Kill the Lights

Chapter 1 part3

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Proofreader/Editor: Kaima, Hwarang

Noah took off his jacket. Lying on the bed, Mason swallowed the spit as he watched Noah unbutton his shirt and climb over the bed.

“No, why are you doing this?”

Noah grabbed Mason’s trousers and peeled them off in a single motion, then threw them to the floor. His cold hands, wet with cum, pulled down the underwear awkwardly hanging on his bum and revealed his drenched lower body.


Noah called, as he ogled Mason’s wet bottom. Mason felt his mind grow hazy as he answered, “…Yes.” It simultaneously felt hot and cold between his drenched legs.

“Hm… No matter how I look at this, its just twitching like it wants me to thrust… Okay. Let me ask you something keep in mind that I'm not thinking straight.”

Noah stroked Mason’s twitching lower body and asked.

“Did you masturbate while answering my call?”

“No. That’s not…”

“Did your dick get erect listening to my voice? Did you come?”

Noah’s hands toyed with his bottom. Mason tried to block his arm, but Noah’s hand grabbed the diamond piercing, and Mason flinched.

“While touching here… Whom did you think of?”

Noah licked his lips as if his mouth was dry, and twisted the piercing. It tickled and Mason held his breath, as he stuttered, “Um. Ju. Julia.”

“Julia? Ah. The AV actor you like?”

Noah pulled the piercing and asked again.

“How about me?”


“You didn’t think about me?”

‘You didn’t think about me even once?’ Noah asked disbelievingly. Mason moaned, “Heet!” and raised his bum, as Noah pulled the piercing firmly.

“How is it?”

Noah moved closer and bit Mason’s neck, as he asked languidly.

“…How many times did you release thinking about me?”

Mason’s sight grew blurry at the warm breath touching his neck and he twisted his body. Noah said, “This…” as he rubbed the cum smeared up to his thighs and asked.

“Did you empty everything imagining me thrust into you?”

“Ah. No. Eut.”

Mason was scared that his skin will tear off, and his thighs trembled. “No?” asked Noah and sneered at him.

“Actually, I heard you calling my name from outside.”

Noah leaned against his neck and whispered like he was telling a secret.


Mason’s eyes opened wide as he remembered calling Noah’s name while he was masturbating until a moment ago. Noah let out a subdued laugh at Mason’s expression.

“…As expected.”

‘You called my name,’ Noah lightly sucked on Mason’s parted lips as if in compliment.


He’s just testing me. Mason blushed and Noah sat upright with a gentle smile.

“Is it not unfair? You’ve masturbated a lot like this, and I can not.”

He wasn’t sure what was unfair, but Noah grabbed Mason’s closed thighs and murmured.

“Me too….”

Noah unbuckled his pants and confidently pulled out the erect penis from his briefs. Startled, Mason slid backwards, but Noah put his arms over his shoulders. He pushed Mason down, effectively encaging him, and began rubbing his erection with one hand.


Mason breath hitched as he watched Noah masturbate in front of him. Noah’s beautiful face was lewdly flustered. Squinting open, his eyes had a suggestive vibe, and Noah’s upper body beneath the shirt that he had already taken off was beautiful like a sculpture due to exercising. With a perfect face and a body, Noah stroked his big and dark penis. That look was unspeakably embarrassing and shocking.

“You…. your nipples are erect, may I suck them?”

Noah’s sticky voice took him by surprise and Mason reflexively said, “N,n,no. No,” shaking his head. Noah licked his lips, disappointed at Mason’s refusal, and panted. Seeing him slightly frown, Mason blushed. His head was so hot that he could hear his own heartbeat thrum in his eardrums. Noah laughed gently and approached him very closely as if to lick his neck. He said,

“Your expression…. I’m about to come.”

Eut. Mason frowned at Noah’s hot breath falling on his neck. Noah lifted himself up and moved his hand as he looked at Mason’s face. Noah’s golden hair was stuck on his cheek from the sweat dripping on his forehead. He stroked his penis and stared straight into Mason’ eyes without any embarrassment. His lips moved,

“Call my name….”

