King of Gods

Chapter 30 – Metal Wall Technique

Chapter 30 – Metal Wall Technique

“You have a great advantage in speed and Inner Strength, but defense is your weakness.” Zhao Yufei looked at Zhao Feng.

“Yes! That is my flaw.” Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised. After he had merged with the left eye his vision could see the smallest detail. Since Zhao Feng could easily see his opponent’s flaws, he could also see his own.

“Have you learned any body strengthening technique?” Zhao Yufei was slightly surprised.


It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was just that body strengthening techniques needed a long time to train and couldn’t be easily learned within a short period of time.

Normal skills and techniques only needed understanding and talent to easily train in them within a short amount of time. Only body strengthening techniques needed resources as well as effort to learn.

“The body is the foundation of cultivation. A high ranked body strengthening technique can not only help solidify one’s foundation, it can also improve one’s defense. Does big brother Zhao Feng want to learn one…..?” Zhao Yufei gently smiled.

The “big brother Zhao Feng” part made Zhao Feng’s heart beat. Instantly Zhao Yufei’s face turned red, as if it was dripping blood. Within the sect, the older disciples were called ‘big brother’. Maybe it was that Zhao Feng’s performance had been too shocking, letting Zhao Yufei miss this point.

“It has some reasons. Maybe I can consider it.” Zhao Feng nodded his head after some deep thought. Before, Zhao Feng’s forte was his speed. People of the same rank wouldn’t even be able to reach him, therefore he had neglected the uses of body strengthening techniques.

Now, with Zhao Yufei’s hint, Zhao Feng started to pay attention to it. If he didn’t have Inner Strength, this hidden card, he probably wouldn’t have been able to block Zhao Yijian’s Cold Flowing Sword.

Zhao Yue on the other hand, without the use of Inner Strength, could counter Zhao Yijian for a while, this was all due to the fact that he had learned a body strengthening technique.

Sparring with Xin Tong yesterday made Zhao Feng realise the importance of body strengthening techniques.

The same afternoon that day.

Zhao Yufei invited Zhao Feng over to her place. Zhao Feng surprisingly found that Zhao Yufei’s house was next to his. Zhao Yufei had received the same treatment with Zhao Feng, both were highly looked upon by the sect.

“Grandfather!” Zhao Yufei yelled happily as she got back.

“Yufei is back.” From the room came out an one-armed old man, he didn’t speak more after casually glancing at Zhao Feng.

“I wonder what deal Zhao Yufei is talking about?” Zhao Feng finally went to the point.

“Please wait brother Zhao Feng.” Zhao Yufei walked towards the old man and spoke a few words.

Finally the one-armed old man nodded and went back to the room to retrieve an old book.

“This skill is called Metal Wall Technique and it is quite famous within the Cloud Country. It is even better than Zhao Yue’s Metal Body. The one-armed old man gently sighed as he gave the book to Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng immediately realised that this grandfather and granddaughter pair had already made plans and had already seen the Inner Strength advantage given by Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

The reason Zhao Yufei wanted to spar with Zhao Feng was to point out his body strength was lacking, therefore proposing a deal.

“Metal Wall Technique?” Zhao Feng gently murmured. He had not heard anyone speak about this technique before. Zhao Yue’s Metal Body was a high ranked martial skill, Xin Tong’s Bronze Body was the same.

According to the old man, this body strengthening technique was much better than Metal Body.

“This body strengthening skill is a simplified version of the Holy martial skill “Silver Wall Technique”. Even though it has been simplified and only contains the first third of it, it can still be considered a peak high ranked martial art.” The old man said proudly.

Holy Martial Art? Zhao Feng took a cold breath and started to inspect the one-armed old man. To be able to take out such a high ranked skill, he could not have a simple background.

He used his left eye but found that the blood within the old man was similar to that of a commoner, it had no aura coming from the Inner Strength.

“Ten years ago, I lost my cultivation in an accident.” The old man seemed to feel Zhao Feng’s inspection and explained.

“Sorry.” Zhao Feng felt guilty as he took back his eyes.

The one armed old man was expressionless and continued, “For my granddaughter today, I will give you this Metal Wall Technique in exchange for your Inner Strength skill. How do you feel about this deal?” This was within Zhao Feng’s guesses.

“Let me think.” Zhao Feng started to analyse the benefits and problems.

Air Crossing Breathing Technique was only a Inner Strength skill and easily surpasses high ranked martial arts, it probably wasn’t any weaker than peak ranked martial arts. However, this Inner Strength’s power needed Lightly Floating Ferry to be utilised to its maximum potential.

Obviously, Metal Wall Technique wasn’t bad either, it was a simplified version of a Holy Martial Art and had already reached the peak of the high rank, not far away from being a peak ranked martial art.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng soon had his answer.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded and asked Zhao Yufei to give him some paper. Afterwards, he wrote down the contents of Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

Zhao Feng only wrote the contents of Air Crossing Breathing Technique, but didn’t write anything that linked it to Lightly Floating Ferry. This meant that Zhao Yufei would only get the Inner Strength skill, but would have no connections with Lightly Floating Ferry.

