Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils

Chapter 179: Extreme Luck

Chapter 179: Extreme Luck

This was noticed by Fang Jiong whose heart trembled, he was naturally much stronger than Qin Jiagui but Qin Jiagui’s Steel Missile was clearly more effective against the Fiery Magma Devil, his Steel Shattering Cleave was clearly not working out as well.

In no time, Fang Jiong quickly understood that the Fiery Magma Devil which was formed of lava was actually more susceptible to attacks with a large blast radius, attacks that aimed at a single target like the Steel Shattering Cleave had almost no effect against the monster.

Thinking of this, Fang Jiong swiftly kept his butcher’s knife as black undulations began to gather at his palm. Fang Jiong was prepared to change his methods as a ball of black undulations could be seen on his hand, another frightening ability was about to be sent flying forth.

Qin Jiagui’s Steel Missile was visibly effective as it exploded causing the Fiery Magma Devil to roar as it retreated, Qin Jiagui noticed this but did not immediately rush forward in his excitement. He was no longer naive and had improved tremendously, he understood that he was merely a tier three dark iron warrior while the Fiery Magma Devil was actually a tier four elite beast soldier, if he were to meet it head on, he would certainly be disadvantaged.

At this moment if he were to suddenly rush forward, that would be the same as sending himself to his death. Even though his Steel Missile was effective, he did not continue attacking but rather retreated to Ma Ziye’s side, he wished to rely on Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net to use his most powerful ability ‘Double Explosive Iron Fist’, at the same time he could delay time for the cooldown of Steel Missile which was a minute long.

Ma Ziye held her position as she stomped, activating the Heaven’s Net with all her might. She held the Star Blade within her right hand but its ability was still on cooldown, besides this ability, she did not have any moves which could deal lethal damage to these level four elite beast soldiers.

Zhang Zhongmou’s Shattered Fragments Light had failed to injure the oncoming Fiery Magma Devil and had instead infuriated it as it roared, rushing to the sky before landing directly before Zhang Zhongmou. It had flung lava towards Zhang Zhongmou, Qin Jiagui and the others earlier causing them to be in rather sorry states. The formation of the group was a mess as it stretched its hands towards Zhang Zhongmou, its speed was phenomenal, clearly exceeding that of Zhang Zhongmou who was a tier three dark iron warrior.

Zhang Zhongmou’s Shattered Fragments Light could be used every five minutes, together with the Red Lotus Fiery Assault which was also on cooldown, Zhang Zhongmou did not have the time to dodge and simply had no other choice but to use the Light of Petrification.

The Fiery Magma Devil was simply too fast and was hit square in the chest, however, the Light of Petrification was only able to petrify a small portion of its chest while its other parts could still function normally.

Zhang Zhongmou knew that the situation was grim and wanted to use the Red Lotus Sword but his waist had already been struck by a fist.

A groan could be heard as Zhang Zhongmou flew away like a broken kite, fresh blood spewing from his mouth as he tumbled away. His waist had been struck by the lava fist and had immediately began to fester, even his intestines within had been affected as he curled his body while moaning.

Although he was already a tier three dark iron warrior, the petrification only affected the chest region of the monster while his supple waist had actually taken a full blow from a tier four elite beast soldier.

Zhang Zhongmou was lying on the ground powerless as Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net expanded as it swiftly took effect, snaring the remaining Fiery Magma Devils, the Fiery Magma Devil which had just dealt a blow to Zhang Zhongmou was immediately halted as the steel threads continued to extend upwards, thoroughly binding it in place.

Xu Ruyun and Zhao Shichang who were beside Ma Ziye immediately saw the chance as they swiftly acted, Xu Ruyun immediately tossed out tens of surgical knives towards the body of the Fiery Magma Devil.

Su Yu had mentioned that killing this monster could only be done by destroying the fire energy crystal within it, however, the fire energy crystal was not in a fixed position as it constantly flowed within the body of the Fiery Magma Devil, it was almost impossible to tell where the crystal was located, how could it be easy to destroy it?

This was the reason why Xu Ruyun had tossed out tens of surgical knives, he wanted to try his luck and hope that one of them would actually be able to destroy the fire energy crystal.

Zhao Shichang did not have Xu Ruyun’s ability to attack in a wide area, he did not hesitate as he used his bone knife to rush forward, chopping down onto the head of the monster.


The Bone Blade was still rather terrifying as it split the Fiery Magma Devil from top to bottom, thereafter, Zhao Shichang heard a crisp cracking noise, could it be that the fire energy crystal had been destroyed?

Zhao Shichang did not have the time to think further as the Fiery Magma Devil before him instantly began to melt like that person made of wax, instantly becoming soft and becoming a puddle of lava. Thereafter, a crystal flew into his body as strange energy began to surge, instantly rushing towards the ‘door’ at his shoulder area.

Tier three, Zhao Shichang had finally advanced to become a tier three dark iron warrior.

Xu Ruyun was stunned as he glanced over at Zhao Shichang, he had used tens of surgical knives without striking the energy crystal but Zhao Shichang was so fortunate to use a single slash to hit the fire energy crystal within the Fiery Magma Devil.

Zhao Shichang had finally advanced to tier three as he howled, at this moment, a frightening ability comprehension filled him causing his right arm and upper body to begin to twist and change, besides his two legs, left arm and head, the other areas of his body began to go through a strange metamorphosis into an insect.

