Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku

Chapter 8 The God Slayer and Orc (3)

Chapter 8 The God Slayer and Orc (3)

Now then, what should I do?

There are 12 Orcs inside the forest. And one of them is a type I have never seen before.

If this is a funny story, I want a better one than this.

While tilting the wooden mug filled with Ale as I sat near the window of the bar, I thought such things.

Just now, when I reported this to the village chief, he asked me whether I could do something about it.

But why? I’m just an adventurer. I am not a monstrous hero or brave protagonist that could remain unmatched even against multiple monsters.

That’s why I was pondering, what should I do?

There’s a part of me that wants to work hard for the reward though.

[You only have two choices, either protect or abandon this village.]

That’s true. I gave a wry smile.

Well, I do have various choices in how I should protect them though.

If I’m lucky, we might be fine till the squad from the royal capital appears here.

The Orcs might even go somewhere else as well.

That one is intelligent. It should be well aware of the consequences of baring fangs against humans.

Kill and be killed. Humans and monsters. It’s a never ending battle. If they don’t want that, they’d probably not come out of the forest—-

“Ah, I finally found you.”

While I was pondering over such things, my employer, Miss Francesca appeared from the entry of the bar.

My lips became softer on hearing that beautiful voice that doesn’t really suit a bar.

“Ou, Miss Francesca, Over here.”

As I raised my hand, I gave a small sigh.

Probably, she came because I didn’t contact her even after returning from my scouting trip.

As expected, alcohol doesn’t taste good when you’re making a irritated face. Seeing her beautiful face, I took another sip of the Ale. Yup, it’s delicious.

[You goddamn drunkard.]

“Ha—-no mistake in that.”(renji)


Miss Francesca who sat on the other side of the table looked at me puzzled as I talked to myself.

It seems, my mouth becomes loose whenever I drink alcohol.

It might be a bad habit of mine to reply to Ermenhilde out loud.

“Renji-san, what are we going to do about the Orc subjugation?”

“aa, as expected it’s about that eh?”

“As expected?……we did talk about the matter of Orcs yesterday, didn’t we?”

Oh right.

While we were talking, the shopkeeper came to take her order.

She ordered a fruit juice and I also asked for some water instead of more ale.

If we’re talking about the job then, as expected, it’s bad manners to be drinking while doing so.

Also, I really need to seriously think about it as well. Let’s sober up already.

“By the way Miss Francesca, how’s your muscle pains?”

“uu……..it’s fine now.”

As I asked that, she shrunk back a bit before looking me back in the eyes and answering.

Ah, so it still hurts eh? Her reaction is really easy to understand.

It seems this woman sucks at lying. Finding her bluff amusing, I ended up laughing a bit.

At the same time, her cheeks became red and she hung her head down.

[Is it fun bullying younger ones?]

Of course, it’s super fun.

Bullying young ones is the special right of the older ones.

Bringing Ermenhilde out of my pocket, I flicked the medal with a *ping*.

“It has become a bit troublesome actually so I am hesitating whether we should take up the village’s request or not.”(renji)

“We won’t accept it?”(fran)

As the medal landed in my palms it was, Heads.

“I’m thinking of accepting it actually.”(renji)

At that moment, I took the water that the shopkeeper had brought.

Miss Francesca also took her juice and took a sip.

“But, it’ll be a bit difficult with a simple frontal attack.”(renji)

“Frontal attack?”

“Yes, charging at them straight forwardly, or attacking them and burning them directly with magic. Such a fighting style would be difficult.”

Saying that, I took a sip of water.

At such a time, what’s important is the place where we fight.

We’re going to take on 12 of them. It’ll be good to be in a place where we won’t get cornered.

In a forest, if one were to use the trees well, but even the Orcs should be already used to fighting there as well.

“It’ll be dangerous if our opponents are 12 of them after all.”(renji)


Miss Francesca looked at me as if she was looking at something weird.

It’s a bit amusing.

“How many, did you say just now?”(fran)

“12 of them.”(renji)


Her jaw dropped and she froze like that.

She’s making a stupid face which I would have definitely captured if I had a cellphone or a camera.

Well, I won’t actually do something like that though.

[Well that’s a good reaction.]

Yeah, I agree.

As I sipped my water, finally Miss Francesca returned to senses again.

“….why is Renji-san still so relaxed!?!”(fran)

“I’m not really calm. I’m worrying over what I should do as well.”(renji)

[It should be said that you’re already used to it, eh?]

Well, it’s exactly as Ermenhilde said.

In fact, Miss Francesca’s reaction right now is the proper correct one. Even I think so.

I was normal person of the society just three years back, how did I become like this?

Back then I would be surprised like Miss Francesca at every small thing as well.

But soon, I stopped being surprised at anything.

12 Orcs? And one of them is a new species and super intelligent as well.

But demons who are higher types of monsters, among them the demon lord, and even among them the existence that made the whole demonic species, the Demon God!

Compared to them, though these 12 Orcs are troublesome and scary but it’s something that’d make me panic.

