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Musikvereinsplatz 1, 1010, Vienna [1].

[1] – It's a famous concert hall in Vienna.

This is a three-story Renaissance-styled Italian building, standing in the middle of a street of a bustling city. Several ionic-styled pillars are held up in a triangular arch and with its milky-white marble buildings, one can feel its stunning atmosphere at just a glance.

This is where the Golden Hall of the world famous Viennese Music Association is located [2].

[2] Golden Hall Music Association and Musikvereinsplatz are the same building.

Viennese Music Association Building

Already late in the evening, cars begin to stop one after the other as gentlemen in suits step out. Ladies are smiling from the red carpet as they walk towards the building, their figures gradually being engulfed in its magnificent lighting.

Tonight, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will showcase a spectacular performance in the Golden Hall.

The conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the four prominent conductors in the world, Mr. Albrecht Burenza. The concert is always packed as long as it is under the command of Albrecht Burenza. Not to mention his strong synergy with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra makes the performance even more exciting to see.

A compelling conductor and outstanding orchestra skill; the only thing that leaves people in wonder is that in the finale of “The Blue Danube”, the concertmaster has a Chinese name-

Ziwen, Lu.

In Chinese order: Lu Ziwen.

Most of the guests have heard of the name, apparently he was concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, another famous orchestra in Vienna. The audience thought about it again, and remembered that it was a dark-haired, black-eyed, handsome looking Asian.

However, being the concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra does not mean that he has the skill to lead the Philharmonic Orchestra's performance of “The Blue Danube” in the Golden Hall.

"The Blue Danube", also known as Austria’s second national anthem, is the repertoire in Vienna's annual New Year Concert, and isn't just a simple waltz that can be easily played.

Therefore, although the audience is entering with some doubt in their hearts, they are also quite curious-

That Chinese, can he really play a perfect interpretation of "The Blue Danube”?

At this point, there are only two more hours before the concert officially begins.

In the backstage preparation room of the Golden Hall, a handsome dark-haired man is gingerly rubbing his bow with rosin. His movements are very careful and very meticulous, so that the white haired bow was evenly coated in white powder.

This is not the first time Lu Ziwen has come to the Golden Hall to perform, but…

This is the first time he has his own lounge.

If there aren't any guest performers, the orchestra can have only two people in the lounge: the conductor and concertmaster.

Concertmaster refers to the 1st violins' lead violinist. Since this identity is both the lead violinist of the stringed instruments and the concertmaster of the orchestra, it can be said that they are first person in command.

Although Lu Ziwen is only the 1st violinist for "The Blue Danube” today, he somehow has his own lounge.

Lu Ziwen did not understand why the Philharmonic Orchestra invited him to be the concertmaster for "The Blue Danube."

There have also been cases of concerts having different concertmasters, but this case is still very rare, especially since the original concertmaster hasn't had any accidents, and with the Philharmonic Orchestra's prestigious reputation, they actually invited an "obscure" man such as Lu Ziwen…?

Compared with other people, Lu Ziwen is probably considered a talented violinist, but he also has to admit that compared to the Philharmonic Orchestra’s concertmaster, he's a little bit worse.

Some people in the world are born with extraordinary talent. It can be said that Mozart began to compose music at the age of 4, and Min Chen, acclaimed to be the King of Modern-day Classical music, became world famous as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's concert pianist. [3]

[3] I'm not sure if they want to imply that Min Chen was their concertmaster, or if he's a famous pianist of theirs. Pianists are not common in orchestras, unless they're performing a piano concerto.

Lu Ziwen knew he did not have these people’s talent, so he had to work twice as hard, for more than thirty years, and finally became the concertmaster of such a grand stage in the Golden Hall.

This night for Lu Ziwen is the greatest opportunity in his life.

If he does not succeed, he will become a martyr.

Either gaining fame or notoriety.

Lu Ziwen narrowed his eyes slightly, still carefully rubbing rosin.

Five minutes later, the lounge door suddenly sounded lightly. As soon as Lu Ziwen said "please enter," a handsome man opened the door, smiled and said, "Ziwen, congratulations."

Lu Ziwen was surprised for a moment, then delightedly put the bow back into the violin case carefully, and greeted the man: “Yu Sen, how did you get here?" As he walked over, Lu Ziwen smiled and said: “I thought you would be waiting for the opening with the audience, how did you get backstage?"

