Kidnapped Dragons

Chapter 320: Lifetime Luck wasted on Gacha (7)

Chapter 320: Lifetime Luck wasted on Gacha (7)


Bom suddenly came to her senses. The twitching in her eyes started to subside and her anxiously murmuring lips also came to a stop. She half-rose up from the ground and asked with a vacant look on her face.

“Yeorum. Are you out of your mind…?”

Yeorum was dumbfounded. Who was the one talking?

“I am not out of my mind.”

“Then why would you tell me to peel another layer? Don’t you know how precious that is?”

“Do you think I wouldn’t know that.”

The chance to get 6 successes in a row was 0.0032% and the output had increased by 2.98 times.

Only 4 of the cores in the world were known to have 6 lifted seals, and Yu Jitae had explained that this core could pretty much increase an artifact by a whole level. In other words, Yeorum’s Level 2 long sword artifact was close to a Level 3 artifact with the addition of the 6-unsealed onion core.

It was very precious even for a dragon and in fact, even Yu Jitae was quite surprised when it succeeded. That was how low the probability was.

And yet Yeorum handed it over to Bom.

“Listen carefully, you green trash.”


“Why are you feeling so down right now. It’s because of all the luck you suddenly got, right?”


“Now, you’re going to be breaking that with your own hands. No matter how big of a fortune it was, isn’t it all going to be worthless the moment you crush it?”


Bom could not return any words.

“Has that never happened before? You said you had two similar things happen before right.”

“But back then, the lucky situation had already ended…”

“What was it?”

“One of them was a surgery on my dragon heart. The probability of success was extremely low so I was told I would most definitely die. I think my dad and my mum were also fighting a little back then maybe…?”

“What about the other one?”

“The other one…”

Bom gave a frown. 

She could not remember the details.

“No, but this should be fine. We still don’t know if that black dragon is the black-haired person or not, and we don’t know its gender either. And this onion core is already complete so let’s not touch it.”


“I’m just being paranoid by myself and I don’t want to cause you too much trouble…”

Bom suddenly stopped in the middle of her speech due to Yeorum suddenly pulling her shirt up to reveal her stomach. On her stomach was a scratch caused by the strands of mana that had splattered when dispelling Bom’s teleportation spell.

Blood was bubbling up around the wound.

“I’m like this because of your sudden fit. Are you still not going to do what I tell you to do?”


“It’s weird how I’m the one saying it but, you’re going to cause a massive problem at this rate. We still have more than a year or two left for our Amusement. And besides…”

Even if,

“Honestly, even if this gets broken, wouldn’t Yu Jitae do something for us?”

Yeorum realised it was a very careless statement the moment she said it out loud and she in fact didn’t even think so. He would probably not replace it for her nor did she want him to, but that was the only way to calm Yu Bom down in her opinion. 

But instead, something outside her expectations happened. The instant she heard Yu Jitae’s name, Bom’s eyes suddenly wavered like a magnitude 5 earthquake. 


The vibration slowly intensified. 6, 7…

“E, even if it fails, ahjussi will help us, right…?”

Bom started laughing, ‘Hehe,’ as if she had given up on thinking.

“Okay. Give it to me.”

“Huh? Oh yeah.”

“You said it was fine, right? Yeorum?”

“Huh? Yes I did…!”

“Oh right, was it a 20% chance to succeed?”

“No. I told you it’s 10% from the 6th layer onwards.”

Bom, despite half-giving up on thinking, still surfaced a bright smile.

“Ahah! Then that should never work right…!”

“Yeah! It’s not easy to hit a 10%!”

“It’s definitely going to break…! Is that still okay…?”

“Yeah yeah. Fuck it. To be honest, it didn’t even make sense for it to reach 6 seals, did it?”

“Of course not!”

“You’re damn right! So just destroy the whole thing and drop your burden!”

Bom gave a wide smile.


And ripped a layer of the core.


The 7th seal, was another success.


“Uoookk! What the fuckk–!”

Bom dropped the core and fell back in astonishment. She crawled back in shock as her head struck the table behind her. It was such a strong hit that her head immediately bent into a right angle but she did not feel a single pain from it.

