It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother

Chapter 3

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Chapter 03

Weekend finally arrived after two peaceful days.

On the surface, Wei Han had been properly acting like a 'good brother' in front of Qi Dad and his mother, but, he was actually trying to seize any information about his younger brother during these two days.

When he saw Qi Zhi Fan heading out somewhere this evening, he immediately got into action and secretly followed him.

Wearing a big brown jacket, sunglasses, and a cap covering his head, he hailed a taxi and followed Qi Zhi Fan. Wei Han smirked, thinking that he definitely had the potential of being a private investigator. This felt really cool.

Because of his sneaky behavior, the cab driver felt a little uncomfortable. "Th...that, young man, just listening to your voice, I knew that you are not that old. You are a college student, right? You can't do anything stupid ah. You are still too young, it is not too late to go back."

Wei Han:"....."

Wei Han was still grinning with a smug face, feeling proud of himself. But who knew, the other man actually thought that he was a young activist wanting to commit a crime. Geez...

After he got out of the taxi, Wei Han immediately followed Qi Zhi Fan into a bar. When he arrived inside, he finally realized that this bar is a gay bar.

Dazzling light flashing non-stop, loud music bursting in everyone's ears, waiters in black bow-tie uniform kept on passing with a gentle look at their faces. A very beautiful drunk man was currently drinking wine in front of a handsome bartender. There was also a man with a clean and tidy shirt, sitting next to a chairman wearing a well-ironed suit. They were talking and laughing in a completely ambiguous erotic atmosphere.

What kind appearances did the men here have? It wasn't just the Korean-flower-man type, but there was also the handsome British-American uncle type. There were some of the general small and handsome type too. Their heights were not tall, and their faces looked like really cute boys. Plus, they had soft cheeks, which really tempted others to pinch on it. However, overall, only the tall, flirty, sturdy, muscularly and other similar types were readily available there.

Wei Han walked towards the dance floor and saw all sorts of men, who were, madly moving their waist and hips. Many of them actually took off their shirts and danced together. Moreover, there were even a few brave men who were currently doing erotic dances on the stage, with only wearing red briefs!

This was really embarrassing. In his former lifetime, Wei Han was the kind of student who never strayed from the right path. And later, when he was working, he worked every day from 9 to 5 p.m. His heart was also filled with Chu Chuan Yao, so he never tried to go to this kind of place.

Seeing this impressive scene, Wei Han suddenly felt dizzy. He gulped, feeling that the clothes he was wearing now very unsophisticated, so out of place. Both of his legs turned weak, he felt scared, and so, he quickly ran and hid in the restroom.

"Calm...calm down. Wei Han, you must calm down. You cannot be scared ah!"

He locked the door, sat on the toilet, and took a deep breath. A part of his mind was encouraging him while the other part was truly in distress......

Right now, this 'detective' outfit of his was too eye-catching. It would attract Qi Zhi Fan's attention and would certainly blow his cover. Thus, he had to redo his disguise.

While thinking of this, Wei Han suddenly heard the sound of someone turning a newspaper's pages from the next stall next door. His mood quickly turned happy.

"Dong dong." He knocked on the door and tried asking, "Hey, brother? Uh hi."

The tuning sound immediately stopped. Wei Han looked down at the foot of the next-door's man, which he could see from under the partition below, and saw three sheets of toilet paper were kindly handed to him by that man.

The corner of Wei Han's mouth twitched. Hey! I didn't run out of toilet paper. I have it here!

He did not want to reject someone else's kindness though, so Wei Han still received it, then laughed quitely, "Hehe, thanks ah. But, I still have a little problem. I want to borrow some cosmetics. Don't know whether you have it or not?"

Luckily, Wei Han's question was not being ignored by the other man. He immediately saw a comb, a foundation, mascara and eyeliner being pushed from under the partition.


The Wei Han who had suddenly become 'rich' was feeling a bit 'overwhelmed'.

He opened the foundation and held a mirror in his hand. Wei Han only combed his hair, and powdered his face a little. He did not use the other stuff since he was a big man.

"Hah...." Wei Han sighed several times. He wanted to say something but didn't know how and where to start.

However, he did not need to say anything, because the kind brother next door unexpectedly was really good at understanding others. He actually gave Wei Han a rubber band and hairpin! The happy Wei Han suddenly thought of an idea.