Luo Yu Sen forcefully embraced the pleasantly surprised Lu Ziwen and explained: “I've also followed the orchestra to perform here once or twice, the staff already know me. I said your name and they turned a blind eye to let me in.” Pausing, Luo Yu Sen added: “Ziwen, are you prepared?”

After the hug, two fingers are still holding together tightly.

Li Ziwen nodded with a smile and said: “Almost ready. Anyways there's only one song, “The Blue Danube." Stress wise… I'm not that stressed, but I must firmly grasp onto the greatest chance of my life to perform well. Yu Sen, after the concert, I've booked a 92-year-old Europeon ode to your home to celebrate.

Hearing this, Luo Yu Sen eyes flashed, his handsome face revealing an obscure expression. He smiled then said: “Right, I just saw someone who was calling the 1st violinist outside, is that not you? Do you want to go out and see?”

Hearing this, Lu Ziwen was a bit surprised, and then let Luo Yu Sen wait in his lounge, while he went to ask about the staff outside.

Just as the door, “clicked” shut, the smile on Luo Yu Sen's face suddenly disappeared. He turned his head and looked at Li Ziwen’s glass of water placed beside his violin case with slight hesitation in his eyes, but soon he was filled with monstrous ambition.

“Ziwen… you cannot blame me, it was you… it was your luck that ended up getting in the way of others. If there is any blame… blame yourself. This evening you can have in the future, you can come back here again some other day… when it won't impede on my chances."

As he spoke, Luo Yu Sen took out a small capsule from his pocket, rotated it a few times then poured the white powder into the glass. When the powder in the capsule was gone, it seemed as though there was not enough. He pulled out a second capsule and began to pour.

“Yu Sen, did you get it wrong, what did you… what are you doing?!”

However, in a short span of a minute, Lu Ziwen came back. The guilt made Luo Yu Sen's hand shake, causing the capsule to fall on the carpet. He swallowed nervously and hastily explained: “Ziwen, you listen to me explain… this… this is Vitamin C, I was worried that after you stepped on stage, you would become too nervous and uncomfortable, so …”

“You can give me Vitamin C directly, why would you sneak it into my cup while I was away?” Lu Ziwen’s brain flashed through various scenarios quickly, he suddenly remembered previously hearing some seniors saying that in some orchestras, there would be some severe measures deliberately taken because of jealousy, incapacitating people from performing on stage.

Lu Zi Wan widened his eyes, shocked: “Luo Yu Sen?! What the hell do you mean? What the hell is in that capsule?”

Luo Yu Sen never imagined that this second capsule would actually be found out by Lu Ziwen, or that Lu Ziwen would coincidentally find staff passing by a few steps from the door, causing things to go awry.

If not for these two things, Lu Ziwen would have never have found out of his plans.

But that's how it happened.

Luo Yu Sen blanched, and babbled: “This… This is really just Vitamin C, Ziwen. I was just worried about you…"

“Since you said that Vitamin C, then I give this to the doctor in the orchestra and see what it is!”

Lu Ziwen angrily picked up the capsule that fell on the carpet and walked to the door, but Luo Yu Sen panicked and pulled him back. The two struggled, Luo Yu Sen forcing Lu Ziwen into the side of a table, making the capsule fall onto the floor once more.

Luo Yu Sen hurriedly snatched the capsule up in fright.

Lu Ziwen face grew dark.

Since things came to this point, he no longer believed in the man in front of him, but also understood that whatever is in this capsule is definitely not good.

Whether it is laxatives or sedatives, the end result must be to prevent him from participating in this concert!

“Luo Yu Sen, do you know what you're doing?” Lu Ziwen narrowed his eyes dangerously, stared coldly and said: “Last month, we just got together, but now you're… This is how you're treating me? ”

Luo Yu Sen was pale-faced and silent.

Lu Ziwen already was angry, and did not want a word from this man. He sneered and grunted: “I really did not think that I would actually encounter such a dirty method in my lifetime, and… by my lover drugging me! Luo Yu Sen, let's go, I will tell the conductor about today, he will decide your fate.”

“Ziwen! You cannot tell the conductor, if he knows I’m doing something like this, he’ll surely drive me out of the band!”

Both Lu Ziwen and Luo Yu Sen are violinists of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The difference however, is that at the age of 33, Luo Yu Sen is still only the lead violinist of the 2nd violins. In recent rehearsals, he had been continuously reprimanded for his performances. If the commander knew that he had actually done such a thing, he would certainly be mercilessly removed from the band.

