Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

Chapter 906 Second Flesh Tribulation

Chapter 906 Second Flesh Tribulation

[Warning: Body Horror]


Wang Wei held the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture], reading the Immortal Tier sections. Although he has read it dozens of times, he now understands this technique more deeply after achieving his current strength.

"No wonder Desolate One could not cultivate it to the highest level,"

he commented. According to his calculations, this technique can be cultivated to the 6-Star Primarch level or Eternal Level Strength, corresponding to 70 Infant Fiendgod Force.

However, the latter part of this technique requires too many resources, and some aspects are too theoretical and not very applicable.

'Should I immediately change to the 12 Fiendgod Revolution?'

thought Wang Wei, who discovered another flaw of this technique– it no longer perfectly fit.

The immortal level had two parts: Soul Modification and Primordial God Veins. Soul Modification is to refine a unique Emperor Soul called Desolate Soul. Finally, fuse the soul and the body, elevating it to a higher level.

However, Wang Wei cannot acquire the Desolate Emperor Soul since his Innate Paragon Soul is of higher quality. Finally, his soul and body are already linked through his Spirit Particles.

'Although I cannot use the Soul Modification, I can learn from it,'

analyzed Wang Wei. 'I can create a way to transform Spirit into Essence, using my soul to nourish my body.'

This method was the best path for him to use his potent soul energy to temper his fleshly body.

'As for the Primordial God Veins, they are worth cultivating,'

thought Wang Wei. This technique requires condensing a unique Energy or Power Vein in the body, gifting the flesh with immense speed, defense, strength, resilience, and even Divine Abilities.

The only downside is the amount of resources needed to condense each vein. Furthermore, the number of veins is theoretically infinite.

'Once I acquire my Human Fiendgod Bloodline, I can change these Primordial God Veins into Fiendgod Veins, making them more powerful,' commented Wang Wei, whose eyes lit up.

He also plans to renovate this technique, making it more on par with the state of the Lower Dimension. Wang Wei remembered Yin Gen's obsession with having the best body refining technique.

Although Wang Wei did not focus too much on such a thing, he still wanted his sect to have the advantage.

He already innovated the technique in the Mortal Realm by adding the Black Hole Acupoints aspect, so let's do the same for the Immortal Realm.

'I will need to get some unique resources before I cultivate. Before then, let's pass the Second Flesh Tribulation.'

He closed the book and removed his clothes. His ancestor, the Ancient Desolate, did not tell him much information about the tribulations of the True Power Dao Realm. However, he gave him some precautions and advice.

The latter told him to make sure to remove his clothes and all other items on him when passing the second trial. Wang Wei still remembered the fear that flashed in that man's eyes as he gave him that advice.

At that time, he wondered what made such a Paragon behave in such a manner. So, he asked his wife, and she only told him he was lucky to have elders to watch out for him. Furthermore, she had the same fear flashed in her eyes.

Since then, Wang Wei has been curious, what kind of trial Grand Dao made that even traumatized all these Paragons? Well, today, he was about to find out.

So, he removed his clothes, his space ring, and the ornament holding his long hair. Then, based on his ancestor's advice, he laid flat on the floor. According to the latter, this position was the most ideal for passing the test, better than sitting in the lotus position.

Finally, Wang Wei summoned the test. He sensed a terrifying will or power descended on him; he took a deep breath, trying to calm down. After a few seconds, his body metalized, rapidly turning into metals.

According to the information in his head, he only needed to control his body and prevent this process. Wang Wei had great control over his body, so such a test did not affect him much. Although the unknown power metalizing his body resisted, it was futile.

As such, after more than an hour, he passed the first part of the test. Then, he received a confirmation on whether to continue or postpone the second part.

Ancient Desolate told him there were no rewards for passing the tests together. However, he told him the hardest part was the third part, but the scariest part was the second one. He told Wang Wei he could take some time to prepare for the second test.

Wang Wei did not hesitate to continue. Immediately, something terrible happened, something horrifying. A large tongue of more than 40 centimeters grew out of his forehead.

However, this was just the beginning. All his luscious silver-gray hair turned into more than a hundred tongues. An immense fear overwhelmed Wang Wei's mind as he noticed the anomaly of his body.

He knew these changes were not an illusion but his body mutating.

