Kill the Lights

Chapter 3.1

Director Ryan Cougar who directed the drama ‘Clue’ for past 10 years indifferently looked at the man in front of him. Liz. Haley Lusk. Haley, that scapegoat… Cougar didn’t like Haley when he first met him.
10 years ago. Acquaintance of his recommended Haley because he was pretty, and more people will watch it if he comes out. He said if he's not good at acting, they can teach him, so what’s the big deal? Cougar didn’t like it, but he still gave him the role.
That time Cougar did think of it easy. Well, he wasn’t a good actor, but he was still good looking. He had to admit his look matched perfectly with the character’s image. He thought acting will improve once he learns.
In result, Haley’s acting was horrible since the beginning of the drama 10 years ago. Unbelievably.
No matter how long they taught him, only expression he can do was open his eyes wide and act pretty, and his lines were always unclear. When he screams at his manager to bring a cigarette, he talks like a news anchor, but whenever he is in front of the camera, he talks like half of his tongue is gone.
He had some personality. Among all the actors Cougar experienced –even actresses- he had the most fickle and dirty personality. He sucked at acting, but his pride was very high. He was jealous of everything and had strong desire, so he always complained and wanted the best treatment.
On top of that, his only good thing, his face, disappeared over 10 years, and now his rough skin can’t even get covered by the make ups, and they can’t even do the close up for a long time because they were worried if his unclear eyes due to drugs will show on the screen.
He was thinking of cutting him, but Haley held a pretty important role. It wasn’t easy for him to fire him, so every season he had a hard time….
Two days ago, when Cougar saw the news headline, he thought he could finally fire Haley without any hesitation.
It wasn’t because he was mad at Haley like other writers. Cougar thought the incident with Raynoah is just a private life. Many Americans think Raynoah as their son or as their boyfriend, but there are many other people who think he is just a stranger.
Well, Haley did fall pretty low, but not all lovers are on the same level. And compare to that man, everyone will be too low for him.
It’s another reason why Cougar decided to stop Haley from coming out in the drama.
Noah Raycarlton is the precious grandson of the majority shareholder of IBC, and he himself is the biggest sponsor of the drama ‘Clue.’ If an employee flirted with the boss and got rejected and caused an incident about committing suicide, even if there was no direct order from the boss, a middle man should fire that employee automatically. If the boss doesn’t come because he is uncomfortable and stops from sponsoring, then it’s a big problem.
Today too.
Raynoah decided to come to the scene today. I definitely thought Haley wouldn’t come today so brought him in, but when they called him to check, Tony desperately said they were on their way.
We tried our best to stop them from meeting, but this dying guy came during very awkward time. Cougar had to call Noah's side to come next time. Blocking a sponsor that we are supposed to look good to is not good at all. That hated guy committed a terrible mistake.
But this visiting time is a little awkward time, it’s unlikely to visit during the middle of a season. Assistant director, Penny, was nervous that we might have a problem with their production budget. Right now because of the contract, we won’t have a big problem, but next season we might some problem.
Cougar got really annoyed thinking about that. He sat slouched and looked at Haley.
Especially today he looked very poor like a normal person. If he was usually like a sharp broken glass, today he was very round. He didn’t know where to focus the camera because he was like a common pebble. It looks like the camera director thinks the same. His face was rotted.
He's doing everything. They said he woke up from dead. It looks like he left his celebrity feeling in the underworld. Cougar didn't want to even film him, and now Haley looks like some kind of news screen. Cougar swallowed the word ‘get out’ and thought.
I will fuck you up.
Cougar thought if he says anything like ‘I can’t do it because it’s too cold!!’ he will scream get out and explain his death with narration or with other character’s line. I’ll do all those interviews from broadcasts and newspapers and announce all his disrespectful attitudes, so I can put a big rock on top of his already buried grave. So forever, he won’t be able to come back up.
It was already so obvious that he won’t even stand 10 minutes. That sensitive Haley getting wet from a cold rain right after coming out of the hospital few hours ago, it’s good if he’s able to stand even 30 second.
Cougar gave a signal to the watering person and soon the filming set started to rain. Cougar saw Haley getting wet in instant and gave people a cue sign that's to cut him off.

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