Lu Ziwen had long lost any trace of affection and sympathy for Luo Ye Sen.

Luo Yu Sen chased him for three years, until last month when he promised to be with this person. Before tonight, he had said many times to Luo Yu Sen that he attached great importance to this night’s “The Blue Danube,” and he worked hard for more than 20 years in order to be able to play a song on the stage of the Golden Hall as concertmaster.


Luo Yu Sen unexpectedly did such a shameless thing!

Lu Ziwen’s heart had thoroughly turned cold.

“Luo Yu Sen, you're on your own. You’re not the first person in Vienna to do this, and you know it's the most shameful thing you could do in this industry. You’re going to be a music teacher in the future, and the resume from working at Vienna Symphony will help you."

“Ziwen! You cannot do this to me!”

“Why can't I treat you like this?” Lu Ziwen said angrily, “Now, please let me out!”

Lu Ziwen scolding the voice echoed throughout the lounge, but the soundproof walls kept the world from hearing them, letting Luo Yu Sen save face. However, could Luo Yu Sen really go out like this?

As Lu Ziwen walked to the door, Luo Yu Sen suddenly rushed over, hugged Lu Ziwen, tears streaming down his face: “Zi, you are my lover, I did not cause any serious consequences, forgive me this once. I love you, Zi…”

“You fucking love me so much?”

Lu Ziwen kicked Luo Yu Sen in the chest.

Enduring until now, Lu Ziwen could no longer stand it. He is not a good-natured man in himself, only putting up with some humility in order to get down in Vienna, but now he actually has to put up with this stupid villain?!

That is absolutely impossible!

“Your love is ridiculously pathetic, Luo Yu Sen. I thought I had understood you in these three years. Since there aren't many Chinese people in Vienna, I thought our love could be a mutual comfort, but to think you were this kind of person! To do this for your own personal gain…"

“I did not do this for my own self-interest!!!” Luo Yu Sen's furious voice interrupts him. The pain of Lu Ziwen's kick still remains, so with teeth clenched and a furious face Luo Yu Sen said: “Lu. Zi. Wen. You still don't understand?!"

"It's your fault! It's you who's getting in the way of others!"

“You of no background, you're already pushing your limit becoming the Vienna Symphony Orchestra’s concertmaster, who do you think you are, also becoming Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s?”

“Watching you become so successful really makes people want to see you suffer, and make sure you never reach stardom. Yes, I really like you, you have a nice face, and you're Chinese, but the most important thing is that you're the concertmaster; you might have been my way to fame."

“But what have you done in all these years?!”

“You actually had to become lead violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? But what about me? Yesterday the conductor told me that he was considering whether or not he should renew his contract with me! You yourself know you climbed beds to get such a good opportunity! Why couldn't I?!”

“If you cannot help me, then of course I have to find someone else. Man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down [4], Lu Ziwen, the world is like this. Today I could not deceive you, but tomorrow… urgh, gah…”

[4] Idiom for "one should constantly strive to make progress."

Lu Ziwen ruthlessly sent a vicious kick to the lower body of the Luo Yu Sen.

His sneer seems like it crawled out from the depths of Hell itself, so much so that Luo Yu Sen cannot help but tremble: “Luo Yu Sen… you said… whose bed did I climb to get the chance to play "The Blue Danube?”

Luo Yu Sen covered his painful lower body, still struggling: “Yes, whose bed did you climb! You filthy whore!”

Lu Ziwen gave a cold smile, approached him step by step, his voice cold: “Luo Yu Sen, it's such a regret that I was so blind before. You asked me whose bed it was? Fine, I'll tell you, I climbed into Min Chen's bed! You want to climb beds? You want to climb?! You're going to have to crawl to one!"

“Hah, you say I have no background, no family, that's true, I have nothing, but at least I don't think so awfully of others! Even if I told you, I did not sleep with anyone and just got this chance, would you believe it? No, you would not believe me! So remember instead, that I climbed the bed of Min Chen! ”

Luo Yu Sen’s eyes were red, but Lu Ziwen merely sneered at him and said: “When was it when I slept with him again… Ah yes, it was the day after I promised to be with you. Your skill really pales by leaps and bounds in comparison to Min Chen. You're really useless compared to others, you know?"