After he finished writing it down, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei exchanged skills.

The old man took over Air Crossing Breathing Technique and started to inspect it. Zhao Feng used his left eye and quickly scanned through the contents of Metal Wall Technique as well. He had over one hundred skills in his mind, which meant that his theory of Martial Arts wasn’t bad.

He only had to scan the contents once to fully memorise them. It was obvious that this skill far exceeded the ones inside his head.

“Not bad, this skill is very compatible with Zhao Yufei.” The one-armed old man said joyfully as he finished reading.

“Hehe, I am happy to cooperate.” Zhao Feng put away the Metal Wall Technique and was happy as well.

However, before Zhao Feng left he couldn’t help restraining himself and asked, “Senior, why don’t you let sister Yufei learn the Metal Wall Technique?”

The old man laughed, “You’re a genius of the sect and you do not know? Just from the name ‘Metal Wall Technique’ one can tell that one’s skin will become tough as metal, which means it will not be suitable for women. Yufei agile and soft style is more compatible with your Air Crossing Breathing Technique, or else I would not have traded Metal Wall Technique for it.”

No wonder. hao Feng nodded his head, the Metal Wall Technique was indeed not suitable for women. Images of Yufei turning into a muscular woman made Zhao Feng shiver.

After returning home, Zhao Feng immediately started to train in the Metal Wall Technique. Normal body strengthening techniques were easy to understand. This Metal Wall Technique however was not a normal technique . Just to understand it far exceeded other high ranked martial arts.

However, this didn’t trip Zhao Feng as he gently used his left eye to merge the contents into his mind and played them back and forth.

That night Zhao Feng finally stepped into the doorway of the Metal Wall Technique.The Metal Wall Technique had a total of seven levels.

The first three levels allowed one’s skin to harden. After reaching the third level, one’s skin would be as hard as metal and would be able to block swords. It could be seen that this skill was far more complex than Zhao Yue’s Metal Body.

Zhao Yue’s Metal Body had to gather one’s strength onto a certain point to block swords.

“The fourth level, using Inner Strength to harden one’s bones, which allows one to increase one’s power rapidly. Just from one’s body alone one can counter against weapons and Inner Strength. Once reaching here, the whole body will be as strong as a metal wall.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes started to shine as he read up to here.

This body strengthening skill could increase one’s power.

If I can cultivate Metal Wall Technique to the fourth level, I will have a seventy percent chance to reach top three. Zhao Feng thought.

The fifth level: Reaching this level, one’s body can shatter weapons.

The sixth level: One can withstand any attack from the seventh rank of the martial path and be uninjured.

The seventh level: A perfect body that will not melt under extreme heat.


After reading the last few parts, Zhao Feng was shocked. Especially the seventh level, it had almost reached a non-human degree!

When put in furnaces and not able to melt, what kind of concept was this? If one body was made of skin, blood and bone, they would still melt when tossed into a furnace.

If one could train Metal Wall Technique to the seventh level, no one under the ninth level would be able to harm one.

“I think I’ve gotten a great deal.” Zhao Feng was excited as he doubled his efforts to train this skill. Since he had already understood Inner Strength and had reached the fourth rank already, Zhao Feng’s training speed was extremely fast.

It only took him one day to reach the first level.

Zhao Feng found that his skin became stronger after reaching the first level.

This was very obvious!

However, after he reached the first level he found out that the speed decreased dramatically.

Zhao Feng estimated that he needed at least ten days to reach the second level.

There are ten more days until the main family tournament starts. Zhao Feng thought, he then decided to head back to the Medicine Pavilion and buy some ‘Body Strengthening Powder.” Each pouch of Body Strengthening Powder cost two thousand silver and could only be used three times to increase his body strengthening skill speed.

Zhao Feng clenched his teeths as he purchased three bags, worth six thousand silver.

With the rest of the silver, he bought a “Air Pill”, which also cost him six thousand silver.

Everyone knew that the effect of “Air pill” was to increase the amount of Inner Strength one could store.

It could be seen that Zhao Feng never forgot to cultivate his Inner Strength.

Three pouches of Body Strengthening Powder and one Air Pill spent all of Zhao Feng’s saving.

After returning home, Zhao Feng immediately opened one pouch of Body Strengthening Powder and started to cultivate Metal Wall Technique as he soaked in the medicine. A hot feeling started to ignite within his body as he soaked in the medicine.

And as time went on, a fiery feeling started to sink into his body. Suddenly, a weird but familiar sound sounded.

Peh! Peh!

The depth of Zhao Feng’s left eye started to release sizzles of heat which merged with the medicine.


A queer hot feeling reverberated within his body and made his training speed increase.

“This…..” Zhao Feng was shocked but wasted no time in absorbing the energy within the medicine.

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