Kill the Lights

Chapter 2 part1

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

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‘I’ve been watching you. I know well how pure and kind you are. Only I do. Noah Raycarlton and you don’t match well, so please break up. My heart is already burned, ripped, and shredded. Every day is like hell, and my soul is burning…..’

Mason scanned around 12 pages of A4 sized paper and put it back inside the envelope and threw it straight into a trashcan.

“Isn’t that a letter?”

When he turned around hearing a voice behind his back, Chase was staring at the envelope that had disappeared into the trashcan. Mason said, “It’s nothing,” and looked at the loud filming set from afar.

“By the way, is it still like that?”

“Ha ha.”

Chase said, “Yeah,” and looked at the filming set along with Haley. After the kidnapping incident, Mason joined the filming set in 16 days and was targeted by reporters from all over the world. In the hospital, thanks to the Raycarlton Family, he was able stay quiet and comfortable, and Mason, who went back home until yesterday in relative peace, couldn’t get used to this explosive situation and stared at the filming set like it was none of his business.

“How many times do I have to tell you, if you guys are loud, the noise will be recorded too?”

“Please be quiet!”

Gloria and the staff were almost fighting with the countless reporters. The reporters were screaming, “If other people are taking pictures, why can’t I?” as they took pictures and screamed at Haley asking him to come out where they can see him well.

“Isn’t it better for you to just do an interview? This is like….”

Ashton, who has been waiting for a long time but left because the situation didn’t seem like they can film, said in an annoyed voice to Mason. Mason smiled regretfully, and Tony, who came out of nowhere, also said in a very sorry and sullen voice.

“I’m sorry. He did do the interview for a short time, but it was getting endlessly long…..”

“It’s not Haley’s fault.”

Chase said sternly and stopped Tony from apologizing.

“He saved a person and it is obviously something that everyone has to endure together. Also thanks to Haley, the investors are pouring in, and if we endure the loudness for a short while, everything will get better.”

Just like how Chase said, after Haley saved Noah Raycarlton’s life, it was overflowing with people who wanted to invest in the movie ‘Real’. Of course, their biggest investor, Raycarlton’s NLC, also provided endless support such that, not only was the cost of the delay covered, but they also had money left over even if the part-time crew stayed in fancy hotels. What Chase said was correct, but Ashton frowned and stared at Chase.

“It was like this last time too, Chase, you are like Haley’s knight.”

He was saying that because really, Haley didn’t look like he cared, but whenever someone was badmouthing Haley, Chase got excited. Chase blushed a little at what Ashton said and asked, “Does it really look like that?”

“No, what….”

He was definitely being sarcastic, but seeing Chase happy, Mason slurred his word, and just then Gloria appeared with an exhausted face.

“Ah, seriously…. I’m sorry that you came all the way here with your injured body. Haley, I don’t think it’ll work out at all. I think today’s filming is not possible.”

“No, I’m the one that’s sorry.”

Mason apologized to Gloria, who had a dark expression. From afar, Vick was looking at the reporters with hate, annoyance, and anger. Even though he knew he was overworking Haley, he was anxious, and now he was happy that he could finally film a few scenes, but because of those bastards, he couldn’t film at all.

“Haley doesn’t look well either, so we should wrap it up for today and rest…. I think we should film in the studio for now.”

If the reporters were prohibited from entering the venue, they would have to block only the choppers passing through the window. She sighed, and Mason just bitterly smiled because he didn’t know what to say. To Mason, Hollywood was still a distant and incomprehensible place. He couldn’t understand why they were acting so chaotically. Mason had stayed away from the spotlight even two decades ago when he saved Noah and now, even though Haley was an entertainer, he still couldn’t understand the reporters who were acting like fanatics.

“Definitely you don’t look well. Are you going to be okay for tomorrow’s shoot?”

“Ahhh… Well.”

Mason awkwardly smiled at Chase’s worried question and furtively gripped his waist. In fact, it was difficult to stand still. But he cannot voice his predicament to others. Yesterday, Mason, who had either slept or fainted after having sex with Noah, was forcefully woken up not too long later.


Mason opened his eyes spitting a moan. He couldn’t sleep because his body was too hot. Somebody kept shaking his body. A face appeared in front of the blurry ceiling, through his slightly opened eyes.

‘Hah, did you wake up?’

Mason opened his eyes wide at the wet voice coming from above his head, and that moment, Noah deeply penetrated him.


‘Ah, since you’re awake, your insides are…. it’s definitely different how it eats me up.’

Noah lowly laughed and thrust in. Mason moaned and even before he could figure out the situation, he grabbed the sheet and held onto it. Noah made Mason lie down sideways and lifted one of his legs and thrust in deeply.