“Lu Ziwen…

“I have no background, no family, but you're saying you have such things? Luo Yu Sen, in Huaxia there is an old saying, the one who has retreated 50 steps laughs at the one who has retreated 100 steps [5]. You're nothing but a pathetic fool, self-righteously standing proud… cough cough..!"

[5] Idiom for calling "the pot calling the kettle black."

Luo Yu Sen suddenly leapt up, and punched Lu Ziwen’s chest.

“Lu Ziwen!!! You dare made me into some cuckold! I chased you for three years and really thought of you as a treasure! You shameless slut, I pale in comparison to Min Chen? I'm useless compared to him?!"

As he spoke, Luo Yu Sen sent more blows to Lu Wen’s chest.

Luo Yu Sen, blinded with fury, punched him once more. Lu Wen, unprepared to be punched, fell to the ground, clutching his chest, blood falling from his mouth, and face beginning to grow blue.

Luo Yu Sen, not noticing anything wrong, continued to berate Lu Ziwen: “Lu Ziwen, do not think you are a nice person, everyone knows what kind of means you've used to gain this opportunity. You should know, every time you told me how damned important this concert was to you, I knew you were showing off how easily you casted me aside!"

“Medicine…” Lu Ziwen's fingers shook, as he struggled to breathe.

Luo Yu Sen was still cursing him: “Hah, did you think that once you slept with Min Chen, your luck would change? You should know…"

“Medicine… medicine…” Lu Ziwen clawed at the carpet unable to breathe, his throat constricted, leaving him with no strength to move, only to weakly struggle on the floor, desperately whispering: “medicine… medicine.”

“… that if you dare tell the conductor about today, I will tell everyone in the industry tomorrow that you used Min Chen… cough, slept with someone, to have this chance!” Luo Yu Sen, who did not dare provoke that man, could only change his words. “Then you'll be known as a whore and nothing else…”


Lu Ziwen shamefully clutched at Luo Yu Sen's shoes, struggling to lift his face to look at this foul-mouthed man. The latter seemed to notice that something was wrong with this is a dark haired man, and looked at Lu Ziwen in surprise.

Lu Ziwen’s face was in a shade of blue and black, as he grabbed at Luo Yu Sen's trousers, a hand struggling to point at his violin case, gasped: “Give me…… medicine……”

Lu Ziwen's expression frightened Luo Yu Sen, causing him to step back.

It was a long while before he realized what had happened.

Lu Ziwen has asthma, but he seldom had attacks. Luo Yu Sen could not figure it out. So suddenly… …how could he have such an extreme attack? What caused this?

Luo Yu Sen suddenly remembered the punches that were sent to Lu Ziwen's chest!

Could it be that…

Luo Yu Sen fell back in horror.

Lu Ziwen had long since lost his strength due to lack of oxygen, only his fingers were still clinging to the carpet, his nails digging into the fibers: “Medicine…”

After a brief panic, Luo Yu Sen suddenly calmed down. His mind flashed rapidly to Lu Ziwen threats, and moment later he calmly went to the violin case, casually finding Lu Ziwen's medicine.

Because today is the day of the show, there was no pocket on Lu Ziwen's tailor-made suit, so he left the medicine in the violin case.

In the past, his asthma was not particularly serious, he could even rush from the stage to the lounge if needed. However, after receiving those punches from Luo Yu Sen, for a moment, Lu Ziwen felt his chest tingling with pain, leaving him weak.

And now, he could only rely on the only other person in the room-

Luo Yu Sen.

However, Luo Yu Sen took his inhaler, and merely stood indifferently in front of Lu Ziwen. Under that merciless gaze, Lu Ziwen felt cold, instantly understanding the other’s intentions.

“Lu Ziwen, this is your life. It's not my fault if you die from an asthma attack, you know?”

As Lu Ziwen continued to crawl to Luo Yu Sen, not yet reaching him, he dodged his grasp. Luo Yu Sen said with an expressionless face: “Lu Ziwen, didn't you say you prepared some old European odes to celebrate? Since it's my favorite, I’ll wait for you, you can come.”

Lu Ziwen was grounded to the floor, without any strength at all.

Luo Yu Sen had a glimmer of hesitation in his eyes, but in the end did not hesitate to turn around go, no longer looking at the dying Lu Ziwen, lying on the ground.

As he left, he took the medicine.

As he simply placed it in his pocket and "clacked" the door shut, Lu Ziwen's last hope had truly disappeared. Lu Ziwen, stuck on the floor, seems to want to struggle to the door, but only after moving twice, his existence faded away.

