It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother

Chapter 14

Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 14: A Movie Ticket Triggers a Murder

In the afternoon, on Wei Han’s side, after accompanying Jiang Chengrui and Little Yi for fifteen minutes, he guessed that the horror movie Qi Zhifan and Lu Yan were watching had also started, and felt somewhat restless in his mind.

On the other side, Qi Zhifan had guessed eighty percent that it was a romance movie, so was too lazy to even look at the movie tickets and let Lu Yan bring him into the theater. He was always uninterested in these things and was very indifferent.

Lu Yan clenched the movie tickets in the palm of his hand. His heart was three parts nervous, seven parts anticipation. He couldn’t help recalling what Wei Han had said to him at noon.

When two people go to a movie on a date and wanted to develop their relationship further, the more intimate the actions, the better. Wei Han kindly recommended this Thai horror film and told him to choose a position in the back so that he can best cling tightly to Qi Zhifan from beginning to end. If the little hand slowly moved downward and successfully raised Qi Zhifan’s lust, haha, then even if the movie was scary, it’d still worth it.

Later, seeing Lu Yan still tangled up, Wei Han persuaded patiently and repeatedly stressed, although this was cliché, but it works. Lu Yan saw that this older brother was so concerned about his and Qi Zhifan’s future, also didn’t want to disappoint his kindness and nodded his head.

At the beginning of the movie, the bloody picture gave Qi Zhifan a shock. He frowned and looked sideways at Lu Yan. The result was that Lu Yan had stuck to his chest and murmured, “Zhifan, I’m a little scared. Let me hold you for a while.”


Qi Zhifan felt a kind of unspeakable discomfort.

In Wei Han’s Hall 3, after watching the animation movie for half an hour, Wei Han glanced at Jiang Chengrui beside him. He seemed to be even happier than his younger brother, Little Yi. His smile ordinarily would show his little tiger teeth. Now, the tiger teeth were about to catch a cold ah.

Wei Han was a little surprised. After hanging out for half a day, it turns out that Jiang Chengrui, who looked like a bad boy, truly had a childish heart that has not yet vanished.

Unlike the two cheerful brothers of the Jiang family, Wei Han had a worry in his heart all along. He patted Jiang Chengrui’s shoulder: “Little Jiang, I need to go to the restroom to pee.”

“Okay, go and come back quickly.”

Wei Han was preparing to secretly go see Qi Zhifan’s situation after he finished in the toilet. Qi Zhifan and Lu Yan should be kissing passionately and carrying on their ardent relationship.

In the theater’s toilet, Wei Han had just finished washing his hands and was fiddling with his bangs in the mirror outside, when he heard some familiar footsteps. Maybe because they’ve been together for a long time, so he immediately recognized that it was Qi Zhifan.

What to do? If he’s caught by him again, he’d absolutely think that he was following him. Oh god, in his eyes, he must be a stalker devil, a perverted, continuing to court disaster, older brother ah! No!

Suddenly, Wei Han took action in the midst of crisis. Seeing the cleaning tools in the corner, he quickly went there. He immediately used a large, black plastic bag used to hold trash to cover his body, and squatted as far as possible into the corner.

Qi Zhifan immediately opened the tap and washed his hands. His face was pale, and there was still a horrible, bloody picture lingering in his mind. This Thai movie was absolutely awful. It was a fusion of Eastern psychological terror with Western visual terror, and used all kinds of unimaginably abnormal ways to kill people, simply horrid.

Holding the sink, his stomach had a burst of convulsions. Qi Zhifan felt nauseous from the bottom of his heart, and couldn’t help but want to vomit, and the next second, he really did spit it out.

Accompanying the sound of vomiting was the sound of the always running water. The more Wei Han heard, the more he felt wrong. Thinking it through, Qi Zhifan was actually a poor low blood sugar patient, and he became soft-hearted.

Vacating the ground, Wei Han stood up, and the three brooms that were originally used to cover him also fell to the ground with a ‘bang‘.

Such a big movement certainly caught Qi Zhifan’s attention. His eyes suddenly cooled, not taking action yet. Who knew that with a ‘boom‘ sound, the person hiding in the black plastic bag would slip on his feet and fall heavily on the ground.