‘Euh, ugh, euh-….’

Mason moaned and trembled. Already after the wet dream he came until his testicles hurt, so he couldn’t ejaculate even a watery semen, yet his body was hot and felt electrocuted as if he were coming.


Mason begged. His mouth kept spitting out moans and he couldn’t even form a complete word. Noah said, ‘I can stop if you let me go,’ and strongly grabbed Mason’s butt. His lower body was a mess. The amount of cum, sweat, and body fluid that Mason spilled was not even a joke, but things that Noah poured out was scarily overflowing. He was even afraid of asking how much he did while he was passed out. Biting and sucking. All the parts of his body that he could see were colorful. Afraid to look at the mirror, Mason noticed his stinging skin and moved his body to push Noah away. Noah slapped Mason’s butt and held it, pulling down by his waist.

‘Heet, that…. Please.’

Mason panted and begged. Every time Noah was so deeply inserted, Mason felt like dying. And he could not bear it because he was afraid of a deep sense of flooding as his insides opened like it was going to split up. He thought he was good at enduring tortures, but he couldn’t take this anymore. He didn't know since when he started crying, but because he was aroused, his tears kept shedding.


Noah laid Mason down on the sheet and grabbed his waist. Mason shivered at the creepy feeling of the penis slipping out. If he could come, he definitely would’ve come a bucketful. Mason trembled because of the empty feeling after Noah left and the strangeness of his insides. Also the feeling of a thick fluid spilling out from inside gave him goose bumps. The scariest part was that his body received the whole sensation as pleasure.

‘Really, since it’s asking for it this much, I couldn’t stop at all.’

Noah put his finger inside Mason’s twitching anus and swiped away a huge load of cum.

‘Even though I inserted only a finger ….it’s squeezing so much, as if asking for a dick, nibbling it like this.’

Noah laughed briefly and dropped the semen on Mason’s cheek and said with pity,

‘It must be difficult for you. Having a body that likes fucking so much.’

Mason lay on the bed, panting and trembling. He couldn’t get mad or curse at his choice of vulgar words. Because, just like Noah said, his body wanted Noah’s penis. Mason gnawed on his lips, feeling ashamed and annoyed at his body that ejaculated until he got dehydrated, but kept craving for more pleasure. Noah seemed to understand his inner thoughts and laughed and kissed him as if to soothe him. Once, twice. He sucked on his lips like pecking and asked,

‘How about you?’


Mason couldn’t understand the question and asked again drawing a deep breath. And Noah kissed him again, but this time sucked a little longer before replying.

‘This body likes it… but how about you?’

‘Doing this with me. Do you hate it?’- Noah seemed troubled and smiled a bit. Mason looked up at Noah.

‘……I don’t know.’

Mason mumbled, breathing out a sigh. This was his third time with Noah, if he counted feeling up, sex and other small things. But to be honest, should he say that Noah’s taste in sex was a bit, no, a lot rougher? Or even vulgar? He couldn’t stand it. Leaving aside the fact that this was Haley’s body, Noah’s approach was stubborn and perverted. Seeing that he enjoyed himself with a fainted person stands to prove this. After replying, 'who knows….,' Mason closed his mouth and stared at him. Noah smiled like he couldn’t help it. Like, ‘too bad, even though it feels difficult there is nothing I could do….’ Mason still thought that his sweaty, smiling face looked very innocent and pure, so he sighed.

‘I think…. I like it.’

In reality he thought, ‘This is a little too much. It’s tiring and painful. Sex shouldn’t be torture…,’ but instead, Mason gave him a lip service. The sex wasn’t to his taste, but because it was Noah... Noah stared at Mason, slowly bent his eyes and smiled.

‘Me. You mean.’

Noah had caught up quickly, and Mason thought Noah’s smile looked very sweet. The sex in his dream wasn’t like this. It was similar but different. Noah still said mean things and moved his waist exactly the same way, but looking at Noah smile while their wet skin slid over each other, a naturally sweet sensation arose. The emotion bloated up even more. Whether it was connected to sexual desire or not, he liked this man. The hot and sweaty body. Soft skin. Powerful flexible muscles…. He could feel himself getting satisfied just by this man being alive.


‘Mason, Mason.’ Noah kissed Mason’s lips, his eyes, and cheek. Noah pushed his penis into the wet hole again, as he kept kissing and Mason sharply inhaled and closed his eyes. Noah licked his ears and whispered Mason’s name, again and again, in a voice sweeter than sugar. His body slowly and soon harshly started to shake, and Mason started to pant again, holding onto him. He kept hugging Noah until he lost his consciousness once again.


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