Kingdom's Bloodline

Chapter 478 - Get Me Something to Eat and Drink

Chapter 478: Get Me Something to Eat and Drink

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As Thales listened, he felt like there was a pressure against his chest.

While almost everyone had unpleasant looks on their faces, Ricky coughed.

“Can I see this as our deal being completed? Since we have assisted you in so many ‘ways’?”

This brought Roman, who had just completed his “art” piece, back to reality. The Legendary Wing turned around slowly and walked towards Ricky. His steps were slow, but he went forwards in a fear-inducing rhythm.

Klein and Josef stared at the baron in front of them who had caused them to tremble uncontrollably; they wanted to force themselves to go forth, but were stopped by Ricky. The leader of the mercenaries fearlessly stepped forward to face him.


Roman and Ricky looked at each other; one man was apathetic while the other was calm. Everyone around them grew nervous. Many of the mercenaries and cavaliers tightened their holds over the weapons in their hands. The Royal Guards subconsciously stood together and drew closer in Thales’ direction.

But Thales lowered his gaze and sank into deep thought.

Finally, after a few suffocating seconds, the Legendary Wing snorted faintly. “Take your men and go as far away from here as possible. Blade Fangs Dune does not welcome you anymore.”

Once he said this, many felt relieved.

“But if you dare come back…” Roman did not continue.

Ricky smiled and nodded. “Very good. That is fair. So, good luck then? And… I hope you enjoyed working with us.”

Ricky extended his hand, but the Legendary Wing did not look at him at all. He walked past him to his subordinates. Ricky raised his eyebrows and withdrew his hand helplessly.

The first few rows of cavaliers put their weapons away under Frank and the others’ signals.

“Great. We don’t have to fight anymore,” Quick Rope said softly and gratefully behind Thales.

On another side, Roman led his white horse and cried out a name loudly before he gave his order. “Felicia!”

At this moment, the blood lust and anomaly seen previously in Roman disappeared. He turned into an orderly, resolute, and dignified man.

“Launch the Flying Wing Cavalry. Take over the observation points all around first. Gather intelligence about the enemy. Do not engage in battle hastily. If the Barren Bone people and mixed breeds do indeed come, I want their positions, each and every one!”

The female cavalier shouted in response to the baron’s orders. Under her orders, hundreds of cavaliers on the sand dune changed their directions in an orderly manner and disappeared into the rolling sands.

The Legendary Wing turned around and said, “Frank! Borkh! Get the Edge Breaker Cavalry ready. Finish off the last portion of rations, including the ones in the rotating troops who joined us a month ago, especially yours, Borkh. Have your newcomers from inland finish their rations. I’ll be right after. Remember, we are on four legs, so we try to fight outside and on level ground.”

Borkh, another cavalier next to Frank, seemed puzzled.

“Aren’t we supposed to… light the fire beacon and ask for help first?”

Roman answered without any hesitation, “For who? The Ruins or Brave Souls Fort? You have to know that the masters in Western Desert are shivering in the camp and waiting for us to rescue them!”

Frank and Borkh nodded in response and rode away with their respective subordinates. Thales quietly watched Roman deploy his troops. He furrowed his eyebrows even deeper.

Half the cavaliers left with a grand exit. Their imposing momentum as they departed was not less than when they arrived.

“Snake Shooter!”

The new captain of the Freak Squad was stunned for a few seconds before he replied hastily, “S… Sir?”

Roman glanced at him. “Get your men ready, especially the freaks. Once we deal with the area outside, there will only be rebels and mutinous soldiers left in the camp. It won’t be too hard, but it’ll be rather troublesome.”

Snake Shooter responded with a panicked “yes.” He then led his new subordinates away, his movements made it clear that he was still unaccustomed to being in command.

There were only two or three hundred cavalries left on the sand dune. They appeared to be Roman’s most trusted personal guards.

In front of Thales, the mercenaries, under Klein and the others’ orders, began to check their luggage and the number of people.

“Carl.” Roman finally turned around and ordered the rest of the cavaliers. “Take the prince to the first supply line in the east with the rest of my personal guards.”

Thales raised his head subconsciously. The Legendary Wing lowered his head and glanced at Zakriel, who still sat on the ground.

“Also, guard the prisoners from the Prison of Bones. Send them back after the battle. They don’t belong under the sun,” Roman said coldly. All the Royal Guards’ expressions darkened.

Roman walked to his white horse while the cavaliers rushed forth and gazed at the prisoners with enmity written in their eyes. Thales inhaled deeply. He refused a cavalier officer’s offer to help him get on the horse.

“They helped me a lot in the Prison of Bones, and even saved my life.” The prince stepped forward and drew many people’s attention. “Can you… let them go?”

Barney Junior and Beldin’s gazes moved.

