Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Why are You So Excited?

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It was already late in the morning when Ye Shengge woke up, but because of the curtain, it was still very dark in the room.

She blinked her eyes and memories started to flood back.

She had slept with Ji Shiting again!

Which made her heart pound, and she wanted to rush to the mirror and see whether her birthmark had gotten smaller or not.


However, feeling the warmth coming from beside her, she repressed that urge and took a look at Ji Shiting who was sleeping beside her. She tried to breathe as quietly as she could, as though she were ascertaining whether it had been a dream or not.

That man had exhausted himself last night, so he was sleeping like a baby at that moment.

Ye Shengge’s heart pounded faster and faster, trying not to scream.

She kind of remembered that he didn’t want to touch her in the first place, and she’d worn the man down as she had been high.

Thinking of that, Ye Shengge’s face blushed. If it was an accident the first time, then last night, she had definitely been seducing him.

She felt shameful thinking about what she had done.

She swallowed her saliva and got out of bed, but the pain made her hold her breath.

After she struggled to stand up, she immediately fell onto the ground.

All her shame went away.

Is that man a beast?

After a while, she summoned all her strength and walked to the bathroom, turning on the light.

Ye Shengge opened her eyes widely and stared at the birthmark on her right cheek.

It had indeed shrunk again, and this time, even those who’d met her could see it, not to mention herself, it was definitely smaller.

It was fantastic. She would be able to get rid of the birthmark soon, and she would finally have the chance to realize her dream.

She was so sick of the distain and pity she was always getting.

Ye Shengge covered her mouth, trying not to scream, yet she was so thrilled that she couldn’t help tearing up.

She then jumped up like a girl, putting her hands around the sink, yet after jumping for a couple of times, the box holding all the washing kits fell to the ground.

She was startled, calming herself down.

She had to cling to that man no matter what this time.

Thinking of that, she walked out of the bathroom and took a look at the bed.

Wait, where’s Ji Shiting?

At the next moment, the light in the bedroom turned on.

Ye Shengge was astounded. She turned around and saw the man standing at the door, leaning against the wall. Even if he looked very chill, there was still something overbearing about him.

His gown was slightly open, and his hair looked a bit messy. There was still some tiredness on his handsome face, yet his eyes looked mysterious. He looked at her aloofly.

“Why are you so excited?” said the man without any emotions, but it sounded like he was interrogating her.

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