Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3171 a trap that Long Gun Hee had prepared

Chapter 3171 a trap that Long Gun Hee had prepared

"Enjoy", the fifth elder said to Long Luxie.

"Ummm . . ." Long Luxie tried to break free from the chains.

It would be a shame if he could not do this, the chain is very strong and cannot be removed.

"I can't let it go, it's too strong" Long Luxie realized that if it were too strong, she wouldn't be able to let go of the object.

"It's useless, you won't be able to escape, you just need to wait here, the person you like will soon fall into a trap and be killed" the fifth elder said to Long Luxie.

"That won't happen, he is a strong man, you won't be able to do that" Long Luxie said that Ye Chen was a strong man, he wouldn't be easy to beat.

"let's just watch, you will witness it" the fifth elder said to Long Luxie.

After saying such words to Long Luxie, the fifth elder immediately left this place.

Long Luxie kept trying to break free, she didn't want to give up and wanted to be free.

Long Luxie worked hard alone, her spirit for freedom was very high.



Ye Chen entered the territory of Long Gunhe.

When Ye Chen entered the territory of Long Gunhe, he found no guards.

"Very suspicious" Ye Chen realized that this was very suspicious.

Is it possible that they have prepared a trap for Ye Chen, Ye Chen thought about whether the enemy had really done that.

"I have to be more careful" Ye Chen seemed to have to be careful, it seemed like the enemy had prepared a trap for him.

Ye Chen decided to use Clone, he hid behind Clone by using Invisible Body Art.

Ye Chen didn't want to fall into the trap set by the enemy, because of this, he would control the Clone from behind and see what they would do.

Ye Chen entered very smoothly, no one prevented or hindered Ye Chen.

A situation like this made Ye Chen more alert to his surroundings, he didn't easily believe what was around him.

Because no one was blocking Ye Chen, Ye Chen quickly arrived at Long Luxie's place.

When Ye Chen arrived at Long Luxie's place, he saw Long Luxie tied up, Long Luxie seemed to be trying to free herself, however, she couldn't do this.

Ye Chen saw what happened to Long Luxie, to be honest Ye Chen was angry when he found out what happened to Long Luxie.

The person who kidnapped Long Luxie right now was at the side, he was the fifth elder, the person who had taken Long Luxie away.

Ye Chen saw the fifth elder, Ye Chen looked unhappy when he saw the fifth elder.

"This person, he seems to be the one Feixu was talking about" Ye Chen realized that this was the person, he was quite skilled at kidnapping someone.

Apart from the fifth elder, there were so many people present in this place, they all stood guard and surrounded Ye Chen.

More than 10,000,000 troops belonging to Long Gunhe also surrounded this place.

They were all gathered in one place to face Ye Chen.

It wasn't strange that Ye Chen didn't see these people, it turned out they had been waiting for Ye Chen.

"You dare to come, I thought you would be afraid" Long Gunhe spoke to Ye Chen.

A man sat at the highest point, he had the greatest aura among everyone in this place.

Ye Chen could confirm that this was Long Gunhe, only someone like Long Gunhe could have such strength.

"so you are Long Gunhe" Ye Chen said to Long Gunhe.

"Of course, I am Long Gunhe, I heard you challenged me" Long Gunhe said to Ye Chen.

"That's very true, I quite hate people like you" Ye Chen said that he hated Long Gunhe.

Long Gunhe raised an eyebrow when he listened to what Ye Chen said, he seemed displeased with what Ye Chen said.

"How impudent" everyone in this place shouted, they were angry with Ye Chen who had dared to insult Long Gunhe.

Everyone here was Long Gunhe's loyal dog, it wasn't strange that they would defend Long Gunhe tooth and nail.

"calm down all of you" Long Gunhe told everyone to calm down.

Everyone was silent after Long Gunhe's words fell and resounded throughout the venue.

Long Gunhe stood up, he rose from his throne.

"You don't know what you will face next, this is a place that I own, I have prepared a trap for you" Long Gunhe said to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, be careful, this person has prepared a trap for you, and that trap can weaken you" Long Luxie said to Ye Chen.

Long Luxie told Ye Chen that Long Gunhe had prepared a formation to kill Ye Chen.

"The formation is the 12 Dragon Prison Pillar formation" Long Luxie said to Ye Chen.

Long Luxie told Ye Chen that a formation of 12 dragon prison pillars had been prepared here.

It was one of the most dangerous formations for someone with dragon heritage, they would not be able to use their power.

"What a fool, your warning was too late, he was a rat that had walked into a trap" the fifth elder said to Long Luxie.

The warning given by Long Luxie was too late, it would no longer be of any use.

The formation was already underway, a purple light illuminated the surroundings, a large purple dome was formed with 12 black dragon pillars.

Ye Chen looked around, the formation used by Long Gunhe seemed to have a purpose.

"Master, are you okay?" Chu Yuechan wanted to know Ye Chen's condition.

"I'm fine" Ye Chen was fine, it seemed like he wasn't affected by the power of this formation.

"Thank God you are not affected by this kind of thing" Chu Yuechan was happy that Ye Chen was not affected.

"Yuechan, this formation is to weaken the power of my dragon inheritance, right?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"It should be like that" Chu Yuechan nodded, that was what should happen.

Because Ye Chen's Sage God inheritance was much stronger, it made Ye Chen fine even though he was inside the 12 Pillar Dragon prison formation.

"How about now?" Long Gunhe said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen must feel very uncomfortable, he will now be unable to fight back.

"Hehehehehe" Ye Chen laughed when he listened to what Long Gunhe said.

Long Gunhe saw Ye Chen, there seemed to be something wrong with Ye Chen.

"So funny, do you want to trap me with something so ridiculous like this?" Ye Chen said to Long Gunhe.

Ye Chen just laughed at what Long Gunhe did, what Long Gunhe did was very funny.

"Why, why doesn't he show any signs of weakening, ordinary people would be weak and find it difficult to breathe" Long Gunhe looked confused.

The 12 Dragon Prison Pillars Formation was quite powerful, even if it was Long Gunhe, he would have a hard time and probably pale.

Ye Chen didn't show any signs of this, Ye Chen was completely in the best condition.

"What's wrong with him?" everyone here was surprised to see Ye Chen unfazed.

"Are you guys finished?" Ye Chen asked if they were finished.

" ? ? ? "Everyone was surprised to see Ye Chen challenging everyone.

"Bastard, I will behead that person" everyone was so angry towards Ye Chen, they wanted to kill Ye Chen.

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