What’s really dangerous are existences like that Black Orc and monsters against whom I’m useless alone.

Dragons or Vampires, Giants or Undeads. These are opponents that I can’t fight without my comrades.

“Even if you panic, what we have to doesn’t change.”(renji)

“But still, 12 of them is…….”(fran)

“Well, it is a bit too much.”

I laughed.

Miss Francesca looked at such a me with drooping eyebrows.

“I have a way, that’s why we’ll accept the request.”

Also that black Orc. I want to take care of that at all costs.

I don’t know why but it really gives me a bad feeling.

“…….What will Miss Francesca do?”


“Yes. Taking on 12 of them is going to be difficult. Probably, I won’t be able to fight while protecting you.”

As I said that much, her expression became stiff realizing what I meant.

I can’t fight while protecting you so you’ll have to protect yourself.

It’s not something that should be asked of a rookie adventurer really, I gave a bitter laugh inside my mind.

A dangerous job like this would normally by done by even veteran adventurers only after gathering some numbers and in perfect condition.

It’s not a request that a newbie adventurer and the weakest God-slayer should take on.

That’s why, I hate fighting monsters.

It’s filled with unexpected circumstances. The earnings are great but the dangers are great as well.

As expected, it doesn’t suit me at all I think.

“I’ll accept.”(fran)

While I was thinking such things, she turned towards me with a resolved gaze.

Those green eyes were clearly looking at me directly in the eyes.

“There’s the case of my test but……I’m also an adventurer now. Also, it’s the duty of a noble to help the villagers.”

“That’s a brilliant readiness of heart you have there but, you might die you know?”

When I said that, those eyes swayed a bit.

As expected, the fear of death is great.

Duty of a noble and all that is simply a façade. Humans, anything that’s alive, is afraid of dying.

Even I’m the same. There’s no way this girl who’s younger than me won’t be scared.

Thinking that, this girl who wants to save these people even though she’s scared looked really strong to me.

Even though I turned my back towards the duty of a God slayer.

[You’re being mean now.]

Don’t say that.

I ended up smiling wryly to my partner’s words.

Maybe she sensed something in me, Miss Francesca looked at me with a slight sullen expression.

That expression is also really cute. Man, beauties really remain beautiful no matter what expression they make.

“Well, I’ll try to make sure that the danger remains as less as possible.”(renji)


“I can’t make a newbie do something too difficult. I guess it’ll sound cooler if I simply say that I’ll protect you though.”

[No, it’s fine if you say that, you God slaying Hero.]

That’s impossible, I shrugged my shoulders.

That’s not my character after all.

“I’ll go from the front and you’ll cause disturbance with your magic from behind. If we try to think of a too complicated tactic, it’ll only blow your fuse after all.”(renji)


“I mean that you’ll end up panicking during the actual thing. You were scared when you were attacked by those goblins right?”

When I said that, she slightly nodded while hiding her face with the wooden mug.

She looks like a small animal.

“This time it’ll be even scarier. After all there are going to be 12 Orcs. That’s much scarier than mere 5 goblins.”

I flicked Ermenhilde (medal) with my thumb.

As it rotated in the air, I grabbed it in mid air and, Heads.

“It’s heads. We’ll make it somehow.”(renji)

“No you’re supposed to say that you’ll definitely make it succeed there……..”

“I won’t say something like ‘definitely’. I’m not that amazing.”

I laughed and then I sighed.

But I can’t help it.

‘Definitely’ That word belongs only to hero protagonists. It shouldn’t be used like a villager C like me.

“That medal.”(fran)


Miss Francesca’s gaze moved towards Ermenhilde in my hand.

“Is it something precious to you?”(fran)


I wonder.

I carry it along like it’s obvious and is the existence I’m most familiar with.

It’s precious but I can’t simply describe it with just those words.


Also, this stupid God Slaying weapon is being suddenly meek right now.

“It’s a cursed medal. If I let it go, I’ll die.”(renji)

“……is that actually okay?”(fran)

“It’s fine really. I’m fine as long as I don’t let it go right?”

Looks like I ended up worrying her seriously.

Making fun of this girl might be amusing or troublesome or just difficult, I think.


By the way, Ermenhilde was clicking its tongue.

It’s fun to tease this one as well, in its own way.

Its important to think of difficult things but I guess being carefree like this really suits me.

Those Orcs and that new species black Orc.

Well, there’s a mountain full of problems in front of me right now.





“Now then, I think we should start the special training.”(renji)

We were currently in a clearing a bit away from the village and the highway.

There were no signs of Goblins or other monsters for now.

Though some might appear to see what we’re doing as well.

“Even though you say Special training……..I can only fireball or ice arrow and other such basic magic, you know?”(fran)

As she said that, she dropped her shoulders in an apologising manner.

I wonder whether that was really okay as a student of the Magic Academy but I’ll let it go for now.

“That’s enough. I’ll have you imagine something even more simpler than that.”(renji)

“Simple……is it?”


Saying that, I pointed towards the ground.

