It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother

Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Extra 2 - When Silly Han Becomes Silly Husky

Wei Han slept and slowly opened his eyes, waking upー

A small, ruddy face was close at hand. A little boy was directly facing him with slightly open, rosy little mouth, and thick, dark lashes covering his two eyes: a soundly sleeping appearance.

The beautiful little boy was inexplicably quite familiar to Wei Han, and he couldn’t help pondering it over in his mind.

Wait a minute, now wasn’t the time to think about this issue. The key was: who was this child? Where did he come from, actually climbing into his own bed!

Not sleepy at all, Wei Han was completely awake. He wanted to sit up, but feeling the weight on his body, he could only twist his neck with difficulty. Presumably, this little boy’s whole person was pressed on him to sleep, his little arm resting on his belly and a leg also slung across his waist.

Reaching out, Wei Han wanted to slightly push the little boy a bit, but when he saw his hand (paw), a piece of white velvet, he incredulously blinked his eyes for a good while before he was certain that he was not mistaken. This was clearlyー

That’s right, it’s not an illusion! Your mom, this was was a dog’s paw ah!

Wei Han collapsed and wanted to ask how this had happened, but when he called out, his voice was a burst of woof woof woof

The barking woke up the little boy from his sleep. His brows wrinkled, and then he opened his eyes. His dark eyes had natural eyelinerーvery beautiful from an early ageーbut at this moment, they were filled with resentment.

“Shut up, Husky Egg!”

Wei Han: “……”

Such a rotten dog name, Wei Han instantly recognized who this little boy was.

WTF! Waking up as a silly husky was already driving Wei Han crazy. Moreover, the familiar Odd Trouble had inexplicably shrunk, becoming an around ten-year old little Qi Zhifan.

Little Qi Zhifan blinked his eyes again, always feeling that today’s Husky Egg was unusually restless, but he was too lazy to think about it more and slowly got out of bed. Because he wanted to change his clothes, he began to take off his cartoon pajamas. With only two or three moves, he took off everything down to his undies.

If this was changed to after Qi Zhifan was grown up, it would certainly have been shining white, fleshly temptation. But he was only ten years old, and after all, was a little boy. His figure was nothing to look at, but he was naturally born with long legs and his body proportion was quite good. As for the place between his legs that has not yet developed…

Oh god, it was improper to see. Wei Han turned his body away.

So, little Qi Zhifan, who was only wearing a pair of underwear, saw his own dog, tail tilted high, faced his master with his chrysanthemum.

A burst of discomfort in his heart, little Qi Zhifan immediately issued an order. “Hey, Husky Egg, help me drag my pants over here.”

Wei Han: “……”

This was the rhythm of using his mouth to hold Odd Trouble’s pants?

Wei Han’s eyebrows were drawn. Although dogs had no eyebrows, but his dog face was obviously more depressed than usual.

“If you don’t obey, I won’t give you food today.”

Little Qi Zhifan raised his chin and threatened. Wei Han was speechless, thinking that, at this time, little Odd Trouble was really a childish little devil ah.

Just then, the stomach was a little hungry and Wei Han still compromised. Although he was a little unaccustomed to it, but as long as it wasn’t undies, everything else could be negotiated.

“Mm.” Little Qi Zhifan rubbed Wei Han’s dog head in satisfaction and urged again, “Husky Egg, lick your paws first. I’ll prepare something delicious for you to eat later.”

Little Odd Trouble would give him something delicious to eat?

Wei Han was looking forward to it a little, and the greedy tongue in his mouth shook.

But what about this ‘changed into a dog’ matter? He had to find a way to change back, and also let Odd Trouble know who he was.

Things seemed to be very complicated. Wei Han became hungrier and hungrier. Food was the god of the people; in everything, it was better to eat first then talk.

Wash your hands before eating. Wei Han, who’d inexplicably become a dog, didn’t want to lick his paws! Standing on his hind legs and stretching his two forepaws out, Wei Han leaned over to wash his paws on the edge of the sink.

