Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 29 - Dragon Machete Sect

Chapter 29 - Dragon Machete Sect

Ye Chen preferred to fly back to his hotel because Ye Chen had already paid the fee until next Sunday. Therefore, this time Ye Chen would stay at the hotel.

Ye Chen looked from above the sky and saw a battle between cultivators, Ye Chen saw that there were 3 people who fought 1 had been seriously injured and 2 other people were only suffering wounds all over his body.

Ye Chen decided to approach the three people and see what Cultivators were like on this Earth.

From the aura of these three people they were all in the early stages of spirit formation Realm, these 3 people were all over 50 years old and had just stepped on to the initial realm of spirit formation.

Bang Bang bang the three weapons clash with two people wearing a machete and 1 person who has been injured wearing an iron fist glove.

"Hey Li Sunhe, your death will arrive soon, hahaha," said the man who was carrying the machete.

"Big brother don't waste time with him. Quickly kill him and immediately take all the items in his body," the second man spoke.

From here it's clear that this fight 2 against 1 and that Li Sunhe person seems to have received a pretty serious injury.

"You two are shameless, didn't you say before that you wanted to work together but now you are trying to kill me disgracefully," said Li Sunhe, furious.

The old man's parents looked at each other "haha it was true before we worked together to explore the ancient heritage place, but unfortunately the place was too dangerous and we have lost one of our brothers and did not get anything".

"Therefore we want to confiscate all the items that you get at the inheritance and when you return to the Sect we will not be punished" The oldest man said.

"You guys from the dragon machete Sect are indeed despicable people" Li Sunhe did indeed get some valuable pills from the ancient heritage site.

But both Saurdara and his teacher died while trying to get the Pill because Li Sunhe really did not want to give the pill to the two people from this dragon machete sect.

Li Sunhe did not want the sacrifice of his two brothers to be in vain.

Li Sunhe tried to stand up with his legs trembling, Li Sunhe raised his two iron fist gloves ready to fight to the point of death.

Ye Chen who heard the conversation from the beginning until the end knew what was going on, it seemed like the person from the Dragon Machete Sect wanted to seize it, an important item that was owned by the old man named Li Sunhe.

Ye Chen didn't like seeing a traitor, so Ye Chen took a mask from his storage ring and wore it, and went towards the old man named Li Sunhe.

When they all want to start a battle an object falls from the sky, which makes their Surroundings invisible, and covered by dust flying everywhere.

When the Dust had disappeared, two people from theMachete Sectsect saw a young man wearing a mask standing in front of them.

"Who are you?" Asked one of the members of the Dragon Machete Sect.

Ye Chen said, "I'm just a wanderer who just happened to be passing by and seeing an injustice then I had to interfere".

The two men from the dragon machete sect were not afraid of their Ye Chen because they did not feel the energy in Ye Chen's body at all.

Of course they couldn't feel Ye Chen Yang's current level of strength, because Ye Chen's strength was far higher than the two of them.

"If you don't want to end badly you should go now, and don't ever do this for the second time" Ye Chen still gave the two people a chance to repent

"Hey Oldest brother. Looks like this boy is using a tool to hide his strength, this boy wants to frighten us, this boy is using artifacts that make his power seem higher than us." Members of the dragon machete Sect whispered to his older brother.

Indeed, this masked man may be less than 20 years old and it is impossible if the level of skin is above those of those who have practiced for decades.

"Sister, it seems like you are definitely right that the device can be expensive if we sell, today is really our lucky day. One more sheep is coming to the wolf nest hahaha".

Ye Chen heard what they said, these two people were very greedy people.

Ye Chen warned for the second time "I'm being kind Now if you two want to go now and won't repeat this again, then I won't make things difficult for you two".

Hearing Ye Chen's words, the two people were not afraid but instead felt happy, they began to increasingly believe that Ye Chen's power was beneath them and Ye Chen hid his power with a special artifact just to frighten them.

If the masked men in front of them did have the ability to defeat them on horseback, surely they would not talk much and had fought with the two of them earlier.

"Hahaha son, today is your bad day, you are trying to scare us with your weak artifacts by hiding your power base" the two men from the Machete dragon sect laughed in contempt.

"Unfortunately we are not as stupid as you think, because you want to bail out Li Sunhe, why don't your friends go to hell" they both raised their machete weapons and rushed towards Ye Chen Ready to kill him.

Ye Chen just shook his head looking at the fools of these two people.

Slash . . The second slash of the machete cut Ye Chen right on his shoulder.

"Hahahaha" The two men from the dragon machete Sect laughed.

Ye Chen didn't even feel the pain of these two machetes, to Ye Chen these two weapons were like toys.

Ye Chen let out his aura and enveloped several tens of meters around Ye Chen.

At this moment the two people from the dragon cleaver sect felt crushed by a large mountain, which made them both kneel before Ye Chen and cough up Blood.

The pleasure of the two men from the Dragon Machete Sect turned into extreme fear, they both knew that they had just offended someone they could not mention.

"Elders, please spare us both, we promise not to repeat it in the future." These two men tried to find mercy on Ye Chen.

"I have given you two times to go but you refuse it now. Accept the consequences." Ye Chen then drew his palms and hit them both in his chest to Fly tens of meters, and these two men sprayed more blood from his mouth and they both fainted .

Ye Chen didn't kill both of them but made them both lose their cultivation bases, they would both return to being ordinary people from now on.

Ye Chen then approached Li Sunhe and gave him a pill to restore his wound. "Eat it." Ye Chen then handed the pill over to Li Sunhe.

Li Sunhe who saw the masked man approaching was getting more nervous but seeing the masked man giving him a pill, Li Sunhe did not dare not to refuse and immediately took it and ate it.

Li Sunhe felt his energy returned and all the pain had disappeared, even though the wound had not yet healed.

Actually Ye Chen wanted to ask some information to the old man in front of him about the cultivators in this country and information from the Sect sect and their strength.

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