However, the Legendary Wing merely shook his head. “They are prisoners, and I am the warden. Be quick. We have to clean up the mess.” Roman did not look at Thales and only focused on packing his luggage.

Thales clenched his fists.

On the other side, three cavaliers shoved Bruley, the largest of all the prisoners, down onto the ground while the latter struggled continuously.

“Hey!” Barney Junior protested, but he was immediately pressed down by several cavaliers and tied up.

Thales took a deep breath.

“This is nothing. Do not fight back. We are only going back to… where we belong.” Zakriel waited calmly and advised the others as the cavaliers pulled him up and tied his hands. His voice was normal, as if they were only going to take a stroll.

Soon, Tardin, Canon, and Beldin were brought to their side. Barney Junior gave Zakriel a sarcastic and helpless smile. Zakriel returned to him the most profound expression.

Thales froze where he stood as he saw what happened quietly.

“Cheer up, my lads. At least… at least we saw real sunlight… not some damn flames…” Restrained, Tardin walked forward, but he still kept his neck straight and looked in the direction of the sunrise with tears in his eyes and a smile, like he was reluctant to part with the final sunlight he would see.

Without any emotion on his face, Thales watched the cavaliers lead the Royal Guards away and tie their hands to the saddles on their horses.

Beldin, the last man to be sent away, passed by Thales and said to him with a sigh, “Take care, Your Highness. We can only escort you to this place. At least, you are safe now.”

Thales nodded in anguish. He did not say a word, and his heart was heavy.

“Hey, I didn’t… I ain’t stolen no money!”

The prince turned his head and saw that Quick Rope was also detained. The poor man struggled with so much agitation that he shouted with an accent that was the strange mix of a Camian and a Northlander’s accents.

“Wya! Thales! Hey, I ain’t… I’m the prince’s favorite servant. My father is Nu… that Caso person!” The cavaliers ignored his protests completely and focused on sending him to the other prisoners.

As he listened to the intense struggling and shouting, Thales’ eyes suddenly flew open!

“Baron Williams!”

The prince refused the offer from the third cavalier who wanted to help him get on the horse, and walked towards the Legendary Wing determinedly before he said loudly, “Let them go!”

Under Roman’s surprised stare, Thales gritted his teeth hard.

“After all, the Prison of Bone has been broken into. If what you are worried about is your responsibilities as the ‘warden’ who guards the Prison of Bones, then…” He looked up and said, “I will bear the responsibility, as the heir of the kingdom and in the name of Thales Jadestar.”

His voice attracted many people’s attention. Roman took a glance around. The cavaliers who were somewhat curious about the prince lowered their heads and got back to work.

The Legendary Wing turned around and strode forward until he stood inches away from Thales. He lowered his head as he stared at him.

“Before you tell me what I should do, tell me, prince.” Roman spoke in a freezing tone. His handsome face had a very different, fierce look on it right then. “Do I look like your father?”

Thales pursed his lips and gritted his teeth discreetly. Roman did not wait for a reply and snorted coldly.

“Then don’t come crying to me.” The Legendary Wing lowered his body and as he got closer to Thales’ ear, whispered, “Because I don’t care whose f*cking son you are, and what f*cking kingdom you are the heir to.”

Thales’ face turned red in anger!

“But you are the baron of the kingdom, you are stationed in the territory of Constellation, and you hold the power to command the regular soldiers of the royal family.” The prince suppressed the anger in his chest. His cheeks were flushed red.

The baron sneered. “Great. Let me guess. You must be thinking ‘Just you wait until I become king’, am I right?”

Thales clenched his fists even harder.

“Don’t be too surprised by how I got to know what you’re thinking.” Roman laughed coldly, and softly said, “Because all good-for-nothings think like this.”

When he finished his words, Roman straightened his body and walked away from Thales, who had a very dark look on his face. The prince was left to shiver in the wind all alone.

Ricky walked over from the side. He glanced at Roman’s back, then at Thales, who looked indignant. He suddenly realized something, but he only shook his head.

“I suppose this is goodbye, Your Highness.”

Thales suppressed his anger and turned in his direction. Ricky revealed a faint smile.

“Don’t forget your Sin of Hell’s River. We expect a lot from you in regards to your future.”

Thales clenched his fists. “Samel, his face also bears a brand. If I remind Williams that Samel also got out of the Prison of Bones with your help, do you think Williams will throw him back into prison?”

Ricky was somewaht stupefied by the question that seemed to come out of nowhere, but he soon registered what happened.

“Yes. Maybe.” Ricky shrugged and smiled. “But can you bear to see that happen? After Samel suffered for years in your royal family, is this how things will end for him?”

Thales inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. ‘I see, so that’s how it is.’

Ricky glanced at him skeptically before he finally raised his eyebrows and walked to his mercenaries.

As he listened to the sound of the prisoners, detained one after another in the distance, Thales clenched his fists for the last time before he immediately unclenched them.