‘I want to do it too while listening to your voice.’ Noah said in a sticky voice, and Mason just moved his lips to take a deep breath. He couldn’t believe how shameless a person can be. As he watched it all unveil, it was so embarrassing and shameful that Mason’s eyes got blurry, but Noah just laughed obscenely and tilted his head. He clicked his tongue in disbelief that Mason neither let him suck his nipples nor call his name. He just kept staring at Mason and moved his hands. He heard something wet, and Noah frowned slightly.



Noah called in a hoarse voice. Mason covered his mouth with his hand, because the heat was overwhelming, and kept swallowing his saliva again and again. Noah soon panted softly and poured out his cum for a long time on his hand.


Mason pressed on his chest. His heart was beating fast, and his body was so overheated that he screwed up his eyes. There is a limit to how lewd it can be. This surpassed the limit, where it got scary and shocking. Noah didn’t stop rubbing his thing even after he came.

“…As expected, something’s lacking…”

Noah licked his wet lips and looked at his still erect penis and said, “Hm.” He looked at Mason–

“Want to do it?”

He was eyeing Mason’s crotch. Mason covered his eyes with an arm. They were so hot that he couldn’t stand it. His penis felt full enough to burst. Noah was too sexy. Blond haired like how Mason favored. And the way he acted impudently, despite his innocent face... Aside from Haley’s horny body, Mason couldn’t hold his own natural desire. After all Mason was human too. Because of all these sensations that made his head feel weird, Mason swallowed the spit that was collecting in his mouth and thought, ‘Whatever.’ His imperceptibly nodded his head. Noah smiled brightly and pressed down on Mason’s shoulders. But not even five minutes later, Mason regretted nodding his head.

“Heet. –Ught!”

Mason swallowed and gasped, as Noah stubbornly bit and sucked his nipples like he was releasing his anger from getting rejected a moment ago. While Mason had said yes because he too wanted to do something to Noah’s pretty face and body, it was becoming impossible for him to withstand Noah’s actions. Noah rubbed Mason’s sensitive waist with his wet palm and grabbed his trembling butt. Mason bothered to hold his breath away and begged, “Wa, wait…”

“Let me take a bre, ht…”

He became so sensitive that he thought he was going nuts. Noah smiled like ‘what are you talking about’ and rubbed Mason’s thighs. He spread Mason’s legs apart and licked his penis that was wet with his cum. He bit and sucked on his inner thigh that was sensitive.

“…Ugh, ah!”

Mason bit his teeth in order to hide the weird and lewd sounds coming from his throat, but his mouth kept coming undone. Out of nowhere, Noah’s finger touched his inside, and Mason moaned and lifted his back. He felt Noah’s teeth biting his piercing.

“Euh, hugh, just.”

It wasn’t like regular sex where there was kissing and a little caressing, before putting it in and coming. It was all sticky and obscene. Mason felt his waist tremble and tried to push Noah away. If this continued, it will be no wonder if his head turned weird. No, it’ll definitely become weird. Noah licked the area surrounding the anus, lightly caressed it with his tongue and put his finger in and shoved around stickily. At the same time, he grabbed the run away waist of Mason and anchored it down. He grabbed both of Mason’s legs and spread them apart. He pulled them straight up, lifted his waist high and straight away pushed his penis into his anus.


Mason held his breath. Something enormous split his body and pushed inside. Slowly his insides opened up, and his whole body was drenched in cold sweat. Unlike the finger, Noah’s thing was too big and hard. Mason couldn’t breathe well and panted, but Noah cruelly pushed ahead as if to rip him apart.


He felt a horrible sensation like his intestine might rupture. Noah’s thing tightly burrowed inside, and Mason was quivering in shivers. Noah sucked Mason’s parted lips as if to placate him.


Noah called him in a sweet voice. Mason couldn’t hear anything or see anything. It was already too much of a struggle to keep from fainting in pain.


It was different from the dream where he could come right away after Noah put his thing in. As he experienced the pain of his intestines getting crushed, he felt a very faint tickling sensation. He trembled at the feeling of his piercing pressing against his skin. Noah licked Mason’s damp eyes.