A black carapace appeared as his body was pulled and twisted longer, suddenly, Zhao Shichang howled as he flew through the air as he landed before another FIery Magma Devil. His two legs did not move but his upper body began to twisting and contorting, the frightening bone blade on his right arm spun crazily forming a revolving blade wheel.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

In an instantly, the lava on the body of the Fiery Magma Devil was sent flying away as frightening roars were emitted from the monster’s mouth.

The Fiery Magma Devil was, after all, a tier four elite beast soldier and swiftly came out of its stupor as it roared and smashed with its two arms.


Zhao Shichang who seemed crazed took a this blow to the chest as black fissures immediately appeared on the insect carapace covered chest, his body immediately tumbled away twenty odd metres as Zhao Shichang began to pant, each breath was filled with blood but his face was still an expression of excitement.

Suddenly advancing and gaining such a powerful ability, he had been overly excited. After suffering the blow, Zhao Shichang who was sprawled on the ground finally began to come to his senses.

At this moment, Fang Jiong roared as black undulations gathered on his right hand before smashing into the chest of the Fiery Magma Devil which had been engaged in a long combat with him.

“Undulation Overload – Explode!”

Fang Jiong howled while the Fiery Magma Devil screamed, its chest area had been exploded causing a gaping hole to appear. Fang Jiong swiftly used his left hand to toss the Cyclone Wok, striking at the head of the monster.

With its chest and head both destroyed, the entire upper region of the monster was exposed as Fang Jiong finally spotted the fire energy crystal. It was currently sinking lower as it attempted to hide in the lower region.

“Trying to escape?!” Fang Jiong cackled as he tossed out a smaller wok from behind his back.

This wok was also covered in black undulations as it smashed onto the fire energy crystal, instantly causing the sound of shattering glass to resound.

Another Fiery Magma Devil had been killed.

After killing the first Fiery Magma Devil, Su Yu immediately pounced towards a second one. He did not have any experience in killing these monsters the first time but faced with the second one, Su Yu was already clear on how to deal with it, immediately compressing the strange energy within his body into his left hand before exploding forth with the Rending Storm causing the entire body of the Fiery Magma Devil to be completely destroyed thus exposing the fire energy crystal within.

The Golden Thumb on Su Yu’s right hand pressed forward as it accurately pressed down on the crystal, immediately causing it to disintegrate as the second Fiery Magma Devil immediately died.

At this moment, four Fiery Magma Devils had already died and there were only two remaining.

Initially, Su Yu, Fang Jiong and the others were unsure of how to deal with the monster. The situation was extremely dangerous but they swiftly adapted, as the fight dragged on, Su Yu had already killed two while Fang Jiong had dealt with one. Zhao Shichang and the others had worked together, coupled with a little luck, they had managed to take one down. The final two Fiery Magma Devils were still trapped by Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net, although they could escape in an instant, this brief period of immobility allowed Qin Jiagui to use his Double Explosive Iron Fist, striking the chest of one of the monsters as it exploded.

The Double Explosive Iron Fist was the upgraded form of the Demolishing Iron Fist, it allowed the Demolishing Iron Fist to explode twice consecutively, the power of this explosion was immense and could actually compare to that of a Steel Missile. It did not have any restrictions and could be used as long as there was sufficient strange energy within the body.

The Double Explosive Iron Fist struck the Fiery Magma Devil causing its chest to be blown apart, immediately exposing a fire energy crystal as Qin Jiagui attempted to swiftly grab it with his hand. However, he did not have Su Yu’s speed as his left hand missed, the crystal swiftly descended into the monster’s lower body as it roared before punching towards Qin Jiagui with a lava fist.

Qin Jiagui groaned as he tumbled away, the body of the Fiery Magma Devil swiftly regenerated as it broke free of the restraints from the Heaven’s Net, chasing towards Qin Jiagui’s tumbling body as its arms swung down, attempting to kill Qin Jiagui in a single blow.


By the side, a delicate shout could be heard as Jade suddenly sent a white ball of energy flying forward, instantly smashing into the Fiery Magma Devil.

With Su Yu’s help, Jade had already advanced to tier two giving her a more in-depth understanding of the Runewords, besides the previous shockwave, she also learnt how to release an energy ball. After much difficulty, she had finally managed to draw the Runeword and had sent it flying forward.

The Runewords required an extremely long preparation period but once it was cast, its power was tremendous. Even though she was only tier two, the power of her energy ball was actually equal or stronger than the blast from Qin Jiagui’s Steel Missile.


A loud explosion rang out as the Fiery Magma Devil roared, more than half its body had been blown apart.

After the explosion, a fire energy crystal was exposed as Xu Ruyun who had been quietly observing the situation suddenly acted, tossing the surgical knife within his right hand towards it.

The surgical knife whistled through the air before landing on the crystal.

The crystal shattered without any noise as Xu Ruyun groaned, after becoming a tier three dark iron warrior, he had absorbed the energy crystal of the Volcanic Rock Monster and the Fiery Magma Devil, this caused the strange energy within his body to surge and almost reach the precipice to charge at the four doors within his body. It seemed like it would be successful but the strange energy suddenly receded before becoming peaceful once again.

Xu Ruyu sighed without speaking, a flash of regret could be seen in his eyes, he had almost advanced but fell short by a little bit. He could clearly feel that he was at the pinnacle and killing an additional monster would allow him to advance to become a tier four dark iron warrior, an existence that was comparable to Su Yu and Fang Jiong or even stronger than them.

Xu Ruyun felt that leaving this world was not important, his only goal was to continually become stronger, stronger than anyone else.

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