Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3128 Summon forest dragon king

Chapter 3128  Summon forest dragon king

"I'm better than you." Ye Chen made it clear that he was better than Liu Kang

Liu Kang gritted his teeth, he couldn't stand Ye Chen's words.

"It looks like you want to die, then I will grant your wish" Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Because Ye Chen wanted to die, Liu Kang would grant Ye Chen's wish.

"plant technique, summon dragon king of the forest" Liu Kang made a tree dragon, A super big dragon appeared.

The dragon's size is at least bigger than a mountain, it is estimated that its size is 5x bigger than the mountain where the current battle is taking place.

Because its size is so large, the dragon can destroy mountains.

The mountain began to collapse and could no longer withstand the weight of the giant dragon.

Ye Chen was forced to fly, he maintained his position.

"roar . . ." The dragon's roar was so loud that the ground cracked and landslides occurred.

"Hahahahaha, finally I can summon a king-level monster" Liu Kang was so happy, he could summon a king-level monster, whereas the king-level monster was very strong and very deadly.

"Hahahahaha, finally I can summon a king-level monster" Liu Kang was so happy, he could summon a king-level monster, whereas the king-level monster was very strong and very deadly.

A king-level monster can destroy a super-large star in just a matter of hours. Unsurprisingly, this monster is very dangerous and feared by everyone.

"Again you summoned something strange, this time what kind of ugly dragon did you summon" Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"Hmmm . ." the forest dragon king looked towards Ye Chen, it seemed like he could hear Ye Chen's words.

"Oh, so he can understand what I say, very interesting" Ye Chen was interested when he saw this, it seemed like the forest dragon king could understand what Ye Chen was saying.

"Roar, the forest dragon king swung his claws, it shot towards Ye Chen.

"Boom. . ." a decisive blow occurred, just one hand was enough to flatten thousands of miles away.

"What is that, strong and so big?" Long Luxie moved away, she really couldn't survive the attack of the forest dragon king summoned by Liu Kang.

"a dragon with terrifying and powerful strength, can Ye Chen win?" Long Luxie was worried about Ye Chen and whether Ye Chen could win the battle or not.

"The opponent is very strong, I'm worried" Long Luxie was worried about Ye Chen's condition and condition, fighting that monster and Liu Kang would be a very difficult problem.

"Died in one attack, too weak, I thought you could win, but it turned out to be just trash," Liu Kang said in a loud voice, he laughed at Ye Chen who had fallen first.

"Who do you say is trash? You want to kill me with a small dragon. That won't happen." Ye Chen blocked the attack, he used one hand to block the attack from the forest dragon king.

"Impossible, he blocked the attack" Liu Kang was stunned by what happened.

The attack from the jungle dragon king was very powerful, if it was Liu Kang, he probably wouldn't be able to withstand the attack just now without suffering any injuries.

And Ye Chen was able to withstand this attack without any injuries, this was seen when he did not suffer any injuries after being hit by the attack from the forest dragon king.

"This monster is just annoying, I will destroy it" Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

Ye Chen felt disturbed by the appearance of the forest dragon king, if it was like this, Ye Chen had to destroy him.

Ye Chen moved under the body of the forest dragon king.

Ye Chen kicked the forest dragon king's body from the bottom.

"kick" The forest dragon king's body flew up into the sky, and it was quite high

Ye Chen's "Frost Nova" froze the body of the forest dragon king.

The forest dragon king's body was frozen and covered in ice, it became a huge statue dragon.

Ye Chen couldn't burn that thing, if he did, then it was certain that it would spread poison around.

This monster's body also contains poison that is much more deadly, Ye Chen couldn't do that.

"I won't let you." Liu Kang wouldn't let Ye Chen, he attacked Ye Chen.

Liu Kang was quite smart, he knew that Ye Chen would make a move to kill the forest dragon king, and because of this, Liu Kang attacked Ye Chen.

Liu Kang's hand changed, it became an extremely large tree dragon arm.

One blow is enough to destroy a city.

"What a fool, you ignored my existence, so die," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Liu Kang used an opportunity so well that he used it to kill Ye Chen.

"This guy, he doesn't want to give up, then I have no way of flying him" Ye Chen opened the fire vein, it made his strength rise.

Apart from that, Ye Chen used the super-enhanced power body Art to a higher level, his physical strength became much stronger.

Ye Chen gathered strength in his hands, he released a punch strong enough to destroy Liu Kang.

"Super celestial punch" Ye Chen used Super celestial punch.

"Die," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen, he wanted to kill Ye Chen until there was nothing left.

"Blam . ." When Ye Chen's hand met Liu Kang's, it made a tremendous explosive impact.

"Boom. . ." A large explosion occurred, and Liu Kang's arm was shattered into pieces.

"No way, that blow. . . ." Liu Kang couldn't believe it, he lost this battle, even though he had used an attack powerful enough to wipe out a city.

"now no one will hinder me anymore." Ye Chen got the green light, he would destroy the forest dragon king first.

"Super celestial punch." Ye Chen launched another punch. This time the punch targeted the forest dragon king.

the blow was so strong that it swept away the clouds in the sky.

The attack was so powerful it wiped out the forest dragon king.

"damn, he did it" Liu Kang cursed loudly at what Ye Chen did, he was so angry at what Ye Chen did.

Plus, now Liu Kang has lost his hand, it's because of Ye Chen.

"I have to heal myself first" Liu Kang used his regeneration ability, even though this was a great regeneration ability, he had to use his life as payment.

Liu Kang's life was used for 10,000 years to heal his wounds, and this was a hefty price.

Even an immortal cultivator would have to think twice when using it.

Ye Chen appeared in front of Liu Kang. He could see that Liu Kang's arm had healed.

"It looks like my attack wasn't enough to kill you" Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"A trash attack like that won't kill me," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen, he told him that Ye Chen's attack was just trash.

"Is that so, it looks like I have to train harder, my attacks are still weak and like trash to you," Ye Chen answered.

Ye Chen's words made Liu Kang even angrier, he became even angrier with Ye Chen.

"I have wasted too long fighting you, it is time to end our battle," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Liu Kang was tired of messing around with Ye Chen, he wanted to end the battle quickly.

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