Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1306 - Alchemist Competition Begins

Chapter 1306 - Alchemist Competition Begins

Ye Chen went to the center of the stadium, it just so happened that in the middle of the stadium there was a fairly large stage, on this stage, there were hundreds of tables lined up very neatly.

Ye Chen went and looked for the whereabouts of his table, a hint is given by the committee, Ye Chen finally arrived in front of his desk.

Ye Chen looked at the participants around him, there were already several participants gathered around this place, they were all standing in front of the table and waiting for the competition to start.

There were not as many participants who attended, so some vacant places were not filled.

Ye Chen saw the whereabouts of Fai Tui and Kun Paen, he wanted to know the whereabouts of these two.

After searching for a while, Ye Chen finally found the whereabouts of Fai Tui and Kun Paen, both of whom were at the very center and would most likely be very conspicuous.

"It seems that this is all arranged." Ye Chen estimated that if this was all arranged, otherwise how could the two be placed in the middle, it would be very conspicuous.

Ye Chen couldn't expect much about this matter, Mao Chao was a high-ranking Alchemist, so it wouldn't be strange if he could keep Fai Tui and Kun Paen at the very front.

Ye Chen wasn't too fussy about this matter, there was no point in fussing over this.

This was just a place, so why get a place that was too conspicuous, Ye Chen preferred to get a place that was not too conspicuous because it would make it easier for him.

"all participants, are you already," a beautiful and sexy woman said to all the participants in this place, this woman's voice is very very comfortable to listen to.

Ye Chen felt familiar when he listened to this woman's voice, Ye Chen decided to take a look at the owner of this voice.

When Ye Chen saw the direction of this voice, he found a very beautiful and sexy woman, this woman was naturally Yan Fei, she was currently the host of this competition.

"What is this woman doing in a place like this?" Ye Chen started to ask what Yan Fei was doing in this place.

Yan Fei was an important guest who was invited by the Alchemist Association to see this match, the Golden King Auction House was the best partner the Alchemist Association had, so it wouldn't be strange that Yan Fei would be invited to a big event held by the Alchemist Association.

"Wow, it's Miss Yan Fei" Everyone looked very surprised when they saw Yan Fei was in this place, they were blown away by the beauty that Yan Fei possessed.

Yan Fei was indeed quite famous, he had countless pursuers and admirers in the entire Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, so it wasn't strange that many people were excited when they saw Yan Fei was in this place.

Everyone stared at Yan Fei, they were all completely mesmerized by the Charm that Yan Fei had.

"This woman" Yan Fei used her Charm to amaze everyone, this woman's Charm had only gotten stronger since their last meeting.

As Ye Chen was staring at the beautiful and Sexy Yan Fei, Ye Chen could feel a gaze of hatred that was quite strong.

Ye Chen immediately turned to look at the origin of this gaze, when Ye Chen saw origin of this gaze, Ye Chen found that Fairy Zhen was staring at him with a terrifying aura.

"Looks like this woman is jealous" Ye Chen could sense that Fairy Zhen was jealous when she saw Ye Chen staring at Yan Fei.

Ye Chen was happy when he saw this, it seems that Fairy Zhen really fell in love with him, if not then why should Fairy Zhen be jealous when he looks at Yan Fei.

Ye Chen ignored Fairy Zhen's dissatisfied gaze, he continued to observe what Yan Fei was doing.

"This man" Fairy Zhen looked very dissatisfied when she saw Ye Chen who was constantly observing Yan Fei, she was very displeased with this.

Fairy Zhen didn't know where this hatred came from, she hated what Ye Chen was doing right now.

Fairy Zhen didn't realize that she was currently jealous when Ye Chen looked at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei looked at the participants in front of her, she surveyed all the participants in front of him.

When Yan Fei surveyed all the participants, Yan Fei found the presence of Ye Chen, she felt a familiar feeling from Ye Chen.

"Have I ever met him?" Yan Fei started to remember when she had met Ye Chen, she started to remember whether she had met Ye Chen or not.

After trying to think back, Yan Fei didn't remember that she had ever met Ye Chen, so Yan Fei was curious as to where this feeling came from.

Ye Chen smiled at Yan Fei who was currently looking at him, it could be said that Ye Chen was using this smile to greet Yan Fei.

Yan Fei smiled back at Ye Chen, smiled, and waved her hand at Ye Chen.

Yan Fei did this without herself knowing it, she did this according to her heart's desire.

On the other side, Fairy Zhen started to burn with anger, it seemed that Fairy Zhen was jealous when she saw what Ye Chen and Yan Fei were doing.

The other Alchemists started to move away from Fairy Zhen's side, they drifted away when they felt the killing intent from Fairy Zhen.

Everyone didn't know why Fairy Zhen could be like this, they all didn't know why Fairy Zhen let out such a fit of very strong anger.

"Alright everyone, this match will start soon, you guys get ready at your respective tables," Yan Fei told all the participants to get ready because the match was about to start.

The participants immediately got ready, they were all ready for the challenge that Ye Chen would give.

"The first match was very easy, did you see the stone in front of your eyes?" Yan Fei told all the participants to look at the stone in front of them.

All participants looked at the stone in front of them, indeed in front of them, there was a stone the size of a baseball.

"This stone is a special stone, if you can refine it well, then it will change color, the better the ability you have, the better the color produced" Yan Fei explained to all the participants in this place.

Most of the participants already knew this type of stone, so they were not surprised when they saw this.

The color of the first level is green, the color of the second level is blue, the color of the third level is orange, the color of the fourth level is purple, the color of the fifth level is red and the color of the highest level is gold" said Yan Fei to all the participants.

Even though some people already knew about this, Yan Fei still explained to everyone, it was most likely that some people still didn't know about this.

"I'm sure that half of you will be eliminated in this round, so do your best," Yan Fei told all participants to do their best because half of the participants will advance to the next round.

All of the participants became tense when they heard this, they all seemed very tense when they listened to what Yan Fei had to say.

Half of them would be eliminated, so they had a 50% chance of advancing to the next round.

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