Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

Chapter 14.1: Lust is the Enemy of All Heroes Part 1

Wang Wei and the other contestants spend half a month to adjust themselves before they return for the Fourth Trial of the Pagoda.

In this trial, Wang Wei forgot who he was and where he came from. In this trial, he was no longer the young master of the Dao Opening Sect, nor the traveler from Earth. No, now he was the Emperor of the Great Xia Empire who ruled an extremely vast amount of land.

His empire was prosperous; all common people had enough food to eat, proper clothes to shelter them from the winter cold, and enough reserve wealth to spend freely.

The ministers were all loyal to the Emperor, the generals who hold vast amounts of military power were loyal and had no desire to rebel.

All the other foreign countries in the world worship Great Xia and dare not encroach on its border. They would send large amounts of taxes in the form of offering every year.

What a beautiful and powerful country? And Wang Wei was in charge of such a prosperous country.

In fact, all of these were his delusions.

At this moment, the Great Xia Empire was actually on the verge of collapse. The majority of the land and wealth of the country were in the hand of the aristocrat family. Most of the officials were corrupted and fighting with each other for power.

The court was divided between the Head Eunuch and the Prime Minister. These two people hold more than 90% of the capital's power. In the different Prefectures, the local governors hold all the political power and control the city guards.

On the border of the Great Xia Empire, the armies are loyal to their commanding officer and do not even recognize the Emperor.

As for the common people?

Their lives were more miserable than wandering street dogs. They had gone through many famines due to the recent drought. The government treated their lives as if they were more cheap than dirt in the slum.

The aristocrats exploited them for their labor and gave them a small amount of food to support them long enough to continue working.

The lives of the common people living near the border were even more miserable. The foreign countries who lust after the fertile land of the Central Plains have repeatedly attacked the Great Xia border.

However, the border generals did not fight these invaders, instead they open the gates and allowed them to kill, rape, and plunder their own people. After getting what they desired, the foreign race would leave and return back to their own country.

As for the common people? Well, who cares about them. In these situations, they have tried to revolt, but as soon as they start, the army would rush immediately to quell these rebellions.

In these chaotic times, the people of Jiang hu have become more unruly. Heroes of all kinds have risen and became famous for their martial arts. At the same time, many ambitious people soon noticed that the Great Xia Empire was about to be destroyed and began to prepare to proclaim themselves emperor and create a new dynasty.

During all these you might ask, where is our beloved emperor Wang Wei?

Well, right now he is in the harem enjoying the touch of many beauties while still thinking that his empire is still prosperous and the greatest in the world.

The main theme of this trial revolves around lust.

Wang Wei spends everyday with a different woman in his harem enjoying the pleasure of the flesh. All the women were exquisitely beautiful and practiced technique to charm people.

There were many different kinds of women. The cold and aloof Goddess, the charming and sensual demoness, the innocent girl next door, the maternal one that takes care of you, the one you just want to ravage with all your might. Any kind of woman that existed was in his harem.

On top of that, they practice some very special techniques. These methods allow them to use their cultivation to lubricate certain areas of their bodies to ensure smooth penetration and maximum pleasure. Some practiced techniques that connect the soul to ensure both spiritual and physical pleasure.

Wang Wei spent all his time in his harem enjoying himself. Once in a while, he would check on the empire by asking his main eunuch how things were going. All the responses he received were always positive, so he never bothered to properly check.

That was until his capital city was breached by rebels and all the guards and eunuchs in the place ran away. After that, the rebels broke into his harem and beheaded him.

Wang Wei had failed his trial and was sent out of the Pagoda.

After exiting the trial, it took Wang Wei a brief moment to regain his composure and shake himself awake from the trial's illusion. Then he blushed red. Immediately afterward, a great horror enveloped him.

This trial was quite scary. He completely immersed himself in all these lustful bliss, yet he also completely lost himself. If what happened in the trial was in fact in reality, could he have escaped?

Wang Wei thought about it for a while and the answer he came up with was no. From what he knows, this trial was specially designed by the True Monarch of the Fox Demon Clan based on their race charm ability. So, the realism in this trial reached an unprecedented level. As such, it is literally possible for one of his future enemies to use the "beauty trap" on him one day.

And if that was the case, his current self would probably fail for such a simple trap and his Path of Emperor would be cut forever.

Wang Wei used to watch these shows in his past life of emperors who discarded their nation because of beauties in the harem. He would scoff at them thinking that they were weak-willed and unqualified. It was now that he faced the same situation that he knew the horror of the beauty trap.

In fact not all this failure is due to Wang Wei's weak will. Cultivating is in some way a form of evolution, as such, women with cultivation are extremely beautiful--especially compared to the women of Wang Wei's past life. Even the so-called stars could not compare with cultivators who have skin as white as the winter snow or as smooth as a baby's butt.

Wang Wei has only lived in this world for eight years. Although since birth he was surrounded by beauties, he has not fully adapted to the world yet. And those people did not use charm techniques on him. Furthermore, Wang Wei's mysterious soul is somewhat immune to these negative states.

However, Wang Wei was not a complacent guy. What if some day his mysterious soul fails him? Or someone found a way to negate his immunity? Additionally, from his research he knew that his soul was not completely immune to these negative states, but just had high tolerance. As such, he designed the trial to try it out.

And it turns out he was right to be cautious. After all, this involves his future road, how could he take it lightly.

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