“Dig a hole.”(renji)


She looked at me with a really suspicious gaze.

For some reason, the magicians of this world specialise only in either direct attack magic or very domestic-based magic.

The former include releasing a fireball, ice arrow or making strong lightning fall as well.

While the latter includes creating water or crushed ice for use, or lighting dark areas etc.

But for some reason they don’t use magic that involve moving objects or digging holes like this.

During our fight with the monsters, I did see magicians easily blow up enemy trenches so maybe they find it too inefficient, I think.

I find it pretty convenient though, things like pitfalls and traps.

Even the [Grand Magus] that was with us first found flashy things better but after realizing the merits of using pitfalls, she started listening to me as well.

Generally the imaginations involved are, confirming the enemy, creating the fireball, making it fly towards the enemy, and hitting it.

Even basic magic require these 5 processes.

But pitfalls are basically, looking at the ground, imagining a hole in it.

At most, only 2 processes are necessary. Though there is also regulating the size and depth of the hole but still it’s still shorter than normal magic.

Thus, I was thinking of having Miss Francesca do the same as well.

It’ll help her in protecting herself as well after all.

The fact that it has a small activation time itself is a big advantage.

“A pitfall. You’ll make Orcs fall into them and it’s over. It won’t kill them but they’d become unable to do anything.”(renji)


Also, since its magic, all she has to do is imagine the hole directly beneath where the Orc is standing, that’s all.

There’s no need to go through the trouble of luring them into them either.

Afterwards, you can deal with them however you want as long as they are in the hole. Bury them, attack them with magic etc. Since they won’t be able to attack back anyway.

Though the value of their meat would fall due to damage but it’s a pretty safe way of hunting them.

“That’s an amazing plan.”(fran)

When I explained, she began admiring me for it.

For some reason, magicians really like to think of only flashy magics.

Though I don’t have any proof but I think anyone can use flashy magic if he wants. Not to mention that the mental fatigue and magical energy consumption is also huge.

Shouldn’t most magicians be thinking of being more efficient?

With this, her use of magic should also turn to different directions, I think.

[……Another weird magician is going to be born.]

“How rude.”(renji)

I flicked the medal with a *ping*

[A magician specialising in pitfalls and restraint magics is definitely a weirdo. Your way of teaching is wrong, definitely.]

But I really think that’s more convenient though.

Restraint techniques are good during few people vs. few people. As expected, only our [Grand Magus] could use such techniques even against a whole army.

Using roots of trees and vines, she really was undefeatable inside forests.

Well, its all a result of my training though.

Since pitfalls are simple, they can be imagined even during close combat so its really convenient.

Though I don’t know that since I can’t use magic but since our [Grand Magus] had said so, it must be true.

It’s good enough even if it can slow the opponents down during battle since it’ll make them more vigilant against you.

“Then, I’ll try.”(fran)


Moving away from her, I sat down on a rock nearby.

[You won’t train?]

“I don’t know how am I supposed to even train with a knife?”

In the first place, my weapon isn’t a knife. Ofcourse, it isn’t a dagger either.

I don’t really see the need to train with such weapons.

Unsheathing the iron knife, I spun it around my hand.

“Orc’s skin doesn’t look like I’ll be able to cut with this.”

[Obviously. The Hero Yamada Renji’s weapon isn’t something pathetic like that, it’s me.]

My lips loosened on hearing that somewhat prideful voice.

That’s true.

“My weapon, is only you.”


As I turned my gaze towards Miss Francesca, her body looked to be swaying a bit.

Magical energy.

A power that every magician holds and is used by them to bring about supernatural phenomenon.

Their colours are varied and just like Miss Francesca’s magical energy is colourless, it can be red or blue as well.

If I recall correctly, the colour of the magical energy also represents one’s talent.

Our [Grand Magus] was golden, [Sorcerer] was dark purple—–in his words, it was the colour of darkness.

Both had high level of talent, I think but I can’t really remember who was better.

Probably, they were around equal I think.

While I was thinking that, a 50cm diameter hole was created right in front of me. It’s depth was….about 30cm.

The earth that had disappeared had fallen beside Miss Francesca.

She must have imagined digging the earth out to create a hole.

“Too shallow. The Orc commander is one head taller than me. You’ll have to make it more bigger and deeper.”(renji)


I ended up giving a wry smile on the energetic answer from her.

I feel like I’m a instructor at a training school. Not that I have any actual experience of doing that though.

But, magicians really are amazing.

When I look at this, I sometimes feel that maybe I should have also asked for being able to use magic when asking for the Cheat abilities.

I would have been unparalleled with magic that didn’t exist in our world. It’s a situation that every man would yearn after.

Aah, I really did something wasteful.

[What happened?]


As I sighed, Ermenhilde asked me in a worried voice.

Well, the cheat I had asked for was [the Power to kill even God], that’s why I was able to meet and talk with Ermenhilde like this so I guess my worries are for naught.

“I’m really glad that I met you.”

[..….then why the hell were you sighing?]

I am being doubted.

My partner is really heartless. Seriously.

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