“Yodel.” Thales closed his eyes and spoke to the air softly, “I need your help.”

A few seconds later, a weak and hesitant voice traveled from the air. “I cannot kill Williams.”

Thales suddenly opened his eyes! “No. I do not want you to show yourself.”

A puzzled grunt was heard in the air, but Thales only watched their backs as the Royal Guards were tied up one by one, and he said softly, “No matter what happens, do not show yourself.”

Once he said his final word, he did not wait for Yodel’s reply. Thales strode forward and caught up to Roman and Ricky.

“Hey, pretty boy!”

Williams’ back froze.

“And you, dum-dum!”

Ricky stopped walking.

Under the strange gazes of the people around them, both of them turned around at almost the same time, and frowned as they looked at Thales. However, this time, Roman creased his brow a little. He thought that the prince seemed a little different.

“We need to talk. The three of us. In private.” Thales strode towards them, and waved and gestured at the others to return to their work. “It’s just that I’m hungry as well. It’s best if you could get me something to eat and drink.” The teenager’s footsteps were very exaggerated, while his tone was casual. He ordered the people around as if he was at home.

Roman and Ricky glanced at each other, as if they could not register what just happened. Thales strode forward and put his hands on his waist. He looked arrogant. A few seconds later, the Legendary Wing exhaled. He looked at Thales as if he was staring at a lunatic.

“We’re in battle. We have no time to satisfy your desires to parade your royal wealth.” Roman shook his head disdainfully, and he said Thales’ honorary title stiffly, “Your Highness.”

Thales burst into laughter. With his hands still on his waist, he pointed at Roman cockily.

“No, you’re not in a hurry to help the camp, because everything is under control.” He turned to the other side and pointed at Ricky. “And you’re not in a hurry to leave, because you’re not worried.”

The area fell into silence again. The atmosphere around them was rather awkward, it seemed like the prince’s terrible sense of humor had completely destroyed the mood, maybe even destroyed it a little too much.

After a few seconds, the Legendary Wing did not want to attend to Thales anymore. He sneered, turned around, and walked away. Ricky shrugged and revealed a mocking smile before he turned around and left.

“Let me say this once: nice try, child.”

When he saw them walk further away, Thales sighed. “Must I be blunt about it?” The situation changed after what Thales said next. “Or should I tell everyone after the battle that both of you are actually in this together?”

At that moment, Roman and Ricky’s backs shuddered, and they stopped walking! The few cavaliers who stood closer to them seemed to have heard something, and they glanced in their direction with confusion.

Thales sighed. He stepped forward and lowered his voice as he approached them slowly. “I’ll also tell them that the Legendary Wing is the culprit and mastermind behind the disaster that struck Blade Fangs Camp since last night.”

One second… Two seconds…

Finally, on the third second, Roman and Ricky, who were rooted to the spot, turned around simultaneously to look at Thales raising his eyebrows.

At the moment, their expressions were beyond words. The teenager walked to stop before them. The wind blew the sand gently while the sun rose in the east. Roman, Ricky, and Thales stared at each other. This was the atmosphere between them, and this was how they mingled with each other at that moment.

A cavalier approached them from afar to remind Roman. “Lord Baron, we must set off—”

But the Legendary Wing turned his head around, something that was unusual for him, and said in a rarely-heard, violent tone, “Do whatever you are supposed to do!”

The officer was frightened and stepped back before he ran away as far as he could. Many of the cavaliers and mercenaries who glanced over also looked down subconsciously.

Roman took a deep breath and turned around to look at Ricky. His voice was irritable and unhappy. “What did you tell him?”

Ricky’s face grew livid with rage. He gritted his teeth and said, “I said nothing!”

But at the same time, Thales blurted out quickly, “He told me everything.”

Ricky turned around and glared at Thales incredulously and furiously.


Thales looked resigned as he shrugged. He showed a thumbs-up at the leader of the mercenaries. “Just letting you know: nice try, Ricky.”

Roman’s face grew unpleasant. He glanced at Ricky, then at Thales. The Legendary Wing inhaled deeply. He felt that he had nowhere to vent the strength he gathered in his arms.

What followed immediately afterwards was the filthy teenager deciding to sit down in front of the two grown-ups who were so still they almost look like they had been petrified. He made sure his legs were crossed.

“Now, can we talk?” Thales puffed out his chest. Then, with his face still badly bruised, he said to the two men with the strange expressions, “Get me something to eat and drink.”


In that moment, rage filled Roman’s handsome face, and he had an expression that seemed to say “How dare you?”

Ricky glared at him so hard that it felt as though his eyes were about to leave his eye sockets.

“Oh.” Thales seemed to recall something. He patted his thigh with a cocky expression, and after he turned around to point at the Royal Guards prisoners who were detained, he added, “Same for them.”

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