Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3011 Jun Yalubei’s business slumped

Chapter 3011 Jun Yalubei's business slumped

"His cultivation is too strong, he has even gathered several supreme beauties" said Chu Yuechan.

"As expected, he is like that" he said to Chu Yuechan.

"Yanyan, what are you planning to do next, I seem to feel that you have quite a big plan" said Chu Yuechan.

Zhao Yanyan smiled, she looked more and more beautiful after becoming an mature.

Zhao Yanyan's beauty was fully mature and so stunning

"I've listened to the whole story from sister Niang and the others, she has her plans, and I have my plans to" Zhao Yanyan said to Chu Yuechan.

"Okay, I understand, it's up to you." Chu Yuechan understood, she let Zhao Yanyan move and take her share.

"Then I will go first" Zhao Yanyan said to Chu Yuechan.

"You won't meet him?" Chu Yuechan asked Zhao Yanyan.

"Later, it looks like he's busy, won't there be something quite interesting soon," said Zhao Yanyan.

"You're right" Chu Yuechan agreed with Zhao Yanyan's words, there was only a little left, Ye Chen's appointment, there would be something so great when it happened.

"I'm leaving first, I'll discuss this matter with sister Yue" Zhao Yanyan said.

Zhao Yanyan came out of the fairy gate. She wanted to talk to Liu Yue, who knew the current situation outside.

Jun Yalubei was waiting for good news from the assassin he hired, it shouldn't be difficult to kill Ye Chen.

"That guy, he will pay for it" Jun Yalubei said angrily.

Ming Rashe has been following Jun Yalubei, it's a pity that the current him no longer dares to be too intimate with Jun Yalubei.

Jun Yalubei still seemed angry with Ming Rashe, and Jun Yalubei had to find a way out to persuade and make Jun Yalubei return to the way she was before.

Ming Rashe seemed to know what she had to do to persuade Jun Yalubei, she had a way to get Jun Yalubei to return to Ming Rashe.

Ming Rashe uses her body which is quite seductive, she uses this to make Jun Yalubei interested.

Jun Yalubei was still a man, he would naturally be attracted when he saw a woman showing her such a beautiful body.

"so tempting" Jun Yalubei seemed tempted by what Ming Rashe was doing.

He immediately hugged the woman and put her in his lap.

"You are so kind, tonight I will not let you go" Jun Yalubei said with full intention.

At night, he would not let Ming Rashe go.

Whatever happens, he will make Ming Rashe feel his power.

"Brother. . ." an explosion occurred, the door was forced open from the outside.

Jun Yalubei was shocked to see what had happened, the two of them had not expected that someone would force the door open.

They immediately separated, and Ming Rashe immediately left Jun Yalubei.

"Damn it, how dare to disturb me" Jun Yalubei was so angry, there was someone who dared to disturb the good times with Ming Rashe.

"Sir, something very bad happened" the waiter came, he told him that something bad had happened.

"What bad thing happened?" Jun Yalubei asked, he was still very relaxed about the current problems.

"Sir, now all the partners have canceled their contracts and no longer want to cooperate, plus all the shareholders have immediately withdrawn their wealth, sir, you owe quite a lot now," the waiter told him what had happened.

"What ?" Jun Yalubei stood up from the chair like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Jun Yalubei roared, he was so angry when he heard the news.

"What happened? Quickly tell me" Jun Yalubei said angrily, he had to get a correct answer, otherwise, he would not be satisfied.

"I don't know either, everything happened suddenly, that's why I called you to solve the problem," he said to Jun Yalubei.

"I will go, they are quite bold" Jun Yalubei left angrily.

Ming Rashe listened to this, it seemed that this man was just broken.

"Forget it, I will leave him" Ming Rashe decided to leave the man, a fallen person could no longer be used.

Ming Rashe is a gold digger, she likes to take from rich men.

He was able to become an elder because he didn't need to work and could get the resources he wanted."

"Maybe I should look for another target." Ming Rashe wanted to find another target, he would no longer be able to get anything from Jun Yalubei.

He would get something much better compared to Jun Yalubei.

"the person beside Chen Ting seems quite good, he is also quite capable" Ming Rashe started to think about Ye Chen, she might be able to get something good from Ye Chen.

After that, Ming Rashe left this place and returned to his place.

"sneeze . . ." Ye Chen sneezed, it seemed like someone was talking about him.

Ye Chen looked towards Chen Ting, he was sleeping and looked peaceful.

Seeing Chen Ting's face was so peaceful and pleasant.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly disturb this woman, he let Chen Ting sleep for the time being.

Ye Chen woke up, he went downstairs to get food.

Although this place is a hotel, it does not provide such things and tells guests to go downstairs.

Even though this place is already good, it would be even better if there was room service.

Ye Chen took quite a lot, because the cost of food was already with the room, Ye Chen could take it all.

Ye Chen didn't hold back, he was like a robber who had obtained a lot of loot.

After taking enough, Ye Chen went up and started eating with Chen Ting.

"hmm . . ." Chen Ting didn't see Ye Chen, she was curious about where Ye Chen had gone now.

Chen Ting waited for a while, she couldn't come down and only wait on the bed.

After waiting on the bed for a while, Chen Ting finally saw Ye Chen's figure carrying several plates.

"Already up?" Ye Chen asked Chen Ting.

"So you went down to get food" Chen Ting understood, Ye Chen went down to get food, and according to Chen Ting it was not a bad thing.

"Of course, do you want to?" Ye Chen asked Chen Ting.

"Of course, I want to" Chen Ting certainly does.

The two ate on the bed, they enjoyed the food, and Ye Chen helped Chen Ting recover.

After they finished, they had to check out, so they had little time left.

"Where are you going?" Ye Chen asked about Chen Ting's next plans.

"I have worked at the faction, I will be back" Chen Ting said to Ye Chen.

"You, what plans do you have?" Chen Ting asked Ye Chen.

"I want to do something important," Ye Chen told Chen Ting.

Ye Chen wanted to do something important, he had just gotten a good item and had to put it to good use.

"So that's how it is, I understand" Chen Ting understood, she knew what Ye Chen would do.

After eating, they went downstairs, and the two went their separate ways.

Chen Ting returned to Sect, meanwhile, Ye Chen entered the fairy gate, this was the time to use the dragon resurrection crystal.

Guess what kind of results Ye Chen will get, Ye Chen wants to see this with himself.

"I've used quite a lot, I hope it's really useful" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen hoped that this would be completely useful.

"You don't need to doubt me" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

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