Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I’ll Have the Final Say in Casting the Lead Actress

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Corporation T.S.

Ji Shiting was sitting in his office with one hand on his headphone, answering his phone.

He was pursing his lips, looking like he was striving to be patient.

“No…” He stroked his forehead and tried to suppress his emotions. “Nothing happened last night. Sorry for disappointing you, grandpa.”

The major shareholder of Corporation T.S was enraged. “Useless!’

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “All thanks to you…”


He then hung up the phone.

He knew his grandpa too well. If his grandpa knew of Ye Shengge, he would definitely force him to marry Ye Shengge, but she had refused him once.

Which meant he wouldn’t give her a second chance.


His assistant Sun Ye walked in, “President, the board meeting is about to begin.”

Ji Shiting stood up and walked out.

It was the secretaries’ working area outside the president’s office, and it was the busiest time of the day.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice, “I believe that man isn’t Boss Mu. After all, I know him very well.”

Ji Shiting looked to the side, and he saw the smiling woman with a bewitching peony on her face.


His pupils contracted, and he walked to the computer’s side.

The secretary who was slacking off with her work was horrified at seeing the president.

“Sorry, president…” Just as she was about to turn it off, she heard, “Don’t”

Ji Shiting looked at the woman’s long legs and looked back to that woman’s face.

She looked wicked and smart, as opposed to her confusedness and pitiful appearance last night.

She looked different from the woman who had refused him while pretending to be calm.

Ji Shiting looked confused.


After a while, he turned around and walked straight to the meeting room.

Sun Ye followed him, but he couldn’t have been more curious.

His boss had asked him to gather information about Ye Shengge, and he had also asked him to prepare a marriage agreement, which was thrown into the shredder in the end.

He knew that the president had been drugged by the chairman last night… Could it be… What had happened with the president and Ms. Ye?

“Are you sure she was behind that sex tape?” Ji Shiting asked.

Sun Ye said, “Yes. I managed to get the CCTV record of the ceremony, and Ms. Ye was there for around ten minutes. After she left, the video was switched.”

Ji Shiting curled his lips, but it wasn’t sure whether he was being sarcastic or affirmative.

Ji Shiting became calm walking into the meeting room and held the meeting.

After the meeting, Ji Shiting lit up a cigarette and smoked it. He looked down and finally seemed chill after a long while.


He pinched the cigarette with the tips of his fingers and asked, “How’s the public’s opinion of it?”

“Umm…” Sun Ye paused for a second.

He thought the president didn’t care about Ms. Ye anymore, but now… Fortunately, he went onto the Internet and had a look before he came in.

He cleared his throat and said, “Far fewer people are suspecting that the Mu’s siblings committed incest, which means Ms. Ye’s clarification was effective, but then, she implied that Mu Xiaoya’s personal life is kind of a mess, so many people are still making fun of Mu Xiaoya, but her die-hard fans…” Before Sun Ye finished, he saw his president frown.

He immediately realized he’d been talking about someone irrelevant the whole time.

Sun Ye immediately changed the point, “People mainly focus on Ms. Ye, and there’s a topic called ‘Ye Shengge, Please enter the entertainment circle’. Many people followed it, and it’s trending now. Many makeup bloggers are even making tutorials teaching people how to do peony makeup. In all, the general public favors Ms. Ye.”

Ji Shiting arched his eyebrow and smiled slowly.

“They’re asking Ye Shengge to enter the entertainment circle?”

This might not have been a coincidence, and she had definitely dressed up on purpose.

Based on her information and experience, Ji Shiting could easily figure out her target. Perhaps that was her next goal?

However, there was no way she could just paint a peony flower on her face when she was acting. How was she supposed to deal with that?

Thinking that, he realized that he was putting too much interest in that woman, so he couldn’t help frowning.

“I recall that our company has plans for investing in the entertainment industry,” she said.


“That’s right.” Sun Ye was prepared for that as well. “Our company invested in a great story, and we’re casting. Actually, Ms. Ye is trying to get one of her artists in the role.”

Ji Shiting suddenly said, “Tell the person in charge of that show, I’ll have the final say in casting the lead actress.”

Didn’t she refuse his offer?



Ji Shiting sneered inside, took a drag and snuffed out the cigarette.


Sun Ye responded helplessly, “Yes.”

There were countless subsidiaries under Corporation T.S, and his president needed to deal with hundreds of issues every day, but today, he not only cared about entertainment gossip, he also wanted to interfere with the casting of a lead actress. Was the president trying to pursue Ms. Ye?


Sun Ye felt thrilled just thinking about it.

“What are you thinking about?” Ji Shiting raised his head and looked at Sun Ye.

Sun Ye was terrified, “Nothing!”

“Has my grandpa talked to you lately?”

“Umm… The chairman called me today asking how you were last night. I just told him you went back to your mansion to rest early.” Sun Ye said.

“Okay.” Ji Shiting nodded. “Don’t tell him anything.”

“Rest assured, the chairman will never know about Ms. Ye.” Sun Ye claimed seriously.


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