King of Gods

Chapter 1228 - The Core of the Palace

Chapter 1228: The Core of the Palace

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Chapter 1228 – The Core of the Palace

The moment Zhao Feng seated himself on the five-colored cushion, he immediately sensed that terrifying waves of Five Elements Intent were surging toward him. At this moment, Zhao Feng felt like his soul was on the verge of collapse, and his face began to twist and grimace.

“Eh, what’s wrong with the brat?”

Zhao Feng’s odd movements naturally attracted the attention of the others. In addition, the movement of the Intent energy within the palace was by no means small.

But many people merely glanced at Zhao Feng before ignoring him.

“Heh, that cushion is probably meant specifically for cultivating in this place. If an ordinary person sits on it, they simply won’t be able to endure the enormous amounts of Intent energy in this palace!” Quasi-God Zi Feng jeered.

Normal cultivation grounds would have special arrays meant for gathering Yuan Qi. This place was no exception; the cushions were definitely capable of gathering the surrounding Divine Power and Intent energy.

However, the master of this palace was some obscenely powerful existence. For a mere Quasi-God to sit on one of the cushions to cultivate was suicidal. Besides, everyone who came here would think of ways to dig up treasure. Very few people had the time to waste on cultivating.

How dangerous! The array on this cushion has already lost its effectiveness…. That suction gathering all the surrounding energy is purely due to the cushion’s own abilities!

Zhao Feng was in a cold sweat, his heart thumping in fear. If the cushion’s cultivation array had still been active, Zhao Feng would have probably been crushed to death by an insane surge of energy. Despite that, Zhao Feng still needed to do his utmost just to handle the inherent cultivation effect of this cushion.

It wasn’t even Zhao Feng’s intention to cultivate. He was just wanted to know why the core of the underground array was near these three cushions.

As Zhao Feng circulated his Divine Power to resist the crushing tide of energy, he released his Divine Sense to probe into the cushion.

It turned out that it was actually rather easy for Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense to enter the cushion. This was quite shocking to Zhao Feng, because it was very difficult for the Divine Senses of Quasi-Gods and True Gods to probe into any other part of this palace.


Boundless floods of Yuan Qi and Intent energy continued to gather around Zhao Feng.

When cultivating on the outside world, Zhao Feng had always done his utmost to devour this worldly energy for his own use, but now, Zhao Feng needed to do everything to resist this power and absorb it bit by bit.

After a few moments, Zhao Feng realized that his understanding of Five Elements Intent was solidifying, and his cultivation foundation had also grown firmer.

However, Zhao Feng continued to focus on the cushion beneath him rather than cultivation.

There appears to be something underneath the crystal planks beneath this cushion, Zhao Feng inwardly mused.

His Divine Sense had sensed some kind of special object.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, another team arrived at this secluded hall.

“More and more people will start showing up at this palace, making it even more difficult to get anything from this place,” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

Zhao Feng had not encountered any significant dangers on this venture, but he had not found any great fortune either.

Forget it! I’ll just see what’s hidden beneath the floor of this palace!

After all, Zhao Feng was the only one who had discovered this suspicious point. Perhaps it was a treasure. If Zhao Feng could get it without alarming anyone, he would be content with his gains and leave.

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Feng focused his mind and threw all his Divine Sense down below.

This time, Zhao Feng succeeded in reaching the object. The object was a five-colored crystalline sphere, differing greatly in terms of construction when compared to the chestnut-shaped crystals that formed the palace.

This doesn’t seem to be an Intent Crystal…. Zhao Feng was even more confused.

After spending so long here, Zhao Feng managed to learn from listening to others that those chestnut-shaped crystals were called Intent Crystals.

However, although he wasn’t sure exactly what this five-colored sphere was, he was certain that it was a treasure.

In addition, Zhao Feng discovered that his Divine Sense was actually very far from the cushion. On the other hand, the other walls of the palace were impermeable to the Divine Senses of ordinary Quasi-Gods and True Gods. This meant that this place had been intentionally left open by the Five Elements God Lord.

Why is that? Zhao Feng’s curiosity intensified.

He sensed that he had touched upon the true fortune of this palace.

Time slowly passed, and more and more people began to appear in this crystalline palace. For example, in the secluded hall that Zhao Feng was in alone, six people were seated cross-legged on the ground, comprehending the techniques and combat skills on the murals. There were also quite a few people squatting around the enormous status, apparently searching for something.

“It’s that brat!” The Sky Water Yao Race’s Hou Qing immediately noticed Zhao Feng.

“Forget about him for now. Search for treasure!” Quasi-God Lin Guang’s eyes flashed with frigid light. The matter of Zhao Feng was insignificant compared to the treasures of this place.

“That brat is fine and still cultivating on the cushion?” Quasi-God Zi Feng, Quasi-God Tian Xue, and several others were quite surprised to see Zhao Feng still sitting on the cushion.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s mind suddenly shook in surprise.

I can use my Divine Sense and Five Elements Intent to refine this five-colored sphere! Zhao Feng was dumbstruck.

Objects that could be refined were normal divine weapons or unique artifacts. Although Zhao Feng couldn’t determine which class this five-colored sphere belonged to, it was definitely no ordinary item.

If I can refine it, I can probably take it into my Interspatial Dimension! Zhao Feng mentally noted.

Zhao Feng concentrated and began to refine the sphere.

