Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3173 1/3 of Long Gunhee’s troops were destroyed

Chapter 3173 1/3 of Long Gunhee's troops were destroyed

"Damn it, he wants to kill us" the troops from Long Gunhe were so angry, they had to find Ye Chen's whereabouts right now.

They had to find Ye Chen's whereabouts quickly if they wanted to stop this thing.

"You all stop that, all the elders work together to stop that" Long Gunhe gave the order.

"Understood." All the elders and all the forces worked together to stop the meteor from falling; they used all the power they had to stop it from hurtling here.

"Boom. . ." So many attacks were launched to block the meteor, and with everyone's combined strength, the meteor started to disintegrate.

From a distance Ye Chen saw what was happening, it seemed like the technique was lacking to defeat so many people at once.

"it looks like it was destroyed" Long Luxie said to Ye Chen.

"no problem" Ye Chen said to Long Luxie.

Ye Chen wouldn't mind this, even if part of it were destroyed, the impact would still be very strong to destroy the surroundings.

? part of the meteor remains, its destructive power will also decrease.

"So loud" they all shouted, the meteor was loud and not slowing down.

"A collision cannot be avoided, everyone quickly make protection" the elder told everyone to make protection, that was because the collision would be unavoidable.

Everyone united their strengths, they created a defense that was so strong and sturdy.

Their defense would not be broken easily, a meteor would not be able to destroy a defense made by 10 million people.

"Such a huge barrier is insane, it's crazy" Long Luxie couldn't imagine seeing such a huge and powerful barrier.

Such a barrier was enough to withstand any attack at hand.

"Master, what are you going to do?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen just smiled when he saw what happened.

"very good question, I will destroy that barrier" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"Yuechan, please look after her for me" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to look after Long Luxie.

"I understand" Chu Yuechan came out, she immediately looked after Long Luxie according to the directions given by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen headed back towards Long Gunhe's place, he appeared above everyone.

"See, that person is back." Everyone looked toward Ye Chen, and they could see that Ye Chen was back.

"I will give gifts to you" Ye Chen said to everyone.

"Bastard, we will kill you !!!" everyone shouted, they wanted to kill Ye Chen.

"Dream about doing this, you should think about holding this back" Ye Chen used Dimension Breaker.

He destroyed the barriers created by everyone.

"Gah. . ." with the destructive power of the Dimension Breaker that could destroy all kinds of things, the super strong barriers created by everyone were destroyed.

"damn . ." everyone cursed loudly, Ye Chen destroyed the barrier they had created, and they had all run out of time to recreate it.

"Everyone quickly takes cover." 5 seconds left of impact, they all scattered and tried to escape.

Too bad they didn't have time to leave this place.

"Boom. . ." A huge explosion occurred, the explosion swept everyone away, they were unable to save themselves and were swept away.

Long Gunhe protected himself, his safety came first.

The destructive power was very large, the surrounding area was destroyed and razed.

Hot and dense mist enveloped the surroundings, the area of Long Gunhe was pitch black and destroyed.

It was razed to the ground due to the impact of a meteor that was so big and so strong.

The heat traces from the explosion could be seen clearly on the ground, there were so many people lying on the ground covered in injuries.

They are all covered in wounds and are very difficult to heal.

It is estimated that 1/3 of the Long Luxie troops were destroyed, and another 1/3 were injured.

Only 1/3 fully survived and only suffered minor injuries.

"Very great" Long Luxie saw the destructive power of Ye Chen's attack, the power was only ?, if it was full, it would be even more terrifying.

"It seems like that power was too excessive, those of us here were also affected" Chu Yuechan said to Long Luxie.

Ye Chen's attack was so strong that Chu Yuechan had to use such a strong defense to survive the explosion.1

"shall we join the battle?" Long Luxie asked Chu Yuechan.

Long Luxie wanted to help Ye Chen fight against Long Gunhe.

"of course, we will help him, more like all of us" Chu Yuechan said to Long Luxie.

"Have you come?" Chu Yuechan told Nangong Xiang, Cheng Mengyan, Fu Lanling and several others who came to assist.

"Of course, we have been waiting for the signal from earlier" Nangong Xiang appeared, she had been waiting for the signal from Ye Chen.

"Eh, who are they, they are all so beautiful" Nangong Xiang was surprised when she saw everyone, they were all really very beautiful.

Their beauty was so pretty, like a group of goddesses descending from the sky.

" ? ? ?" Long Luxie seemed confused by this, hier head was dizzy when she saw so many beautiful women.,

Of all the people, Long Luxie had only ever seen Nangong Xiang, if I'm not mistaken, at that time she met Nangong Xiang as Empress Sun who was a beauty in the God Realm, now they met again after a long time.

"You must have so many questions right?" Chu Yuechan said to Long Luxie.

"Um, that's very true" Long Luxie indeed had so many questions, she wanted to know more about Ye Chen.

And who they are, they look charming and beautiful, it's hard to compete with everyone.

"I will explain everything when all the matters are resolved" Chu Yuechan told Long Luxie.

"First of all, let's solve this problem first" Nangong Xiang said to Chu Yuechan and Long Luxie.

"I agree, solving this problem is much more important" Chu Yuechan seemed to agree with what Nangong Xiang said.

"let us depart" Nangong Xiang and everyone decided to depart, they showed the enemy their strength.

Nangong Xiang together with everyone used their strength, they released their full aura.

The lowest was at the eighth level of the Immortal True God Realm, Nangong Xiang brought the best woman that Ye Chen had, the strength of this group would definitely cause Long Gunhe serious trouble.

"How about it, do you like the gift I gave you?" Ye Chen asked everyone whether they liked the gifts that Ye Chen had given them.

People looked at Ye Chen, they all looked at Ye Chen with such a strong killing gaze, they were obviously angry with what Ye Chen had done.

"It looks like you are completely angry with me," Ye Chen told Long Gunhe's troops.

"Come on, kill him, kill him" there were so many people shouting, they wanted to kill Ye Chen.

The fire of their passion burned very fiercely.

On the one hand Long Gunhe and all the elders were safe, they had no injuries, only a slight shock.

"1/3 of our troops have been wiped out, this is a huge loss" several elders said to Long Gunhe.

These were the losses they had, 1/3 of their troops destroyed, that was a very high price.

"Bastard" Long Gunhe released a lightning aura that was so terrifying, the lightning aura made everyone feel goosebumps.

"Rumble, rumble . . ." A very strong roar hit the surroundings, and millions of lightning struck the surroundings, creating a tense situation.

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