“Ah, ah ah…!”

Uukk…! Huuk…! Huuuuk…! She began to hyperventilate again as she grabbed her chest in pain.

“What in the fucking world. Does this even make sense!?’

On the other hand, Yeorum was also frightened seeing the core on the ground. It had succeeded yet again by breaking through the 10% chance!

No, if she were to stop here, that would only stop Bom’s luck at a higher level. Yeorum quickly racked her brain and decided that they could not stop here.

“Yu Bom!!”

“Huak, hiak… I, I want to die… Please kill me…”

“Oi! What are you talking about! Wake up! Yu Bom!”

Yeorum constantly tapped her on her back but soon realised that Bom wouldn’t be able to crack more layers with a sober mind. She might faint from psychological stress even before trying to open the 8th seal.

In that instant, she suddenly remembered the spirit with 85% alcohol that she had bought at Las Vegas.

“You, you stay right here! No, wait…!”

Since she might escape in that time frame, Yeorum pulled Bom by her collar and dashed to her own room. She then grabbed onto Bom’s cheeks.

“Open your mouth!”

“Ahhk, n, no…!”

Her hand came flying in. Slap slap! It landed twice on both sides of Bom’s cheeks and turned them red.

“Just open your damn mouth!”

“What was that for…!”

“This isn’t over yet! If you stop here you’re only going to be stopping at a high roll! Shouldn’t you crack more layers and break the damn thing!?”

Maybe she’s right?

Bom widened her eyes.

“But can you do this with a sober mind?! Huh?”

She rapidly shook her head in response. Simply looking at the core made her freak out and caused the world to revolve around her. Suppressing the urge to vomit, she covered her mouth and began to whine.

“We are never going to do this with a sober mind, so hurry up and open your mouth. And turn off your detoxification!”


At this point, it was double or nothing. 

Bom disabled the detoxification blessing inside her body. As soon as her body became similar to a normal human’s, Yeorum opened the lid of the spirit and poured the liquid down Bom’s throat.

“Drink. Drink!”


Even Yeorum was stimulated beyond her limit at this stage and felt like going crazy. Bom began coughing after completely chugging a whole bottle so Yeorum used one of her hands to block her mouth so that she wouldn’t vomit, and used the other hand to pour the same spirit down her throat.

Her mind suddenly turned hazy as the world began to turn in front of her eyes.

She succeeded in getting drunk in one go…!

“Huhu! Yu Boooomm? Have you prepared yoursellff?”

“Nnn… ♥”

“For the 8th layer, we goooooo!”

“Let’s gooo ♥”

The two hatchlings followed with their plan.


It was hard to be at the top 10% wherever it was, so the 8th layer should obviously be a fail.

That’s what they thought but,


The 8th layer was another success.

Bom did not stop and,


The 9th layer was yet another success.

However, Bom still did not stop and, moved her hands for the final 10th layer…

“Ooooi! Waitttt—!”

…But was restrained by Yeorum.

“Nnnn…? What’s wrong?”

“W, w, why isn’t this… anyway, just wait for a bit…!”

“Why…? We haven’t failed yet…?”

“J, just wait for now! Damn it!”

Slap! Bom got slapped and the core was soon snatched away from her hands.

The moment Yeorum felt the core’s mana with her bare hands, she felt as if the alcohol she had consumed would leave through her nose. 

What is this.

What in the world just happened?

A core with 9 cracked seals was placed in front of her eyes.

9 seals?

An onion core with 9 opened layers?

Not 6, and not 7 which was currently the best one in the Witch’s hand.

But 9…?

On the other hand, Bom’s already unstable mind pretty much collapsed after becoming drunk.

“I, am trash…”

That was evident from how she was trying to shove her head into the rubbish bin inside Yeorum’s room. 

Yeorum was trying her hardest to remain sane and that caused all the intoxication to fly away.

“Huuk! Uahhhk…!”

An increase in output by 5.15 times.

It in fact was yet to be confirmed, because there had never been an onion core with more than 8 cracked seals recorded in history. 5.15 times… depending on the weapon, it might even allow a Level 2 artifact to reach a Level 4 artifact. 