At the start, the process was very slow, but after refining a portion of it, the pace began to accelerate.

After some time, the Intent energy around Zhao Feng became less violent and began to meekly dither around him, waiting to be absorbed. Zhao Feng, all his concentration focused on refining the five-colored sphere, failed to notice this.

Okay, I’ve already refined forty percent! Elated, Zhao Feng continued to refine it.

At this moment, Quasi-God Gui Yi went to the cushion next to Zhao Feng and sat down.


The sudden surge of Five Elements Intent energy almost knocked him unconscious. However, Quasi-God Gui Yi was the strongest prodigy of a peak four-star faction and had great reserves of power to draw on. He quickly managed to recover.

“What a formidable cultivation effect. I can bring all my Five Elements Intent to Level Two here,” Quasi-God Gui Yi muttered.

His group had already scoured this place and would not come away empty-handed. Now, Quasi-God Gui Yi planned to cultivate in this area and advance his Intent energy, hoping to obtain an even higher ranking in the upcoming Quasi-God Ranking Competition. Moreover, he was already skilled in Five Elements Intent, so this place was an ideal cultivation ground for him.

I’ve already refined fifty percent. This is… Zhao Feng made a startling discovery.

The moment he refined fifty percent of the five-colored sphere, he discovered that he could use the sphere to have his Divine Sense wander through certain parts of the palace to see what was going on there.

It had to be emphasized that Quasi-Gods and True Gods did not have the power to push their Divine Sense through the walls of Intent Crystal. But now, Zhao Feng’s Divine Sense could travel through the palace to other areas.

Could this five-colored sphere be the core of this crystalline palace? Zhao Feng’s mind leaped to an astonishing conclusion.

If this really was the case, then if he did refine it completely, he would have control over the entire palace. The mere thought made his heart beat faster, and his breath turned ragged.

But Zhao Feng quickly regained his rationality.

If that is the case, I’ll become targeted by everyone. I simply don’t have the strength to keep this crystalline palace!

Zhao Feng slightly grimaced. This was a vast fortune, but not one that he really wanted to receive.

I’ll refine it first. If it really comes to it, I’ll just abandon this palace.

He had already refined fifty percent of the sphere. At a time like this, even Zhao Feng found it rather hard to just let go.

Besides, once he refined the palace, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find some other way to benefit from it. If he couldn’t keep the palace himself, he could hand it to some other faction and gain their protection. That wouldn’t be a bad deal at all.

As Zhao Feng continued to refine the five-colored sphere, more and more experts began to gather in the palace. It wasn’t much longer afterward that the last cushion was occupied by a Rank Four True God.

“Golden-haired kid, step aside and let me look at this cushion!” Quasi-God Lin Guang of the Sky Water Yao Race came to Zhao Feng and stood in front of him with a mocking smile.

His group had already searched the place, but they hadn’t found anything. After all, they arrived rather late. For this reason, Lin Guang had come to make trouble for Zhao Feng. He did not have the restriction of the martial gathering binding him in this place; he just needed to find a random reason so that he could attack Zhao Feng.

Quite a few people looked at Zhao Feng with gloating expressions on their faces. They all knew that Zhao Feng had a rather significant feud with the Sky Water Yao Race.

“I told you to leave. Didn’t you hear me!?” Quasi-God Lin Guang suddenly barked, and he even used Soul energy to assault Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Scram!” At this moment, Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes and bellowed a single word. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s left eye began to gather an incredible amount of Eye Intent.

“What did you say?” Quasi-God Lin Guang’s face turned wrathful. Zhao Feng dared to tell him to scram?

Zhao Feng’s left eye exploded with the light of Tribulation Lightning.


A twisted Tribulation Lightning flame exploded against Quasi-God Lin Guang’s soul.

“Ah…!” Caught off guard, Quasi-God Lin Guang felt his soul barraged with lightning that unleashed a flood of heart-rending pain at his mind.

“What’s going on?”

The surrounding crowd instantly focused on Quasi-God Lin Guang.

Lin Guang had clearly been bullying Zhao Feng just moments ago, but now, hewas the one that was shrilly screaming? Zhao Feng might have had the strength to enter the Quasi-God Ranking, but he couldn’t possibly force Quasi-God Lin Guang into this state with just a single move!

“Tribulation Lightning energy!” Quasi-God Tian Xue’s gaze focused on Quasi-God Lin Guang’s soul as she proclaimed.

“Oh? So, he was hiding his strength before?” Quasi-God Zi Feng was somewhat astonished, but then he revealed a hint of disdain. Even if Zhao Feng was hiding his strength, he still wouldn’t be able to take a single blow from him.

As expected, this brat isn’t normal. In a corner of the secluded hall, True God Dark Thief slightly opened his eyes before closing them again.

“How could this be!?” Hou Qing stared at this scene in shock.

The strongest genius of the Sky Water Yao Race – the ranked-seventeenth Quasi-God Lin Guang – was beaten into such a miserable state by a single eye-bloodline technique from Zhao Feng? Was this his true strength? Was Zhao Feng just hiding his techniques and power earlier?

A few moments later, Quasi-God Lin Guang recovered. His eyes were tinged with fear as he stared at Zhao Feng, and for a few moments, he was too afraid to strike back.

But at this moment, the Rank Five True God from the Sky Water Yao Race appeared at his side.

“Kill him!” Quasi-God Lin Guang howled, his face contorted with savagery.

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