time, it is really not used to it!

"…In actual fact, male supporting lead or whatever is a pretty good position." System 5237 wobblingly rubs Sui Yuan's elbow, stammering slightly. "You see, male and female leads always have to weather all sorts of wind and rain in order to finally see the rainbow. They need to experience physical and mental oppression too. Supporting leads are very good ah. The only thing you would never measure up to or achieve is the deep emotion between you and the main, but being able to eat whenever you want, drink whatever you want, how unrestrained a life it is!"

Sui Yuan wordlessly nods, appearing to approve wholeheartedly.

How rare that a companion would agree. System 5237's mood lifts higher and higher. "Right? Right? And if you are a supporting lead made to be the male lead's rival to obtain the female lead's love, then the personality and ability would be very high ah! Born to riches and wealth, handsome looks and natural talent will all be handed to you! As the saying goes: male leads are to develop the storyline, while male supporting leads are there to be loved! You must understand that outside of this world, there are countless younger sisters who love you ah!"

Sui Yuan continues to nod in agreement, expression serious.

"The most important thing is, a supporting male lead's sole oppression is never being able to obtain the female lead's love. But, as long as you are able to act appropriately, this minor thing will not be able to control you ah! All you need to do is act according to your role, it's actually very simple!" System 5237 earnestly advises. "Although some supporting male leads will die in the end, if you are good to me, I will definitely not allow you to meet such a tragic end!"

Sui Yuan…still continues nodding without saying a word.

"The material benefits are also very great! If you accomplish your assignments splendidly, you will have the ability to make your own decisions. After you acquire this ability, when the time comes and you take a liking to someone, we can assist you in pursuing them!" System 5237 rolls around Sui Yuan, then nudges him. "Oi…are you listening?"

"…Hmm? You've finished talking?" The Sui Yuan who took a mental journey to fairyland eventually returns, blinking his eyes.

System 5237: "……Is this Elder's presence so insignificant?! QAQ"

Sui Yuan raises a hand to pat the plump system 5237 who is currently sobbing rivers, trying to placate it. Nevertheless, 5237 is an experienced and knowledgeable being and swiftly gets over its grief.

"All right! It's time for Take 1! You are to fall for the female lead at first sight!" 5237's body trembles as its fighting spirit sky-rockets. "You know what needs to be done, right?"

"Got it." Sui Yuan looks at it…and nods expressionlessly once again.

System 5237 feels that it is already beginning to hate this action of his.

Sui Yuan gets to his feet and straightens the long sleeves of the garment he is wearing now.

Luxurious crimson robes with gold-embroidered designs, it serves to emphasise Sui Yuan's gorgeous figure. Coupled with red lips, rosy cheeks and a face that can topple nations, he is as alluring as a male peacock flashing its tail feathers, attracting all members of the opposite sex. Only, that pale, delicate visage is void of all expression.

Sui Yuan reaches out and tips the mirror on the table upwards. Immediately, slender eyebrows rise. Ink-black pupils rove lazily over the reflective surface as a faint, vague smile emerges. As those red lips curl further upwards, dimples appear. A slight tilt of his head has loose, black hair falling over a shoulder. Sui Yuan flicks his folding fan open, lightly waving it a few times. Then with a "swish", the fan snaps shut again and he taps it thoughtfully on his lower lip.

Such fine features…definitely belongs to an evil seducer who is able to topple nations!

…No, it should be an evil supporting male lead!

System 5237 is stunned, flying around Sui Yuan in circles to admire its companion. Immediately, it feels very confident in its pick of partner this time - indeed worthy to be called a custom-made partner for it! Although he loses focus rather easily, the moment he enters a role, he moulds himself to fit it splendidly!

"Any problems?" An arrogant expression befitting an evildoer is plastered on Sui Yuan's face. Slightly narrowed, expressive eyes and languid drawl all come together to make him one appealing vixen-like character.

"Absolutely ~ no ~ problems ~ " 5237 says in a rather flamboyant tone, slightly too carried away with joy.

"Then let us depart." Sui Yuan nods his head, flicking his long sleeve lightly and pushing the door open. The scarlet red cloak draped over his shoulders billows out following his movements, then settles back on the floor in an orderly spread of fabric.

"…These clothes are too long. It feels strange." Sui Yuan complains quietly.

"It can't be helped. One needs to be dressed more glamorously for their first trip outside! Bear with it and go out." System 5237 comforts as it floats in the air next to him.

During the entire journey, the maidservants coming and going can't help but stare at Sui Yuan with a blush on their faces. Even a handful of men are captivated by him so much that they stare dazedly with mouths agape. But he simply holds his head high and turns a blind eye to them all, striding out of the mansion's gates and arriving at a busy market street.

Here, he will have to take liberties with a young woman forced to prostitute herself in order to earn enough money for her father's burial. He will then be harshly reprimanded in the middle of the street by the female lead who bravely steps forward and rescue the poor maiden from his clutches. At last, this closet M will fall for the female lead and use every kind of underhanded method to pursue her. Just like a six-year-old brat pulling the hair of a girl he likes in order to ensure she notices him.

System 5237 drones on about this being a truly hackneyed storyline, but Sui Yuan doesn't feel anything regarding this cliché plot. As this is the first world he is experiencing, everything will naturally seem new and exciting.

Men or women, young or old, all are left staring numbly as Sui Yuan breezes past. It is a pity the imposing aura he exudes dissuades one from thinking to go beyond staring and approach. As he walks, he examines the miscellaneous items being sold on the street with utmost interest. 5237 exhilaratingly informs him about the various items on display, including their value and use. It is determined to mark its companion's common sense that is still a piece of blank, white paper.

Very quickly, a plum wood button and a small figurine are in Sui Yuan's hands. Although these items do not match the personality of his current role and seem rather out of place, 5237 can't find it in itself to refuse him as it stares at that pair of shining eyes.

A while later, he finally arrives at the site where the plot is meant to take place. Sui Yuan glances down at the handful of items in his arms, then looks towards the pretty young girl wearing mourning clothes and sobbing her heart out, suddenly feeling rather awkward.

"…Who asked you to purchase so many things?" System 5237 accuses, completely ignoring the fact that it didn't do its duty and forbid its partner from buying said things.

"What should we do? Throwing it all away is such a waste…" A melancholic expression appears on Sui Yuan's face.

"…How about finding someone to hold onto them for a while?" 5237 proposes hesitantly. "So annoying. Why does the plot want you to go out by yourself without bringing even a single bodyguard? So unreasonable!"

"Because if there is a bodyguard around, the female lead would be beaten." Sui Yuan replies.

System 5237: "……"

"Sigh…do you need help?" A voice tinged with laughter suddenly comes from behind. Turning his head, Sui Yuan sees the very first person who dares approach him after coming to this world.

"You seem to be pretty troubled? Do you need to do something but is burdened by all the items in your arms?" The handsome stranger who is clad in ordinary attire but exudes an imposing aura inquires with a faint smile, attitude extremely kind. "I can help you hold it for a bit."

Sui Yuan hesitates for a moment before coming to a decision. Dumping all the purchased goods into the stranger's arms, he throws out a word of thanks, then strides towards the young woman with the bearing of a man dead-set on completing one's duty.

System 5237: "…Wait…hold on…f**k, this development is not right ah!"

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[1] It's actually "智脑" which literally translates to "wisdom brain". I thought "system" sounds better. Also, sometimes, the system is simply referred to as 5237 in the raws, so I will follow the author.

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