He combed his bang up using the rubber band and hairpin, revealing his bright and clean forehead. Wei Han felt pretty satisfied with this new hairstyle.

There was another thing he was sure of, and it was... the brother next door must be super lady-like. Otherwise, as a man, he would not bring so many of these things to the toilet.

"Brother, thank you for helping me a lot." Wei Han cupped his own hands, and said his thanks once again. However, as he was doing this, he suddenly saw a hand reaching out from the next door, offering something to him, it's.... a sexy pink thong.

What the hell is this?! So shameful and erotic!

Wei Han did not dare to receive it.

"Er...good brother, this gift is too expensive. I already borrowed a lot of things from you, so, I can't receive any more than this. Well, you can keep it. Oh right, why haven't I seen any lipstick?"

Actually, Wei Han wasn't really interested in lipstick and he absolutely did not wish to apply any lipstick. He just wanted to change the topic.

He did not expect that the man next door would really give a lip balm to him though.

"Eh, why only lip balm?"

"Damn it! Because the lipstick I used run out very quickly!"

"......" Wei Han was dumbfounded by the uncle's sudden deep and aggressive voice. He heard a 'bang' and his own door was suddenly flung open.

A determined face full of makeup appeared in his sight. The man upper body was dressed in a leopard printed-outfit, while black leather shoes fitted his legs...... he was a very tall and muscular uncle. Wei Han was so shocked that he almost threw up a mouthful of blood.

This motherfucker is a King Kong Barbie!

Wei Han straightened himself, firmly received the pink underwear, quickly gathered his belongings, and hurriedly ran out of the toilet.

As for his clothes, Wei Han simply took off his brown jacket and wore the t-shirt that was originally hidden behind his jacket. He also rolled up his long pants slightly.

Wei Han wasted a lot of time in the toilet, so now he had to squeeze himself in the crowd to look for Qi Zhi Fan. He finally found Qi Zhi Fan sitting at the bar, ignoring another man beside him who was flirting with him.

Wei Han was still thinking whether he should get closer or not when Qi Zhi Fan suddenly received a phone call. He picked it up and walked quickly towards the private room.

Wei Han also hastily rushed forward and, as a result, accidently collided with another person.

"Sorry, sorry..." Wei Han apologized repeatedly, only to then realized that the one he bumped into was a very beautiful man, with a set of big eyes and fair looking skin. Judging from the man's appearance, he was probably no more than twenty years old.

The beautiful man waved his hand and said, "It's ok. I saw that you were staring at Gavin and know that you have fallen for him."

The Gavin that he talked about was probably referring to Qi Zhi Fan. Wei Han quickly shook his head, "How is that possible? I'm not blind."

The beautiful man stared at Wei Han for a few seconds before smiling sweetly, "You are really funny. Although he is not the best person, that Gavin ah, he is very popular. So, he becomes the target of a lot of people. I'm afraid that there will come a day when he suddenly doesn't want me anymore."

"Well, it's good that he will always want you."

Wei Han nodded his head, while numerous things flashed through his mind. Damn, he accidentally bumped onto a person which also happens to be Qi Zhi Fan's current boyfriend.

Also, that bastard Qi Zhi Fan is pretending to be a good person in front of my mother, when, in fact, he is very promiscuous in private. Who knows how many boyfriends he has even though he is only18 years old.

Wei Han carefully observed Xiao Ji from head to toe. He had a very good figure, somehow similar with Chu Chuan Yao's feature. But, of course, his Xiao Yao was absolutely more lovely and pure than this person.

"I'm called Xiao Ji. Brother, how about you?"

When Xiao Ji said 'Brother', his voice was very soft and sweet. It seemed like Qi Zhi Fan liked this type of person.

"Xiao Wei."

"Well, Brother Wei, tonight is our fateful encounter. Let's go, I will take you somewhere fun." When he stopped speaking, Xiao Ji naturally pulled on Wei Han's wrist.

Xiao Ji brought him to a room filled with the smell of alcohol and cigarette. Few champagne bottles were messily stacked onto a table, while several different men were hugging together on the sofa surrounding it. Those men were casually playing cards while teasing each other with frivolous language. Their fingers also probing inside each other's shirts, making their manhood erected to the point of forming a small tent.