Qi Zhifan: “……”

Which psychiatric hospital did this idiot run out from?

Such a big black bag wriggled slowly on the ground, and the person inside issued out a painful, muffled groan: “Odd…Odd Trouble……”


Qi Zhifan’s face became even more unsightly than before.

“Silly Han, are you there? Are you constipated? The movie is almost over.” At this moment, Jiang Chengrui walked in with his brother.

“Ah!” Looking at the black, unknown creature in front of him, Jiang Chengyi shouted.

Then, Wei Han had not yet had time to speak when Jiang Chengrui, eager to protect his brother, sent a flying kick. He immediately kicked Wei Han far away, who very miserably tumbled a few times on the ground.

Afterwards, Qi Zhifan picked up Wei Han and went to the nearest hospital from the movie theater.

Wei Han suffered some skin injuries, the bruises on his arms and legs were also alright after a little treatment. Just that the waist that had been kicked by Jiang Chengrui still ached dully.

“Little Jiang, have you trained before?” Rubbing his black and blue waist, Wei Han asked.

Jiang Chengrui hadn’t spoken yet when younger brother Little Yi replied first, “Yes, my brother’s Taekwondo and Sanda are both super strong, first-class in fighting.”

Wei Han didn’t say anything. Fortunately, he’s now a friend and not an enemy.

“Sorry, Silly Han,” Jiang Chengrui said apologetically, “I really didn’t know it was you. I didn’t realize that you would be so idiotic to that stage. What were you doing? Trying to play ghost to frighten people in the toilet?”

This was a big misunderstanding. Wei Han hurriedly explained, “I’m not…”

But Jiang Chengrui didn’t wait for him to finish, and waved his hand without minding him, “Ai, you don’t have to explain too much. After all, I haven’t known you for just one or two days. I already knew you were a little strange.

“Silly Han, if you have an illness, it should be treated. You should consider going to see a psychiatrist or go to a hospital psychiatric department. Don’t be afraid, I can escort you.”

Wei Han: “……”

The only one he’d truly made friends with during college had always been thinking of him like this. Ai, his heart was very tired.

“But one thing really scares me: Qi Zhifan is actually your little brother!” Jiang Chengrui changed the topic, his eyes widening.

Wei Han couldn’t help but smile wryly, “Mm, it seems like that on the surface.”

“You were hiding too deeply. If those girls in our class know about this, it’d blow up. If they don’t surround you everyday, then it’d be a wonder.”

“Yeah, to avoid that from happening, I’ve always kept it hidden. Little Jiang, please help me to keep this secret,” Wei Han pleaded.

Jiang Chengrui patted his chest and readily nodded. “You can rest assured that I’m not a blabbermouth. Even if you don’t mention it, I still wouldn’t casually talk about it.”

After chatting a few words with Wei Han, Jiang Chengrui left with his brother. But Qi Zhifan, who had always been outside the ward, then came in.

“Qi Zhifan, thank you for carrying me here.”

Wei Han, this person clearly distinguished between love and hate. If others were bad to him, he’d remember clearly; if others were good to him, he’d be even more deeply grateful. This time, Qi Zhifan helped him, in feeling and in reason, he should express his gratitude.

Qi Zhifan heard this, and his originally tightly creased brows slightly smoothed out. “Are you okay?”

“Mm, the rest of my body is pretty good, just my waist hurts a bit.”

Wei Han just finished speaking when Qi Zhifan sat on the edge of the bed, and made as if to lift the hem of Wei Han’s shirt, lowering his head to look at the specific situation.

In the face of Qi Zhifan’s sudden, intimate move, Wei Han hurriedly covered his waist with his hand and looked at Qi Zhifan’s blinking, puzzled eyes: “……”

Seeing Wei Han was slightly stunned, Qi Zhifan also finally realized that something was amiss, and a bit awkwardly withdrew his hand. He sat on one side, eyebrows lowered and eyes restrained. The pupil of his eyes hid away his thoughts with nothing leaking out.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit stiff. Wei Han thought about something to say, and thought back to Qi Zhifan vomiting in the toilet and how he’d seemed to be very uncomfortable. His mind turned around, connected the cause and effect, and then, he suddenly understood.