An hour later, a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra was wondering how the time had come for the “Blue Danube,” but the concertmaster had not yet left the lounge. There was no response after gently knocking, and when he opened the door… he saw the man on the carpet, motionless.

“Ah ah ah! Something's wrong with Lu! Doctor, doctor!!!”

That night, for the first time at a concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, “Blue Danube” did not sound. The chief conductor, Mr. Borenza and all the members of the orchestra, regretfully bowed to the audience. Some of the spectators who heard the news of Lu Ziwen's wept sympathetically.

By the time everyone had left, Mr. Borenza reached the center front row of the auditorium and sighed at the last listener, who had not yet left: “The Lu you recommended, indeed… was an aspiring talent. Min, unfortunately, because of his asthma attack, he could not board this stage……”

The man's handsome and elegant face against the light in the Golden Hall makes him look as deep and profound as a statue.

Mr. Borenza, with a trace of regret, said: “I heard he was dead for some time when he was found. Lu's fingernails were full of carpet fibers, even some of his fingernails were broken…… Oh, it must have been very painful when he died.”

Only silence was Borenza's response.

“Min, if Lu was your friend, you go and see him. He's probably still in the hospital … if his body hasn't been shipped away yet. He was an Asian that could play the violin with emotion, I really regret that there won't be any more chances to play with him. I should go, you should also go see him. See… your friend.

Borenza left the golden hall behind, leaving only man with a straightened back.

After who knows how long, the man's fierce and narrow phoenix eyes slowly closed, a drop of tear from the corner of his eye slowly being shed.

The author has something to say: [Fuwa's Mini Lessons] [6]

[6] Fuwa are the official 2008 Olympic mascots? Idk what this is [福娃小课堂开讲啦]

Today’s topic: Symphony Orchestra's Violin Groups.

Generally, orchestras will have the 1st and 2nd violin groups.

The 1st violin group lead violinist is also the lead of the band, the most skilled, while the 2nd violin group's lead violinist is responsible for the people in the bass sections. [7]

[7] The 2nd violin thing is wrong, but idk if the way they do things is different in other countries.

So in short, our ShouShou is the lead violinist for the 1st violin group, and the slag is the lead violinist of the 2nd violin group XD

TL Notes:

  1. Vienna's a pretty famous place, music wise. A lot of great composers came from here, and it also has a lot of concert halls and such. Also the Vienna stuff, including the Blue Danube, is actually all fact.
  2. They used the word "Huaxia" a few times, and I'm not really sure what it is? I looked it up and still wasn't sure so I've just translated it as "Chinese". Edit: It refers to Huaxia as a place in future chapters. I’m going to use Chinese to refer to people from there, and keep Huaxia when describes it as a place.
  3. Right before the show, I think there's usually a list of who's in the band and their performance pieces being handed out to audience members, which is why they see LZW's name.
  4. The official terms for lead violinist weren't translated so I took some liberties. I was confused on what "chief deputy" (and other variations) in the MTL meant, but I think I got it right? It switches between calling LZW 1st violinist, lead violinist, and concertmaster a few times, but it's all the same thing lol.
  5. Having a stranger become your concertmaster is a little weird I guess, even if it's for one song. If it was a soloist that'd be less weird, but he's basically gna be in charge of a leading a group of strangers (though they most likely have been in practice together for a few months, so they're not complete strangers).
  6. At one point Luo Yu Sen is called a foul-mouthed man, but I think Lu Ziwen more foul-mouthed…
  7. "… You want to climb beds? You want to climb?! You're going to have to crawl to one!" This line was actually gibberish, I'm not really sure if this is what he wants to say.

I took a bit of music before, so I took this up o/. It's been a few years though, so I might get things wrong here and there, aha. I know some music theory, as well as how to play a few instruments, so I think (hope?) that MTL'ing will go smoothly.

This is my first time MTL'ing anything at all, so I might be releasing this a bit slowly.

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If you're interested in what being a musician is like, I recommend the anime "Nodame Cantabile". You don’t have to be a musician to watch it! It's been a while since I've seen it, but I believe it's a RomCom featuring an aspiring conductor and eccentric pianist. It actually shows off quite a bit of what it's like to be a conductor, the roles of the band, etc etc. It's a suuuuuuuuuper cute show, with some really good arrangements of some orchestra pieces~

Lastly, please tell me if I make any mistakes~ Tqtq.

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