He would turn into an abominable monster if he did not do something. Wang Wei tried not to panic, but the fear in his mind seemed to have been boosted by an unknown power.

As such, with each passing second, the fear of becoming an unrecognizable and uncontrollable monster overwhelmed his spirit.

So, he had to mobilize his Willpower to overcome the fear. Then, he concentrated.

'This test is basically about control and overcoming fear. I need absolute control over my body to prevent my cells from mutating and splitting faster than cancerous cells.'

Control was his expertise. As such, after overcoming the fear, Wang Wei controlled his body, changing the tongues in his body back to their former parts.

Afterward, he focused on the second mutation already appearing in his body–eyes. He had thousands of eyes scattered all over his upper and lower torso. Some of which manifested in places they had absolutely no business in being there.

He used subtle manipulation of his body to close these eyes.

However, as soon as he turned a part of his body back to normal, another part had one or a pair of eyes. Without hesitation, he accelerated his speed and controlled his entire body.

Wang Wei used all spirit particles connected to multiple cells in his body to ensure no mutation occurred. Alas, his method proved futile. The higher power controlling this test told him it was not over.

A strange and vile liquid began to squirt from his ears, followed by his nose. Was it bile, vomit, blood, an unknown fluid of the body, or a combination of everything?

He did not have an answer because the stench of that liquid exponentially increased the fear in his mind. Luckily, he reacted swiftly and controlled his mouth. Otherwise, this test would have surely scared him to death.

Wang Wei focused as he knew something internally must have been disrupted for his body to have such a mutation. So, he swiftly found it and fixed the issue.

Alas, the horror was not finished. The mutation suddenly

accelerated as if someone had given it steroids. In less than a second, he turned into a flesh monster.

His body grew to more than 5 meters tall; he was so fat that he probably weighed more than 5000kg. His internal organs were not where they were supposed to be; some of his bone overgrew, breaking his skin; his eyes seemed to be at the bottom of his body instead of the top, and his muscles turned into fat or some substance of the same ability, and his blood vessels were on the outside, turning his body red.

The previous suave and handsome Heavenly Emperor was gone, replaced by a horrifying flesh creature. Wang Wei's eyes flashed with great fear somewhere south of his body.

He wanted to bite his tongue and use pain to confront the fear.

However, ironically, he did not even know whether he had teeth or a tongue.

Wang Wei's focus reached the pinnacle as he pushed his Force Control Skill to the limit. He slowly and methodically changed his body into the previous self.

Immediately afterward, he condensed a mirror as he caressed his handsome face. Wang Wei never considered himself narcissistic despite his heavenly handsome face.

However, the horror of his previous body was simply too much.

"Do I want to continue?" For the first time, he hesitated. 'Since when have I ever been fearful?' He sneered before continuing.

The next stage of the test was easier for him. His body turned into a dragon, and he had to return to his human form. Wang Wei

understood if the previous test only reached the limit of controlling cells, this one was a control of genes or bloodline.

As such, after transforming into a dragon, he ignored the intense voice in his head that told him he was a dragon and should remain as such, controlling his body to return to his former self.

'So, this is also a test of the [Self],' commented Wang Wei. If he had lost himself and believed he was a dragon, he would have failed the test and died.

After his successful transformation, the third part of the test was not finished. Wang Wei's body rapidly disintegrated into trillions upon trillions of atoms or particles.

As he watched his body disperse, the fear of death overwhelmed him. Wang Wei knew he would truly die if he failed the test, and even his control over his [Existence] could not help him.

So, he hurriedly controlled these atoms that make up his body and reassembled them one by one, particle by particle. This part of the test was easier for him because of the Force Control Skill, so he only needed to focus on passing the spiritual aspect, which was not easy.

Each test is designed based on an individual's level of Willpower, so Wang Wei's tests could be called nightmare level difficult for anyone else.

This tribulation aims to push every Body Refiner beyond their limits, tempering their flesh, will, control, and spirit. Only after meeting these requirements could they become entities on par with Paragons, who controlled the Grand Dao Source.

"Phew, this nightmare was over," muttered Wang Wei, who finally understood why he was told to remove his clothes and jewelry. If these things remained, they could have fused with his flesh and become part of the mutation.

'No wonder these two felt so much fear. This tribulation was truly traumatizing.'

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