Kill the Lights

Chapter 5.2

“What is all these?”
In the living room where sunlight comes in, Mason sat on the sofa and asked like what is this nonsense.
“It, it’s the financial status documents you asked me to prepare for you yesterday. I asked your personal accountant, Loren, and he gave these to me crying.”
Asking if you finally got interested in your financial status. Tony stuttered, and Mason scratched his cheek and thought ‘Men in this neighborhood cry so well.’ Simon, Tony, and this time a guy named Loren who he doesn’t even know. His face cry so well that he can’t handle them. And those reasons were all stupid.
“No…, I get how this is the financial report, but this, this, this, and this, and this whole thing. What are these money going out?”
Haley’s wealth vaguely divided into two kinds. Big money that he earns by himself, and small money that was left over by his parents with the house. And the money that he earned and money from his parents were going out so much to somewhere that currently his status is nearly negative. If he excludes the house, it was already negative.
The money that were going out were few thousand to few hundred thousand, but those weren’t because he bought something. Of course there were some extravagance, but mostly those were transferring money.
Because of Mason’s question, Tony had a weird face and said, “Ah, that…”
“Very on top is your aunt, Anna’s, living expense. You were giving her four thousand every month. Right below is the money that you send it to your uncle and his wife. That four thousand and twenty thousand is Anna’s hospital bill. Below that is Joy’s living expense, child care nanny’s salary… Below that is the money that you lend it to your cousin, Joy…..”
Tony explained about the money and said you probably didn’t even remember them even before you lost your member. This is Jordan’s living expense, that is Sandra’s moving expense, that…. Mason asked looking at this endless history.
“….Why give relatives their living expenses?”
And didn’t Haley and Aunt Anna disowned each other? Mason couldn’t say a word at Haley spending twenty thousand dollar every month to his relatives who were trying to take his oxygen mask off.
“Huh? Well….? You just told me you have to give them the money. I don’t know the details…”
“Are these people disable?”
Mason asked is that why they can’t earn their own money, but soon he said, “No, even if they are disable, I don’t have to support them,” and looked into the documents. Disable or poor it’s the country’s job to take care of those people not disowned nephew.
“From here to here. Cut all the money that are going to my relatives. Child care, hospital bill, everything.”
Mason said it emphatically. There is a limit to be a pushover. Giving all his money to his trash-like relatives until his bank account goes to negative. Unlike Haley, Mason doesn’t even think of acting like that.
Tony got surprised by Mason’s word.
“Are, are you sure? That suddenly… I mean I don’t want you to give your money those trash, but if you cut if off this suddenly, they will make a fuss…”
“What fuss?”
Mason was dumbfounded and asked. Tony said it with fear, “Calling and coming… Telling they are gonna spread rumors about you or sue you.” Mason looked at him up and down.
He can know little bit why Haley grew up like this. Without parents, all of his relatives are trying to rip him off, and his only helper is this weak. Every month he was dumping twenty thousand in a trash can like an idiot. Just because he’s afraid of getting called, he asked, ‘Are you sure?’ This is the environment where it’s weird if this kid grew up well.
“I think I’m the one who have to sue them. This. The money that I lent. The due date passed long time ago.”
This is why accountant agency is there for. Luckily there are notarizations. Some small amounts like under 3, 4 thousand didn’t have IOU, but even if he didn’t take care all of those, other money was way too big.
“My accountant… Was it Loren? Tell him to send reminders to them. And if the money doesn’t come in by next month, seize their property or sue them.”
“Can, can, can, can I really do that?”
Tony asked like he was scared but happy at the same time. Mason was turning the pages of the thick IOU and indifferently answered “Yes.”
“If my memory comes back, well I don’t know how I’ll change but still do it like that.”
Mason didn’t have to care if Haley was trying to make his life like a pushover. They were strangers, and Mason didn’t like nosy people. Mason just didn’t want to be a pushover while he was living in Haley’s life.
His indifferent figure made Tony bite his lips like he was touched. He was keep repeating, “I like amnesia. Amnesia rocks” and took out his phone to call Loren.
“Ah, and…. Is this Tony’s salary?”
Mason saw 2,400 dollar going out every month. Tony gasped and carefully nodded his head.
“Why? Is, is there a problem…?”
Tony asked carefully, and Mason smiled.
“Are you managing other celebrity except for me?”
“No, no. You don’t like me managing other people…”
Four days ago job as a normal actor like supporting actor or extra completely stopped.
It kind of showed signs before, but incident with Noah was the direct hit. Everyone didn’t give him a job, and even from the place where they sent out a script said, “We won’t use Haley.”
It wasn’t like Noah said anything to Haley, but everyone was noticing Noah by themselves. They are like Haley doesn’t even have a special charm, so they don’t want to risk using him.
“Right now is little free, but when they air the scene you filmed yesterday next month, it’ll become an issue, and everyone will try to hire you!”
Tony was sure, but Mason said insincerely, “Really?” Tony was keep praising Mason’s acting probably because he is afraid that Mason might quit being an actor, but how good can a newbie be? Even if the acting was pretty okay, because how Haley lived until now, it was obvious how things will turn out. Mason halfheartedly listened and asked, “Anyway, I don’t have a job right now, right?
“That…. Something like that…”
Tony answered discouraged, and Mason nodded his head saying, “Okay.”
“Let’s have a due date. From now on three months.”
“Due date?”
“Yes. And this…”
Mason got Haley’s check and signed his sign that he practiced since the morning and gave it to puzzled Tony.
“Six, six thousand?”

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