Wei Han smirked and tentatively asked, “Odd Trouble, are you afraid of ghosts?”

The voice hadn’t fallen when Qi Zhifan gave Wei Han a glare.

“What I said was right? Haha, I can’t believe you’re afraid of ghosts. Laughing to death ah!” Wei Han laughed, rocking back and forth, utterly happy. This time, he’d discovered another weakness of Qi Zhifan.

“Have you laughed enough?” the veins on Qi Zhifan’s forehead jumped.

“Haha, did you just see the Thai horror movie? Were you already scared till you wet your pants? Would you be afraid to walk alone at night? No…no, just thinking about it, I’m going to laugh! If this thing is known, you’d definitely get a “Ghost-Fearing Male God” title, hahaha…”

“Wei Han!” Qi Zhifan shouted.

“……” Wei Han lost his voice instantly, and obediently shut up. Qi Zhifan’s furious face was really scary enough, comparable to a ghost story ah.

Qi Zhifan’s lips pulled up in a cruel arc, then he grabbed Wei Han and firmly placed his forehead against Wei Han’s: “If you dare to talk about this matter, don’t think about leaving this room today.”

So, two people were clearly deadlocked: forehead to forehead, noses touching ambiguously, one with eyes sharp and fierce, the other confused and sluggish.

After half a day, Wei Han weakly said, “Okay, I won’t say it. You…can you not lean so close to me? Your head is hot.”

Qi Zhifan: “……”

Because Wei Han didn’t have any big problems, he rested in the hospital for half a day and returned home in the evening.

On the way back home, Wei Han suddenly remembered Lu Yan and asked, “Hey, Qi Zhifan, what about Lu Yan? You obviously watched a movie together. Afterwards, did you let him go back first?”

“Don’t mention him later. We broke up.”

Qi Zhifan indifferently said, but Wei Han was completely unable to calm down. “Ah? Why!”

Qi Zhifan looked at him askance: “Why are you so excited? Do you like him?”

“I like him very much, but I also hope you can fall deeply in love with him…you slag gong, why can’t you love someone with all your heart? Why wouldn’t you just live with him? Quick, get back here!”

Towards Wei Han’s occasional brain spasm activities, Qi Zhifan simply disdained to pay attention. He sped up his footsteps, just wanting to get away from him.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Wei Han finished recording in the “Odd Trouble Grievances Record” and closed the notebook. He looked at the calendar and silently counted the days. Chu Chuanyao would come to S Uni in the next semester.

His current mood was a bit complicated. There was both excitement that Chu Chuanyao would appear, and also a deep sense of crisis.

Ai, Lu Yan’s matter, seeing Qi Zhifan’s attitude, there was no way to reverse the situation. So Qi Zhifan’s next boyfriend, or the one after that, was most likely to be Chu Chuanyao?

No! Wei Han would never allow this kind of thing to happen again. In the next semester, he would go meet the new students and wait for his Little Yao at the school gate.

Each time he thought of Chu Chuanyao, he also thought of Qi Zhifan. Wei Han rubbed his poor waist. Thinking about Qi Zhifan’s behavior at the hospital this afternoon, it was a bit incomprehensible. The same with leaving him in his room last time.

With so many things going on, although Wei Han’s nerves were thick, but it was also unavoidable that he’d sense some traces of strangeness. But he didn’t think much about it.

At the school library today, Wei Han just came out and found Jiang Chengrui waiting at the door.

“Little Jiang? You…shouldn’t be waiting for me, right?”

Wei Han made a joke without thinking. He knew Jiang Chengrui usually had to work and never saw him come to a place like the library. Today, it was estimated that there were really urgent things to do and important people to see.

Who knew, Jiang Chengrui repeatedly nodded his head, “Yeah, I was specially here waiting for you. Silly Han, although sometimes you’re idiotic beyond limits, but you’re actually a top student.”

In the end, was this really praising him, or deriding him? Wei Han embarrassingly smiled, “Fortunately, there’s a study god in my family.”

“Anyways, you’ve got to save me. Can you come to my house this weekend and help tutor me before the exams? Else, I’d definitely flunk.”

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