Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2 - Master

Chapter 2 - Master

Ye Chen continued to run down the grass "motherfucker, why today is so unlucky. First I broke up Now chased a ghost" Ye Chen continued to curse in his heart.

After running hundreds of meters, Ye Chen's running speed decreased, he then looked back knowing that the ghost disappeared from his view. Finally Ye Chen's heart relaxed and he rested near the tree with his breath rising and falling.

"Hey kid, why are you running" heard a voice beside her all the fur on Ye Chen's body stood up

Ye Chen turned his head to the side and saw the old man's ghost flying in the sky. "Ghost grandfather, Ghost ancestor, please don't eat me, my flesh tastes bitter."

"Hahahahaha, young man, I'm not a ghost, I'm also a human like you," said the ghost of the old man, stroking his long beard.

"You're a liar how could humans fly, are all ghosts like you like to cheat"

"It is true that I am a human just like you but I am also a practitioner in the deva realm, coincidentally when passing through this planet I found something interesting"

"Deity, aren't you from this planet?"

"Of course I'm not from your world. Space is very wide, there are lots of people living out there."

"Really" Ye Chen did not believe that there were other humans outside the earth.

Old Man: "Of course what's in it if I lie to you"

Ye Chen: "Then why did you chase me just now?"

"I need to confirm something from you" after finishing his sentence the old man immediately grabbed Ye Chen's right hand.

Ye Chen tried to get away from the old man but however much he tried he could not let go.

"Good, I didn't expect to meet a treasure on this remote planet." Laughed old man then took his hand from Ye Chen's wrist.

saw the old man laugh ye Chen rather confused

Old man: "Son, you have a very rare Ancient Body. Throughout the whole world, this body is very good for cultivation."

"How are you interested?" Asked the old man

"Not interested," Ye Chen answered firmly

hearing Ye Chen's answer was stunned "Why?"

"Because being a practitioner must definitely sit and close my eyes for weeks or even years, life like that is very boring, if there is nothing else then I will go first Senior"

After paying homage to Ye Chen immediately went towards the direction to his village.

While the old man was still stunned by Ye Chen's answer.

The old man began to think that Ye Chen's brain was damaged. There were people out there who sacrificed property and were even willing to be servants to enter the World of Motivation.

If these people heard what he said just now they would definitely hit Ye Chen's head for being stupid.

The old man still hadn't given up and immediately chased towards Ye Chen

"Son, are you sure about this?"

"Of course I'm sure I don't like the life of being imprisoned for years."

"Son, I forgot to tell you, if the owner of an ancient body, if not treated properly, can harm the owner."

Hearing the old man Ye Chen's words immediately turned "what do you mean?"

"I mean if you are an excess of YangQi then you will explode into pieces."

"What !!" After listening to Ye Chen very scared "then how to prevent it?"

"Hehehe, in this world nothing is free, if you want to admit me as a teacher I will tell you".

Ye Chen was so confused why this old man wanted him to be his student "What exactly do you want from me?"

"How can I release a good seed like you, with your primordial you can certainly climb into the realm that I cannot achieve in this life".

I have lived more than 300 thousand years and my time is not much anymore, so even though I have nothing later but there are still people who inherit some of my techniques.

Listening to Age Ye Chen's parents were stunned, 300 thousand years whether the Cultivators could live that long.

"Ehem, what are you waiting for you do not want to worship this Master of yours"

Ye Chen looked at the old man and slightly tapped "Students greet the teacher"

"Hahahaha, good start Now you are my student" The heart of the old man was quite happy as he seems

"Then how do you cure YangQI's advantages?"

"What's more, of course doing something sacred between men and women to cultivate yin and yang in the body".

"Is it just like that, isn't that easy to do?" Ye Chen's chest heaved up in anger, he thought that to heal needed a rare ingredient / method that was very difficult, but it turned out that only contacting it could cure him.

Isn't all that Ye Chen needs to do is find a woman and this problem will be solved easily.

"Boy, although it's easy to have a relationship between men and women, do you have the techniques to manage Ying and Yang?"

"I" Ye Chen looked down he did not have such a technique.

hahaha, you realize that without Me, you will die because of YangQi's strengths "

"Then the teacher quickly gave me that technique to me."

Don't be greedy, let's leave this place first.

After that, a power enveloped Ye Chen and he flew with the old man to the Horizon

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