With this, it would be possible for low-ranked superhumans to defeat 3-digit superhumans, and a 2-digit superhuman might even be able to kill Rank 2, BM, with a decent weapon in hand.

A single core with an output like that was ridiculous, and that was how insane of a high roll this was. 

The probability was only 0.0000032% – approximately 3 out of 100,000,000. Choose 30 million people and only one of them would succeed, and yet there were less than 50,000 onion cores in the entire world.

Unprecedented, unheard of and revolutionary.

Whatever the case, it was an extremely precious core…!

Sitting on Yeorum’s hand was an onion core with 9 cracked seals that had managed to fight against the odds.

“This is too amazing now right…?” said Bom.


“Should we stop now…?”

“Like I said, no.”

“I’m really fine… it was just a superstition… it might just be a coincidence right…?”


Despite being drunk and half out of her mind, Bom made a rough estimate of the core’s value and suggested they stop, because there was no reason for Yeorum to suffer so much.

“If ahjussi throws me away in the future, that must be because I did something wrong… I must have hurt his feelings, and done something bad… Nn. In that case, I can understand why…”

“What are you on about! Stop trying to force yourself to understand!”

“…You’re right. I don’t understand.”


“Why would he throw me away? What am I lacking? How could he do such a thing…? A female dragon like me, is hard to find. Right…? I’m a virgin… pretty… kind… and I can even match my physique to his preference… As long as he loves me back…? I can give him everything including my soul…”

“Ah fuck. This shit again.”

Bom started whining like a drunkard again so Yeorum shook her head. In any case, the reason Yeorum stopped was not because of the value of this 9-unsealed core.

“Oi. Yu Bom you trash.”

“Yes… I am trash Yu Bom…”

“Take this, you trash.”

With a stern look on her face, Yeorum handed the core back to Bom.

“This, is your last chance.”

This was the reason she had stopped.

There were only 10 layers of seals around the onion core. If they were to succeed one more time, it would now completely get rid of their ‘chance to fail’.

“If you succeed this as well, there’s no turning back from your superstition.”


“It’s a 90% chance to fail though. Yeah? 90%…”

Bom slowly nodded her head.

“What was the chance of failure again?” Yeorum asked.


“Yeah fucking 90%. So crush it real good. Please. Okay?”


“Repeat after me! W, we can do it!”

“We can do it…!”

“We can, fail the honing!”

“We can fail…!”

“90% chance to fail! Let’s gooooo!”

“Let’s gooo…!”

Bom opened the 10th layer.

With a crack, the layer of seal around the core dropped. All the layers were now gone leaving behind a single kernel inside as the core began to vibrate. Kugugugugung… Its vibration was strong enough to resonate with the air inside the room. Seeing a different reaction caused both Bom and Yeorum to widen their eyes and glare at the core. 

Please! Please crack…!

Yeorum gulped while sweating from her tight fists.

That was when a sudden crevice appeared on the onion core that was shaking left and right as it began to divide into two separate parts. At the same time, the light dimmed out as the outer side of the core rapidly withered and shrunk.

“Hukk! Is, is it a fail? Did we fail…?!”


“It looks like a fail! Dude! We finally did it…!”

That was the scariest 90% chance in the entire world. Thinking that, Yeorum was about to hug Bom in surprise but that was when the core cracked open like a nutshell. 

Revealed inside the withered shells of the onion core was a small yet incomparably forceful kernel. It appeared like the compressed version of the Sun. The moment it shook the nearby atmosphere and displayed its overwhelming mana to the hatchlings, Yeorum realised it.


This too was a success.

She was so dumbfounded that she couldn’t say a word. Feeling as if she would vomit out blood, Yeorum turned towards Bom wondering why she was so quiet in the face of such a shocking turn of events. But upon seeing her face, Yeorum immediately understood the reason.

It was no wonder, because Bom had already fainted!

“H, holy fuck…”

Yeorum murmured before turning to the core with trembling eyes.

She then thought to herself.

A core with 10 cracked seals. With such power in her hands…

After thinking up to that point, she took the core into her arms, opened the window and jumped out.

She ran away.

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