After seeing his ‘specialized in selling stupid for a hundred years’ silly husky suddenly become smart and even able to ‘walk upright’, Qi Zhifan, who was brushing his teeth, was shocked and with a pfff, sprayed Wei Han’s face with mouthwash.

“Husky Egg, are you a spirit?”


Wei Han wiped his face with his dog paws and ignored him.

After washing up, little Qi Zhifan nibbled on bread and threw a sausage to Wei Han. Wei Han casually took a few bites and quickly finished eating.

Woof woof!”

Whether he was a person or a dog, Wei Han was always a big stomach king foodie, so a sausage couldn’t satisfy him.

Little Qi Zhifan peeled a banana.

Woof woof!”

I’m not pleased without meat ah, and why are you giving a dog bananas to eat ah, are you teasing a monkey or an orangutan?

“You’re so troublesome.”

Little Qi Zhifan curled his lips and went to wash a cucumber.

“…Woof woof woof!”

Why were they all vegetarian? Bro wants to eat meat!

“So annoying.” Little Qi Zhifan’s face sank and he directly stuffed a lollipop into Wei Han’s dog mouth.

Wei Han: “……”

Little Odd Trouble ah, are you treating your family’s silly husky as a dog?

Wait…wait a moment, sausages, bananas, cucumbers, and lollipops…

What did Odd Trouble usually feed his dog ah? Secretly thinking, he became extremely fearful. Wei Han wanted to go to the police, wanted to go to the Dog Protection Association to report him to not abuse this innocent and pure silly husky like this.

However, ten-year old children must learn a lot of things. In addition to the usual classes and holidays, they also had to go to extracurricular classes, especially the piano classes which Qi Zhifan had started from elementary school. Dad Qi and Mother Qi were busy with work and were often not at home. Accompanying little Qi Zhifan through his packed courses was this husky that he’d raised for more than a year.

Later, Wei Han saw the young Qi Hao, and also had the privilege of having his head rubbed by the sturdy, warm hand. Thinking of Uncle Qi’s experience later on, Wei Han suddenly had a bit of tears in his eyes.

Of course, at that time, Mother Qi was still there. She was indeed a beautiful and classy good mother. Because of his special identity, when he saw this outstanding and strong mother, Wei Han suddenly didn’t know whether he was fortunate or unfortunate.

He would like to thank her, thank her for giving birth to Qi Zhifan, the man who would join hands with him in the future and accompany each other through life.

Seeing the silly husky, who was usually attached to her son, come beside her and Qi Hao’s feet of its own accord, Mother Qi was startled for a moment. Then she suddenly thought of something and, with a happy look, she took out a dog’s little clothes and helped Wei Han put it on.

Maybe a dog really didn’t like to wear clothes, but Wei Han was a man. Now in the situation of only having fur and not wearing clothes, he felt like he was forever streaking, so he didn’t mind putting on these clothes.

But, why did these clothes…not mentioning the urine yellow color, but it was also a small chrysanthemum brilliantly in full bloom?!

What was this kind of familiar, rotten feeling? Wei Han had never imagined that such an elegant temperament mother, in some ways, was also quite like his own mother. Ai, the heart was so tired.

After this, little Qi Zhifan discovered that his family’s silly husky got weirder and weirder. One of the most unexpected points was that the silly husky even got rid of his bad habit of defecating everywhere, and became a dog that sat on the toilet.

When Qi Zhifan helped Wei Han to bathe, Wei Han refused again and again. Not only did he used his dog paws to cover his chest, but he also deliberately splashed water on little Qi Zhifan’s body with his paws. The angry little Qi Zhifan grabbed Wei Han’s dog tail, and his chrysanthemum in the rear was instantly exposed.

“Are you being shy? Tch, you’re not a female.”

Wei Han’s scared chrysanthemum tightened. Was Odd Trouble such a hoodlum since young?

Although he was in a dog’s body, but Wei Han could rarely avoid Odd Trouble’s, this pervert’s harassment and quietly take a bath, he was still a little happy.

At this time, Little Qi Zhifan was confronted by Wei Han’s pair of dog eyes and seemed to detect the panic in them. After a moment of silence, he went out. He thought: forget it, just let this dog foolishly toss around by himself.