Wei Han's eyes felt slightly sore when he saw this situation. Also, he couldn't help but think that Gay people really were fond of special and unique colors. He observed the place and stared at those fluorescent green shirt, orange pants, and white spectacles. Hah, this scenery was too amazing.

Qi Zhi Fan was currently drinking wine alone. There was an invisible aura around him, which separated him with others. Wei Han sat at the corner in order to not attract any attention, while Xiao Ji immediately smiled and went to Qi Zhi Fan as soon as he saw him.

"Leave me alone."

Qi Zhi Fan looked up, and said that with a voice filled with disgust. Although his voice was not loud but it's still full of menace.


Xiao Ji was stunned. The people around them also immediately fell in absolute silence.

Qi Zhi Fan's beautiful and refined face turned aloof. His silent demeanour made people not daring to look straight at him. Xiao Ji still stood there foolishly, he was clearly only a few steps away from Qi Zhi Fan, and yet, he did not dare to take anymore steps forward.

Xiao Ji smiled softly, and looked at Qi Zhi Fan's eyes with a trembling heart. "Gavin, what's the matter with you? Are you in bad mood?"

"Break up."

Qi Zhi Fan smoothly said those two words. Meanhile, Xiao Ji was filled with panic, and asked loudly, "Ah?? Why?"

"These days, my appetite is not good and it feels even more disgusting everytime I saw you." Qi Zhi Fan's tone became cold and detached. His eyes were also staring full of disdain towards Xiao Ji. "Also, are you performing in opera? The powder on your face is so thick all the time. Really irritating my nose."

Xiao Ji felt so embarrassed when he heard this. The men around him were also laughing out loud. And Wei Han was trembling with panic as he quickly rubbed off the powder on his face.

"What kind of reason is this!" Xiao Ji shouted while unconsciously shed few tears of grievance. "Gavin, we have been together for a week. I follow everything according to your heart but you always keep your distance from me. You are neither hot or cold, but you also never initiate any intimate move. So, you give me no sense of security."

Wei Han cried a bit when he saw this scene, like raindrops on a pear blossom, he really pitied Xiao JI. But Qi Zhi Fan did not even blink, not even once. He merely raised the corner of his mouth in a scornful smirk. "So, you climbed to bed with different men and do all those intimate things with them to seek a sense of security."

[T/N: Raindrops on a pear blossom - tear-stained face of a beauty.]

Xiao Jin suffered a hit in his heart, and was immediately feeling terrified, "I...I....."

"Don't tell me I'm wrong?" Qi Zhi Fan laughed mockingly.

The look in Qi Zhi Fan's eyes were like those of a cheetah's, so daunting, and yet taunting, which made Xiao Ji felt very ashamed in those split seconds. He was unable to contain his tears and sprinted out of there.

"All right, Gavin, I told you this kind of man like Xiao Ji is not worthy of your anger. Come, let us continue drinking."

At this moment, a guy named Xiao Yan, who was wearing a red spectacle and fashionable clothes, appeared beside Qi Zhi Fan and patted his shoulder. He also gave a glass of wine to him while smiling.

Anyone who had a little bit of friendship with Qi Zhi Fan would know that, Zhi Fan, this money supreme, did not do long-term relationship. His affection would last for only brief periods. Qi Zhi Fan was fond of the type of boy like Xiao Ji, and he also felt that he was very pleasing to the eye, so he accepted him. Who would have thought that the other guy would stand on Qi Zhi Fan's nose and face. He couldn't keep his hands clean and dared to give Qi Zhi Fan a green hat. Alas, a typical act of courting death!

[T/N: Stand on nose and face - asking for too much; Wearing a green hat - refers to someone who cheats on their lover.]

Wei Han lightly patted his chest. He felt that the atmosphere before was simply too scary! But, fortunately, he did not miss this good show. Hehe, his heart felt very happy after seeing his arrogant younger brother wearing a green hat.

"Hey, your look really suits my taste. How about sleeping with me tonight?"

While Wei Han was rejoicing in another people's calamity, a big uncle with a sexy small moustache suddenly grabbed his chin.

"Hehe, no thanks."

Wei Han immediately flinched, and retracted backward.

The small moustache uncle's complexion turned sour, "I'm really good! If you were to be inserted by me, you would certainly feel so rejuvenate. You still don't believe in my strength? Then, you can try to touch it."

When the uncle said this, he immediately pulled the unwilling Wei Han's wrist to touch the small tent on his pants...

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