Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 1110 - Are You Coming For Me?

Chapter 1110 Are You Coming For Me?

It seemed that he was really drunk.

Li Yinian was a bit relieved. She had started to regret her impulsiveness, but since he was drunk, he shouldn’t remember that she had been here.

Knowing that Ji Shiting wasn’t a nosy person, she reckoned that he should probably help her keep it a secret.

Li Yinian closed the door and walked to the bed, sizing him up.

The man’s eyes were closed, covering his peach-blossom-shaped eyes. He looked more mature, and his handsome face looked more unapproachable.

Perhaps because he was uncomfortable from being drunk, but his breathing was unstable, and his eyebrows were furrowed. However, he didn’t look tipsy. It only smelled like alcohol when he was close.

Li Yinian sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned closer. Her long hair fell and scratched his face, but the man didn’t notice it.

She couldn’t help sliding her fingers from his forehead to the bridge of his nose and then to his lips.

“Qiao Yanze, aren’t you silly?” She suddenly sighed. “Can’t we part peacefully? Why must you be so stubborn? Don’t you know that I approached you premeditated?”

She lowered her voice, but the man seemed to hear it. His eyelids twitched.

Li Yinian said, “When I first saw you, you were surrounded by many young girls. You had a gentle and frivolous face, and you were saying sweet nothings, but there was no fire in your eyes. I thought at that time that this man was really interesting. This is the reason that I got close to you. However, my parents don’t approve of me dating you. They think you’re the youngest in the Qiao family and have always been idle. You’re destined to have nothing to do with the identity of the head of the Qiao family. They raised me to get excellent returns. How can they bear to bet on you?”

“But I don’t want to hear it. I’ve been restrained for twenty years, and being with you is probably the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done, so they had to compromise later.” Li Yinian smiled. “But I didn’t expect… Anyway, promise me not to waste time on


Someone grabbed her wrist at this point.

Li Yinian was shocked, and then she saw the man’s dark eyes. His eyes were still watery, but they were clear, which meant… he wasn’t drunk at all.

“What didn’t you think of?” Qiao Yanze said.

Li Yinian pursed her lips and said calmly, “I didn’t expect my passion to subside so quickly, and your feelings have become a burden to me, so I ran away.”

Qiao Yanze smirked ambiguously.

“I don’t believe you haven’t regained your passion in the past three years.” His voice was deep and hoarse.

“No,” Li Yinian said without hesitation, staring at him with her clear eyes.

“Then, why did you come here so late at night? You should know that the two kids must be asleep at this time. You won’t be able to see them even if you come. Or perhaps you’re here for Shiting.”

Li Yinian blushed and couldn’t help but rebut, “How could I be here for Mr. Ji?”

“Huh? Does that mean you’re here for me?” The man smiled.

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