Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1308 - Yan Fei Who Wants To Try To Tease Ye Chen

Chapter 1308 - Yan Fei Who Wants To Try To Tease Ye Chen

All the participants started to feel tense when they were approached by a beautiful woman like Yan Fei, they all seemed unable to focus when being approached by Yan Fei.

Yan Fei tried to ask the participants who were in this place, she asked some questions to the participants who were in this place.

Yan Fei's words are very comfortable to listen to, this can confuse anyone who hears them.

The mentally weak participants were unable to endure and ended up feeling tension and confusion in their hearts.

This destroys his concentration, when his concentration breaks, it is certain that they will not focus on the furnace they have.

Gou Teng shook his head when he saw what happened, Gou Teng could only shake his head when he saw what happened.

Gou Teng could understand what kind of hardships competing young men had to face, they all must have had a hard time battling Yan Fei's overly powerful Temptation.

The younger generation are reckless people, they will have a hard time when they have to face the extremely tempting Yan Fei, all of them will most likely run into trouble with this.

It just so happened that most of the participants were men, there were only a few women who took part in this competition.

The women looked very relaxed when they faced Yan Fei, they were all much more relaxed than the men who were struggling against Yan Fei's charms.

Yan Fei kept going around, she started to mess with everyone in this place.

After messing with several people, Yan Fei finally came to Ye Chen's place, it seemed that Yan Fei wanted to mess with Ye Chen.

"Hello, what is your name ?" Yan Fei asked Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen in a tone that was quite pleasant to listen to.

"My name is Ye Chen, do you have any business with me?" Ye Chen answered Yan Fei's question, he answered Yan Fei's question without any problems.

Ye Chen looked different from most of the participants, Ye Chen was very relaxed in dealing with Yan Fei, he didn't seem tempted by Yan Fei at all.

Yan Fei was slightly surprised when she saw Ye Chen who was completely unaffected by her, this was very strange.

Yan Fei has a pretty strong charm, not many people can withstand her charms, especially those who are young men, who can't possibly stand up against Yan Fei face to face.

"So your name is Ye Chen, how is it? are you doing well in your work?" Yan Fei didn't give up, he tried to approach Ye Chen with a gentle approach.

Yan Fei is someone who can make opponents go wrong, that's what makes her a great person in conducting a transaction or business.

"Everything went very smoothly, maybe it will be over soon," Ye Chen told that he would be finished soon.

Ye Chen was still the same as before, it was obvious that Ye Chen was very relaxed when talking to Yan Fei.

Yan Fei was even more disbelieving by what Ye Chen had done, she couldn't believe that Ye Chen could withstand his charms.

"Looks like he's quite difficult to deal with." Yan Fei sensed that Ye Chen was very difficult to deal with, this man had quite a strong mentality.

Yan Fei felt that he should be more serious when facing Ye Chen, she should be able to confuse Ye Chen with her charm.

"Is that so, are you okay, do you have any challenges in doing this, do you want me to accompany you to this place?" Yan Fei tried to give more attention to Ye Chen, she wanted to make Ye Chen feel that she had a high interest.

"So Miss Yan wants to accompany me in this place? It doesn't matter if Miss Yan Fei wants to do that, then I won't be able to stop you," Ye Chen said to Yan Fei.

Ye Chen allowed Yan Fei to accompany him, such a beautiful woman would accompany Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen refuse this.

"fufufufu" Yan Fei couldn't help but smile when she saw the answer given by Ye Chen, Ye Chen didn't have the slightest nervousness or anxiety when having a conversation with someone like Yan Fei.

"This person is completely different from the others, does he not have any interest in me? does this person have an abnormality?" Yan Fei started to feel that Ye Chen had no interest in her, so it was not strange that Yan Fei thought Ye Chen had an abnormality.

If Ye Chen knew what was in Yan Fei's mind, then Ye Chen would fall, Yan Fei thought that of Ye Chen.

Yan Fei didn't want to give up, he continued to stay close to Ye Chen and tried to annoy him, even though she had used various means and methods, Yan Fei still couldn't mess with Ye Chen.

Yan Fei wasn't Ye Chen's opponent, he couldn't afford to confuse Ye Chen.

"That woman, why is she bothering and teasing Ye Chen, does she have any bad intentions towards Ye Chen" In the audience, Fairy Zhen saw what Yan Fei did, she didn't like what Yan Fei did to Ye Chen.

Fairy Zhen wanted to stop Yan Fei from teasing Ye Chen, she didn't want to see this woman keep teasing Ye Chen like that.

"Fairy Zhen, please don't do anything unreasonable." Just as Fairy Zhen was about to move, she was stopped by Gou Teng.

"Master Gou, why did you stop me?" Fairy Zhen asked why Gou Teng stopped her.

"That's because you can't interfere with the match, this was already designed by Mo Linbei, so you just have to look at it and observe from here, let your disciple solve the problem himself," said Gou Teng to Fairy Zhen.

Gou Teng gives an explanation to Fairy Zhen, Gou Teng doesn't want Fairy Zhen to be too rash and do something bad.

"Okay, I understand" after getting some explanations from Gou Teng, finally Fairy Zhen was willing to compromise.

Fairy Zhen could only look at Yan Fei who continued to flirt and be close to Ye Chen, even though Fairy Zhen was not happy about this, Fairy Zhen couldn't do anything about this matter.

Ye Chen and Yan Fei were currently chatting lightly while refining the stone, Ye Chen still had time to chat with Yan Fei, this was certainly a shock to everyone in this place, especially the old Alchemists who were in this place.

They knew that doing refining while chatting with other people was something that was extremely, very difficult to do.

The other participants were very happy with what Ye Chen had done, they seemed happy that they were able to escape the snares of a female demon-like Yan Fei.

Yan Fei really couldn't do anything to Ye Chen, instead, it was Yan Fei who was confused by Ye Chen's sweet words.

Yan Fei looked at the other participants, she could see that they were very happy when she was with Ye Chen.

"I won't let you go" Unable to disturb Ye Chen, Yan Fei decided to go and disturb the other participants.

"Ye Chen, big sister will go first, enjoy your time" Yan Fei bid farewell to Ye Chen, Yan Fei's words could make people misunderstand their relationship.

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