“Does it hurt?”

‘Perhaps it hurts?’ Noah asked, as he moved slightly and thrust inside.

“…..Ugh, it, it hur….”

Mason panted and Noah demurred.

“Acting like a virgin.”

‘I know how slutty this body is.’ Noah started to move his back a little by little and licked Mason’s neck.

“Heek, euh, ah!”

Noah’s penis dully rubbed his insides, and he got goose bumps on his neck. Noah sucked Mason’s ear like he was going to chew on it and whispered, “Mason.”

“Euh, heut, eut!”

Mason felt an extreme pain whenever Noah moved and the rubbing on his insides turned dull and tight. Whenever Noah moved or pocked a certain point, he felt a sharp sensation hit his body.

“Heek, euht!”

Mason bit his lips and covered his mouth with his hand to hide his sweet moan, but Noah didn’t leave him alone. He licked the back of his hand with his tongue and gnawed the tips of his finger, while thrusting his hips harshly. He felt Noah’s testicles and pubic hair crash on his butt, and the wet sloshing sound whenever their skin made contact was extremely erotic.

“Ah! Ah! Euk. Ugh!”

Mason panted and moaned. His vision was shaking strongly and sometimes it got bright or blurry, and his skin was tingling. Noah kept thrusting deeply and maliciously, rubbing the inside, where Mason felt the most.

“Haaah-……It’s chaotic. Your inside.”

Noah laughed in a sexy voice at the trembling of Mason’s insides. Mason flexed his shaking legs and twisted his body. He couldn’t think straight; his whole body felt like one big penis. From head to toe, he got all red and bumping. He didn’t become like this even when he took drugs. He thought it was completely different from the dream. When pleasure poured in a sharp sensation after the pain that had ripped through the body, he couldn’t withstand it. Mason, who was struggling to push Noah away as best as he can, grabbed his arms, but then hesitated and stopped. It was because he touched the bandage wrapped around Noah’s arm. Mason couldn’t push him away and instead, held his breath and started to shake again. Noah laughed quietly. He knew why Mason hesitated.


Noah called him softly and hugged his shoulders intensely. Mason panted and breathed heavily, since he couldn’t think straight, and his body was shaking, on the verge of collapse. Mason hesitated, as he loudly heard Noah’s heart beats, but he wrapped his arms around his back. Noah touched Mason’s forehead with his forehead and stared at his face with languid eyes. Feeling his burning body, Mason held his moan and trembled, and Noah kissed Mason’s cheeks and lips.

“You are awfully quiet today. Not moaning…. Call my name.”

Noah pestered him, while still lightly thrusting. When Mason said, “Heet,” and clung onto him, Noah whispered in a tempting voice.

“Yes? Quickly. Call out who is inside of you.”

Noah continued while thrusting in. Because of Noah’s movements, Mason felt a pleasure that, for a second, made his body shiver. ‘Heek, ah!’ Mason came while trembling. Noah didn’t let him go even when Mason was coming and stickily thrust inside him. Mason felt like his head was about to explode and screamed.

“….ah, No, ahhht!”

Mason wanted to run away from Noah, but at that moment, there was nothing to hold on to except for Noah, so he called out his name and clung to him.

“Just like this… You make me feel desperate.”

‘Fuck really… huh?’- Noah cursed and started to thrust strongly. He held Mason up and made him sit on his thighs, and Mason struggled because of how Noah’s big penis felt like it could thrust all the way up to his neck.

“Heut, euht.”

Mason penis that had only just emptied, still had some liquid to spill. Noah embraced Mason’s shoulders and thrust his hip. After thrusting deeply, he made Mason lie down again and strongly bit Mason’s neck. The pain on his neck and a hot breath made Mason scream and shake, and Noah greedily sucked on Mason’s lips. He felt Noah, who was deeply seated in him, come. Mason sighed as a hot and slippery liquid poured inside him like water. Mason weakly answered, “Yes….,” when Noah gently called out his name while coming and closed his eyes. ‘Mason, Mason.’ Noah kept on calling him, but he couldn’t answer him no more. The world was turning blurry.


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