After half a day, little Qi Zhifan was a bit uneasy and quietly opened the door.

Who knew, he saw his family’s silly husky blowing bubbles in the bathtub, mouth humming and swimming back and forth, simply enjoying himself.

Little Qi Zhifan: “……”

This dog was really a spirit. Didn’t they say that after the founding of the country, animals couldn’t cultivate to become a spirit?

woof woof woof!”

After eating and drinking and also taking a good bath, Wei Han began to feel depressed. He couldn’t always remain as a stupid, silly husky.

“Stop barking, noisy to death, Husky Egg. Are you still dissatisfied with something?” Little Qi Zhifan knitted his brows. This stupid dog was disturbing his reading.

He was becoming more and more strange. Usually after nine o’clock at night, this dog would obediently go to sleep. How come he’d become so excited now?

woof woof! woof woof! woof woof!”

There really were too many places where Wei Han wasn’t satisfied: first of all, he was a big man, not this stupid dog; second, he wasn’t called “Husky Egg” this kind of ghost name. He also hoped to see the grown up Odd Trouble. He wanted to be waited on by the Great Beauty Qi, and not be called back and forth by a willful young master.

Little Qi Zhifan: “Don’t be so noisy. Dare to disturb me again and I’ll have you neutered.”

Wei Han: “……”

Late at night, little Qi Zhifan had already fallen asleep. He felt that today, Husky Egg had behaved badly, so he didn’t allow Wei Han to get on his bed.

At this time, Wei Han, who’d been pretending to sleep on the floor for a long time, was extremely anxious. He opened a pair of round dog eyes and secretly climbed onto the bed, staring blankly at the little Qi Zhifan’s sleeping face.

Combining the fairy tales he’d read when he was a child, Wei Han thought for a moment. The frog prince became a man, wasn’t it because a princess kissed him? Perhaps he could also try out this kind of scenario.

‘Dead horse becomes alive cure’ (T/N: the final attempt), Wei Han hung down his dog’s head and slowly moved his face closer. Then, he quivered out his tongue and licked little Qi Zhifan’s lips.

cough…cough cough! So heavy!”

Suddenly, the chest seemed to be weighed down by something heavy, and the whole bed abruptly sank down a lot. The sleeping little Qi Zhifan wrinkled his brows, lightly coughed and woke up.

Four eyes facing each other, little Qi Zhifan stared blankly at the naked big man in front of him, his eyes not blinking. At the same time, Wei Han also stared foolishly at little Qi Zhifan.

After both of them were silly for a moment, Wei Han recovered his spirit and hurriedly tore down the sheets, wrapping himself in them. “Odd, Odd Trouble, no no, Qi Zhifan, y-you must calmly listen to meー”

“Damn, Husky Egg, you actually can take human form!”

Wei Han face was suddenly filled with black lines: “……”

“Qi Zhifan, actually, I’m not a dog. I’m a human, and my name is Wei Han.” Scalp tingling, Wei Han tried to squeeze out a good-natured smile.

Little Qi Zhifan automatically filtered out his words and, finger pointing at Wei Han’s head, reminded him, “Husky Egg, your dog ears and tail are still exposed.”

Wei Han blanked and dubiously touched his head, soon touching his two fluffy dog ears. Then he turned his head and his original dog tail was wagging around.


Instantly thrown in a mess, Wei Han forgot everything he’d wanted to explain to Qi Zhifan.

“Husky Egg, can you try to get rid of your ears and tail?”

“I tried and couldn’t.” Wei Han squatted in the corner with a look of dismay. “And, please call me ‘Wei Han’.”

“What?” Little Qi Zhifan was startled, showing that he didn’t understand.

Wei Han remained silent and lightly sighed. He walked over to him, and on a piece of paper, stroke by stroke, wrote out his nameーWei Han.

“Wei Han,” Wei Han emphasized again, waiting for little Qi Zhifan’s reaction.

Little Qi Zhifan: “Wei…Egg?”

The veins on Wei Han’s forehead jumped. “It’s Wei Han!”

“Fine, Uncle Wei.”

