Kill the Lights

Chapter 1.3

Ch.1 Part 3

And during that similar time in New York, there was a movie ‘Shutter’ premiere at a hotel, and the place was loud with the camera shutter sound in front of this one man.
Bright shutter lights were flashing everywhere.
“Mr. Raycarlton! Look here!”
“Tell us something! Mr. Ray…”
“Here! Here!”
A blonde guy who looked better than any celebrities looked little difficult due to all these reporters surrounding him.
“Mr. Raycarlton! What do you think about Haley proposing it to you? You can be honest! No one is going to blame you even if you say you were offended!”
Because of what this one reporter said, everyone started to laugh. The blonde guy looks really handsome with the black suit named Noah Raycarlton. He made an awkward face.
Two days ago. The official Hollywood bitch, Haley Lusk was at the after party of this one fashion show. There was an incident where he was completely drunk and confessed to Noah. Even if he was sober and said, ‘I’m your fan. I like you,’ people will be mad at him for liking him. But Haley stopped Noah in front of everybody in the party and said.
‘Excuse me. I do that really well.’ Spitting out all these vulgar stuff and he said, ‘Sleep with me for once. Yes?’ and clinging on to him. ‘If you sleep with me once, you’ll never forget about it.’ And then ‘Marry me.’ And shouted, ‘I really love you!’ and of course he said, ‘I’ll die if you don’t go out with me!’
Oh my god Haley. Everyone at the party sighed and what happened on that day quickly spread through SNS and newspapers.
If it wasn’t Noah Raycarlton or Haley Lusk, this wouldn’t be this big.
But Noah Raycarlton who is Raynoah. His grandfather was the owner of a big petroleum company in 1900’s. He was called Midas’s hand George Raycarlton. Noah’s mother side was a famous politician family, Kelly's. Edgar Raycarlton who established a biggest law firm in US and the best actress Rebecca Kelly’s only child. America’s thorough bred. That is Noah. Currently he’s helping his grandfather to invest in many cultures, defense, environments, and etc. He invested in many companies that helped the world, and everything he touches turned into jackpots, so he was able to gain large sum of money.
And there is Haley Lusk… He was a famous child actor and caught many American’s eyes, but just like many other children actors, before they became an adult, they ruin themselves with alcohol, drugs, luxury, and sex. He became one of those typical children actors. He barely comes out in the newspaper for dirty scandals, and only thing he has is the little bit prettier face than the average people. But still compare to Raynoah, he was nothing.
It was like a street whore confessing to a prince. And everyone thought that it was disgraced.
“Please say something!”
“Mr. Raycarlton!”
The reporters were like the hyenas trying to get any kind of information from him. But Noah Raycarlton just apologized with courtesy and modesty and passed by the reporters with his secretary Phil Hepson. Even if that person was a trash, it wasn’t like Noah if he said something nasty about him.
“Mr. Raycarlton. I think it’s best for you if you leave for today.”
Phil looked around the hotel entrance and frowned. He was ought to go to the movie premieres since he was the biggest investor, but the situation wasn’t good.
Many people couldn’t enter the hotel because all the reporters were blocking their way. And people who were about to go inside the hotel stopped to see Noah’s face.
He had a difficult face and looked around. When he looked around, many reporters were amazed. His beauty even surprised them even though they saw many other good looking celebrities.
Raynoah is famous not only because of his family background, but also because of his famous incident where he got kidnapped when he was a child, and people say that his business skill is way better than his grandfather. And he shows gentle personality and manner to everyone. Every day there are tens of paparazzi following him, but his private life never gets revealed… There are many reasons why he was so famous. But people who actually saw his face in real life will know the biggest reason why he is so famous is because of his beautiful face.
His beautiful figure was like just popped out of a painting. His fancy blonde hair, mysterious green eyes, perfect sculpted beautiful face, tall height, and beautiful face and model body shined brightest when he was smiling. There are probably less than a handful of people who would not fall for his sweet beautiful smile.
The reporters woke up after they were blankly stared at his look. They started to press the shutters. The flashes were everywhere, and the man sighed and said, “We should go back” to Phil.
Phil called the car that was ready and a black Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the hotel entrance. The body guards made the way to the car. The reporters started to take pictures like crazy because those were the only thing they could have. Because of the reporters whining, Noah apologized to them saying. “I apologize. I don’t have anything to say.” But as soon as he was about to get on the car.
One reporter grabbed his shoulder through the body guards’ guard. Noah startled and looked at the reporter.
“Ah, excuse me….”
