Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2884 saw Chu Quexi who had just finished showering

Chapter 2884 saw Chu Quexi who had just finished showering

Ye Chen didn't go inside immediately, he wandered around outside for a while and looked at what was around.

Because this place is so spacious, Ye Chen can do everything he wants in this place, he really enjoys being in this place.

"Such a nice place, I think is a first class noble" Ye Chen felt that Chu Quexi was quite a great person.

This place can be said to be the best, nothing can beat this place in the whole city.

Because Ye Chen used the invisible ability, he could enter all places so easily without any problems.

Not a single guard could see Ye Chen, Ye Chen walked around them like nothing had happened.

This place was so wide and Ye Chen needed time to walk around this place.

"I didn't expect this place to be so spacious, Chu Quexi's taste is so good," said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen continued walking and checking every room, he found out what Chu Quexi had.

Maybe Ye Chen could find something interesting from Chu Quexi.

"Is it possible she's hiding something?" Ye Chen thought that Chu Quexi might be hiding something, and that made Chu Quexi curious.

Ye Chen finally searched all the rooms, he hoped to find something nearby.

Ye Chen walked around and didn't find anything strange, everything was very normal and Chu Quexi didn't hide anything strange.

"There is nothing wrong in this place, it seems I was expecting too much" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen might be expecting too much, even though there was nothing wrong in this place and Chu Quexi was not hiding anything strange around this place.

Because Ye Chen didn't find anything strange, Ye Chen decided to just give up.

After Ye Chen gave up, he went to a deeper place, it should be a private place owned by Chu Quexi.

Ye Chen arrived in Chu Quexi's room.

Ye Chen arrived at a room that was very beautiful and very luxurious.

A room like this could only be owned by a young lady who was so rich.

Everything seemed normal here too, there was nothing strange about this place.

When Ye Chen had just arrived inside Chu Quexi, he heard a fairly small sound coming from a room connected to this room.

"Splashing" a sound of water came from the room and Ye Chen knew that Chu Quexi was probably inside.

"So she's in there" Ye Chen saw that Chu Quexi was in there and made Ye Chen want to see her.

"click . ." just as Ye Chen wanted to take a peek, he heard the door being opened.

Ye Chen knew that Chu Quexi was going to come out, and he had to hide quickly.

Ye Chen decided to hide, he wanted to see Chu Quexi's figure directly.

Chu Quexi entered the room, she was completely unaware of Ye Chen's existence, Ye Chen hid himself very well.

It could be said that no one could find Ye Chen, it was almost impossible to find Ye Chen's whereabouts now.

Ye Chen saw the figure of a beautiful woman who had just entered, this woman was using a towel to cover her body, her hair was green and it looked wet with water.

Her very well developed body made Ye Chen look away and couldn't take his attention away from this woman.

Especially the double peak part looked good and Ye Chen felt that he wanted to touch it.

From a glance, it was certain that this woman had just finished showering, she had just washed herself and her appearance was very sexy.

"He's pretty good too, is this the enemy I'm going to face, it seems a little troublesome" Ye Chen might have trouble facing Chu Quexi.

It would be quite a serious problem when Chu Quexi used her body to tease Ye Chen.

It seemed like that wouldn't happen, Ye Chen was aware that Chu Quexi had problems with humans and she wouldn't possibly do that.

The biggest possibility that would happen was that Chu Quexi would immediately attack Ye Chen, she would definitely attack Ye Chen immediately if she knew Ye Chen was in this place.

Ye Chen was 100% sure of that, the possibility of Chu Quexi not attacking Ye Chen was 0%.

Chu Quexi opened the towel wrapped around her body, a mature and beautiful body was in front of Ye Chen.

Chu Quexi looked in the mirror and saw her beautiful body.

"Umu, it's so beautiful, at my current age, I'm still beautiful." Chu Quexi felt that she was still beautiful.

Chu Quexi started making several beautiful poses, she made such beautiful poses in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was so excited when he saw what was in front of him.

Ye Chen was so grateful for what was before his eyes.

He could enjoy the scenery in front of his eyes so freely and he was so happy about this.

Chu Quexi seemed to like her beauty, that's why she posed like that, she wanted to see her.

An extraordinary beauty, Ye Chen would obviously be excited when he saw this.

When Ye Chen was caught off guard by the sight before his eyes, he felt something under his feet.

A vine started to catch Ye Chen.

"a trap, why didn't I know" Ye Chen didn't know there was a trap in this place, to be honest he didn't feel there was a trap until now.

Chu Quexi was still focused on herself, when she was focusing on herself, she saw that there was something behind her.

"What ? ? ?" Chu Quexi took a look, she wanted to see what it was.

It was a trap set for outsiders and so hidden, it used a movement system to find people.

so if someone is hiding, then the plant will easily find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Ye Chen's entire body had been captured by the plant, now Ye Chen was trapped there.

On the other hand, Chu Quexi couldn't see Ye Chen, so she still didn't know what the plant was doing.

"Don't tell me that" Chu Quexi finally realized what had happened, she threw two ice needles towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Chu Quexi was starting to attack, he had to do something about this.

Ye Chen used his strength to block Chu Quexi's attack.

He moved and parried the attack launched by Chu Quexi.

The attack launched by Chu Quexi was blocked by Ye Chen, after which Ye Chen showed himself in front of Chu Quexi.

Chu Quexi panicked, she hurriedly hid herself using everything around her.

She had just shown her beautiful body in front of Ye Chen and it felt so embarrassing.

"Human, how did you get into this place" Chu Quexi said to Ye Chen, how did Ye Chen get into this place, it was a very difficult thing to think about.

"I'm lost" Ye Chen said to Chu Quexi.

Ye Chen looked for a reasonable reason.

"Do you think that I will believe what you say?" Chu Quexi didn't believe what Ye Chen said, she didn't believe what Ye Chen said at all.

"Won't you believe what I say?" Ye Chen said to Chu Quexi.

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