Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: That Woman Triggered Him

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Su Ye had been waiting outside the room for a long time.

“Boss, Master Four and Master Yu are waiting for you in the restaurant nearby,” he followed Ji Shiting and said.

Ji Shiting said, “Why are those two here?”

“I used my own ID to open a room for you, and Master Four found out…” Su Ye said.

That hotel had been opened by the fourth son from Qiao’s family, and he was just as interested in the boss’s private life as he was.

“Don’t book any hotel under the name of Feng Qiao,” said Ji Shiting as he stepped into the elevator.

Su Ye could tell that his boss wasn’t in a good mood. Was he not satisfied last time?

Last time, his boss had also looked upset when he had shredded the marriage proposal.

Sun Ye suddenly had some weird train of thought, but he halted it immediately.

A couple of minutes later, Ji Shiting entered the restaurant and walked into the room.

There were two men sitting beside the table, and they were Qiao Yanze and Yu Shuhang.

“Isn’t it Ji Shiting?” Qiao Yanze wa sitting close to the window and grinned. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Ji Shiting shot them a glance and walked in while taking off his jacket.

“You two seem to have so much free time.” He said without any emotions, but Yu Shuhang and Qiao Yanze could tell that he was irritated.

Yu Shuhang immediately pulled him a chair and said, “Shiting, I swear I don’t know anything. It’s Qiao who asked me here.”

“Ugh…” Qiao Yanze sneered at him.

Yu Shuhang looked refined and innocent, on the contrary, Qiao Yanze always looked a bit flirty, which was why people always assumed that he was the bad guy.

Yu Shuhang put a cup of coffee in front of Ji Shiting and said, “This is the latte I’ve prepared for you.”

Ji Shiting unbuttoned his shirt a bit and sipped his coffee, still looking aloof.

“What’s gotten into you?” QIao Yanze lifted his eyebrows. “You had a great night last night. Why can’t you just put up a smile for your friends?”

Ji Shiting was always very nonchalant, and he was almost never devoted to a certain person, and he’d never talked about his private life, even to his good friends.

Which was why Qiao Yanze couldn’t have been more excited when he heard that Ji Shiting had shared a room with a girl, and that he’d asked Yu Shuhang here to listen to the gossip.

Yet that man still looked apathetic.

Yu Shuhang couldn’t help asking, “Is it because you couldn’t get it up last night?”

Ji Shiting immediately shot a glare at him.

Qiao Yanze smiled, “Really?”

Ji Shiting put the coffee mug on the desk and said, “Shut up.”

Yu Shuhang dry coughed a bit and asked, “What exactly happened? We’ve been talking, and we reckon we might be attending your wedding soon.”

They both knew how Ji Shiting didn’t give a damn about women, so the woman he had carried into the room had to be someone special.

“Wedding?” Ji Shiting bent his fingers and tapped on the table, smiling coldly. “Don’t even think about it.”

He didn’t even know why he was making such a big deal out of it. He loved sleeping with that woman, and he actually didn’t mind being used as a cure for her.


Yet he was just pissed.

Yu Shuhang and Qiao Yanze gave each other a look, and they could tell that the woman had triggered him.

And also, they were more interested in the woman’s identity.

They both knew how calm and emotionally detached Ji Shiting was, and the woman who had triggered him had to be someone extraordinary.

It seemed that Ji Shiting was interested in her!

They both wanted to get to the bottom of it.

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