The reporter stuttered. Before he grabbed his arm, he had something already in mind to say. If Noah shows his awkward smile, he was about to say, ‘What’s so hard to say a word? Please say a word!’ But when he saw Noah’s expressionless face, he froze. His cold green eyes stare gave him cold sweat. But soon Noah smiled like that expression was his imagination. He let go of his arm and smiled nicely. Because of his smile, the flash shutter sound was getting faster.
The guard pushed the reporter away. He was looking at Noah with nervousness, but himself didn’t know why he was acting like this.
Phil opened the back door, and Noah got on the car. And right before the door was about to close.
“What? Haley?”
Among the sound of the flash lights, there was a man’s voice pretty loud. The man who was answering the phone closed his mouth and looked around. Did something happen to Haley Lusk? The reporters were staring at him like hyenas. While their focus was on that reporter, Noah’s car door closed and left the scene.
All the reporters were looking at the reporter who said it out loud and quickly ran into their cars and called some places.
Noah looked outside of the window. Few cars followed him, but many other cars went different direction.
“Haley Lusk died.”
Phil heard the latest news through his radio and told him. Noah looked at Phil, and Phil said, “His manager found him dead in his house. They don’t know the cause yet. But they think it’s because of drug overdose. It also might be suicide.”
Noah laughed instead of being surprised that the guy who said, “I’ll die if you don’t go out with me!” actually died.
“He does many things.”
He was rather annoyed than interested in him or sympathize him because of that the guy who was involved with his scandal for two days. He laughed saying, “I should just stay home for a while.” It was obvious to him that bunch of sympathizing articles for Haley will come out, and the reporters are going to get to his house like bees to hear how he feels.
Noah was indifferently thinking, ‘Should I go to a warm southern country for a while?’ This is not a bad chance to give an excuse for it. It is better for his image if he stays in the house acting sick than not taking any days off. Until that guy disappears from people’s memory. –In about three of four days there will be another scandal, and people will be like ‘Haley? Who is… ah, that dead guy?’ There are many different kinds of celebrities in Hollywood.
Anyway he kind of felt empty that the person he was about to crush down died before he could do so.
‘I’ll die if you don’t go out with me!’
Two days ago. Noah was just waiting for the security to arrive after that crappy line. That dirty rag was angry and said, ‘don’t regret.’
‘You’ll regret that you disregarded me today.’
He was controlling his face expression, but he ended up laughing after hearing that. The man, who was so drunk that his eyes were out of focus, froze, and Noah bend down, so only he can hear him.
‘Mr. Lusk, you’ll end up filming dirty porn rest of your life.’
Noah smiled kindly and looked at Haley, and he was just frozen from hearing his vulgar way of talking.
‘So, why don’t you worry about your hole than mine?’
It’s probably already too lose. –He actually said it like he was worrying his close friend’s health, and Haley’s face slowly turned blackish red.
Noah shook off his clothe where he grabbed him and turn him around. Behind him, he was screaming, ‘ are gonna regret this! Just watch!’ but Noah didn’t laugh this time.
“….Did he meant by I won’t be able to crush him down?”
He murmured to himself. Regretting just because I wasn’t able to destroy that person, I do have that kind of personality, but I’m not a sadist…
Noah just stared at the window.
Or did he actually think I’m going to regret just because he died? –Since he didn’t know his place, it is possible that he thought it like that. Probably, even if that trash like guy dies, of course he or the world won’t care.
Noah was neither regretting nor showing sympathy to the guy. He was thinking, ‘It would be better for him if he dies now.’ He wasn’t kidding when he whispered he’ll live filming porn rest of his life. That kind of thing was easy for him. Destroying that kind of dirty rag to hell since he invested about tens of millions every year to movies, dramas, and other entertainment businesses.
He was stupid and only thing he could do was to throw tantrums, so in half of year, he’ll end up filming bestiality or gore porn films. Even if he was alive, he’ll probably die from either drug overdose or intestinal rupture from putting something dangerous inside of him. Thinking about those made him think it was better for him to die like that.
It is definitely better for him to die now. He was thinking that, Phil frowned after answering the phone.
“What?” He checked the information again and looked at Noah. He talked on the phone for a while and hung up. And he told him with bewildered face.
“Mr. Raycarlton. Haley Lusk seemed to be still alive.”
Haley Lusk is alive. He definitely got a latest message that he’s been dead for about one or two hours, but the message has been overturned. Haley Lusk is alive and now he’s heading to the local hospital. Phil checked if the message was misinformation, but it wasn’t. It was true that he actually stopped breathing, and rigor mortis was already happening, but he suddenly revived according to the police.
“No, he was definitely dead but revived.”
It wasn’t like he revived right away. His body became cold, but his heart started to beat. –Phil was surprised about that, but Noah was just indifferent about it and just slightly frowning.

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