Little Qi Zhifan shrugged helplessly, feeling that he had received so many ‘surprises’ tonight: for example, his family’s silly husky became a spirit and could also turn into a human! And now it had become an uncle called ‘Wei Han’.

After one night, the family suddenly had an extra ‘Uncle Wei’.

Towards this man who was a lot older than their son, Dad Qi and Mother Qi were very surprised. However, little Qi Zhifan fabricated a reason and said that Wei Han was his new piano teacher. And the Wei Han who only knew how to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, was thick-skinned and nodded.

Little Qi Zhifan warned Wei Han repeatedly to keep his dog ears and tail hidden. He must not expose them in front of others, otherwise, he’d definitely be captured for research.

Wei Han nodded helplessly, thinking: was the level of that ‘kiss’ not enough? He should have been a bit more forceful.

This day, while little Qi Zhifan was napping, Wei Han planned to take the opportunity to ‘steal a kiss’.

However, the moment lips made contact with lips, little Qi Zhifan instantly opened his eyes and Wei Han couldn’t help but freeze: “……”

He hurriedly backed off, preparing to be cursed as a ‘pervert’. After all, if the little young master got angry, the consequences were unthinkable.

“Wei Han, do you like me so much?”

Unexpectedly, little Qi Zhifan arrogantly raised his chin, his face laughing.


Suddenly, Wei Han’s ears were a little hot. He definitely didn’t want to admit that he was tricked by a little devil.

After that, not only did his ears and tail not disappear, but Wei Han also found a more serious problem: if he hadn’t kissed Qi Zhifan within forty-eight hours, he would turn back into a dog.

Haha, what the hell was this ah!

Where would the little young master Qi’s ‘kiss’ be so easy to get? Therefore, whether Wei Han became a human or a dog, it depended on little Qi Zhifan’s mood. In most cases, he’d rather let Wei Han obediently be a silly husky.

Others walked their dogs on leashes, while Qi Zhifan held Wei Han in his bosom every time and walked together with Wei Han. The passersby all deeply sighed: this owner was really in true love with his family’s dog!

At the beginning, Qi Zhifan only felt a sense of accomplishment for raising his silly husky to become a spirit. But later on, as he gradually grew up, he slowly developed a sense of dependence on Wei Han.

This day, little Qi Zhifan suddenly asked seriously, “Wei Han, since you’re a dog spirit, then wouldn’t you not grow old?”

” I have said so many times before: I’m a human.” Wei Han’s face shook, but seeing his solemn and grave appearance, he felt it was a little strange. “What happened to you? Why are you asking this?”

Little Qi Zhifan flew into Wei Han’s arms, holding him tightly. “Wei Han, when I grow up, I want to marry you.”

“……” Wei Han’s body trembled slightly, a little surprised.

However, after the surprise, the slightest touch of emotion immediately flew into his heart, and Wei Han nodded with a bit of embarrassment.

But in the next second, Wei Han suddenly felt a burst of dizziness, and his body couldn’t help but fall down…

woof woof woof!”

The burst of dog barking completely woke up Wei Han. In his dizziness, he was unsure whether it was reality or still a dream. Immediately rubbing his temple, his blurred vision gradually cleared.

Under the bed, the silly husky was persistently dragging at a corner of the sheet. Seeing this, Wei Han was speechless, simply unable to understand this stupid dog’s IQ.

But what he could understand was that, because of this dog that Odd Trouble had just brought back, it’d made him have that kind of dream.

“You’re awake?” At this time, the already neatly-dressed Qi Zhifan walked over and habitually kissed Wei Han’s forehead. “You slept for so long, so you must have dreamed a lot.”

The adult version of Odd Trouble made Wei Han a bit absentminded. Thinking of the little Qi Zhifan in his dream, Wei Han was depressed and said, “Odd Trouble, we need to change this dog’s name. ‘Husky Egg’ is too unpleasant!”

Qi Zhifan raised his eyebrows. “Oh, what should it be changed to?”

Meng Meng Husky.”

After raising a dog at home, they soon adopted a baby boy. But in the end, was the baby surnamed Qi or surnamed Wei? Around this issue, the two husbands seemed to have had a dispute.

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