Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2000 Mastermind behind Li Jingyi's kidnapping

Chapter 2000 Mastermind behind Li Jingyi's kidnapping

Ye Chen was quite fond of Mu Xueying, which was why he would not let the person who hurt Mu Xueying just run away.

"I will go alone and watch over them" Ye Chen will go and watch over the Eternal Sun Star Realm, he will personally oversee their every move.

The Eternal Sun Star Realm seemed to be paying for some mercenaries, which was why Mu Xueying could be injured.

"It is likely that they are indeed cooperating with the Eternal Sun Star Realm." Yue Ya gave her opinion to Ye Chen.

"Okay, I understand" Ye Chen understood, it seemed that he already knew what he was going to fight.

"Are you okay going alone?" Yue Ya asked Ye Chen if Ye Chen would be okay when he went alone.

"I'll be fine" Ye Chen told that he would be fine, he would be able to easily overcome the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

"I want to go with you" Yue Ya said that she wanted to go with Ye Chen.

"You are too conspicuous, with your current position, you are too conspicuous, so you better stay in this place" Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, it is better for Yue Ya to stay in this place.

"Okay if that's what you want" Yue Ya nodded, she would do as Ye Chen asked.

Ye Chen left, he went to where the Eternal Sun Star Realm was, the Eternal Sun Star Realm was in the west, their position was very good and it was difficult for outsiders to sneak.

When Ye Chen arrived at the place of the people from the Eternal Sun Star Realm, Ye Chen discovered that there were a lot of guards, the Eternal Sun Star Realm area was very tightly guarded.

Most likely because of Mu Xueying, what Mu Xueying did had made the Eternal Sun Star Realm even more vigilant.

They were now in people's territory, so they had to be more aware of what was happening.

"Not bad, they have a large army ready to fight me" Ye Chen saw that the Eternal Sun Star Realm was on standby against him, the Eternal Sun Star Realm was actually using their strength to keep the borders from being crossed by outsiders.

"Master, what are you going to do?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, herself asking what Ye Chen would do.

"Of course go inside, they use guard like this, they must be planning something" Ye Chen saw that the Eternal Sun Star Realm was hiding something.

Ye Chen had to find out about this, he couldn't just let it pass.

Ye Chen entered the Eternal Sun Star Realm, he easily infiltrated the Eternal Sun Star Realm.

With Ye Chen's ability, he can go anywhere, no one can catch Ye Chen.

Ye Chen passed the strong guards, he was able to pass through them all very easily, Ye Chen was invisible to people, this gave Ye Chen an advantage because he could move freely.

After passing the guard, Ye Chen arrived at the deepest part, Ye Chen arrived at the important part and immediately saw what was inside.

Inside were several people with high cultivation, they were gathered at a tea table and were discussing something.

"Tonight is the perfect time, you guys are going to kidnap someone" Sun Vin said to everyone in this place, they had to finish their job to get Li Jingyi.

"let's go" everyone can't wait to go and kidnap Li Jingyi, they will all complete the task and get their reward.

"Remember this person is being guarded by several strong cultivators, so try to do it quickly." Sun Vin warned to do this very quickly.

"we will do this quickly" everyone agreed with what Sun Vin said, the faster they are the easier everything will be.

"I hope you don't fail" Sun Vin said to the people in front of him, he hoped that these people did not fail in carrying out their duties.

"We are very strong mercenaries, we will not fail in carrying out the task we have" They are mercenaries, so they will not fail in carrying out their duties.

"I hope you guys do what's right, otherwise I'm at a loss when I pay you" said Sun Vin to everyone present.

"You will not be disappointed with your work, you will not lose money when you pay us, we will do our best to complete the task you give" these mercenaries will carry out their duties, they will never fail in carrying out their duties.

The mercenaries left, they left and went straight to where Li Jingyi was.

"this is my chance" this is Ye Chen's chance, it's time for Ye Chen to seek information from Sun Vin.

Ye Chen sped up, he sped up and grabbed Sun Vin's neck.

"arghhh. . ." Sun Vin shouted, Ye Chen gripped his neck very tightly.

" who are you?" Sun Vin asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know who Ye Chen was.

"Don't you know who I am?" Ye Chen asked Sun Vin, Ye Chen was wearing his mask, Sun Vin should know who he is.

"Why are you in this place?" Sun Vin didn't expect that Ye Chen would be in this place, to be honest he didn't know why Mask Hero was in this place.

"I need something from you" Ye Chen said that he needed something from Sun Vin.

"What do you need?" Sun Vin asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know what Ye Chen needed.

"I wonder who you are after?" Ye Chen said to Sun Vin, he wanted to know who Sun Vin had just targeted.

"I won't tell you" Sun Vin said that he wouldn't tell Ye Chen about this matter.

"Then I have no reason to hold back, I don't like people like you" Ye Chen said to Sun Vin.

Ye Chen searched for information from Sun Vin's memories, he saw every action taken by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen broke the seal on Sun Vin's mind, this made Sun Vin stupid and unable to think clearly.

Ye Chen found what he wanted, he found out that Sun Vin was the one who tried to kidnap Li Jingyi.

"Eternal Sun Star Realm, you guys are really troublesome, I will destroy you" After knowing this, Ye Chen was quite annoyed, Eternal Sun Star Realm was the one behind Li Jingyi's kidnapping.

Ye Chen threw Sun Vin aside, he immediately left this place.

Ye Chen went to Li Jingyi's place, apparently from the start, the mercenaries were ordered to take Li Jingyi.

At full speed, Ye Chen walked out of the Five Lord Divine Academy's territory, himself headed outside the Five Lord Divine Academy, that was where Li Jingyi and the others were.

"Boom. . ." in the distance a battle broke out, a flame appeared in the distance.

"I think I'm late" Ye Chen was a little late, he was late and it seemed that the battle had started for quite a while.

Li Jingyi, Huang Ying and Chi Shui fought, the three of them battling the mercenaries who had been hired by Sun Vin.

"You are an interesting woman, I didn't expect you to be able to last long enough against us" the mercenaries had to acknowledge the abilities of Li Jingyi, Huang Ying and Chi Shui.

"You are mercenaries, what do you want?" Li Jingyi asked.

Li Jingyi realized that these were mercenaries employed by someone.

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