Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Coming to Save Her out of Nowhere

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Before the journalists realized what had happened, they were all picked up and thrown out of the room, followed by yelling noises.

“These people are disgusting. Lucky that we came in time.”

“Those people… I bet they aren’t even real journalists.”

Ye Shengge heard two men talking. Before she looked up, she saw a slender hand reaching toward her.

That hand had distinct joints and it looked exquisite.

“Get up.” The man with the hand said. His deep voice sounded familiar and melodious.

Ye Shengge suddenly wanted to cry. She sniffed, looked up at the man’s sophisticated face, and she couldn’t help but feel wronged.

She’d never expected anyone to come save her, no matter what kind of trouble she was in. She knew that there would never be a man like that.

However, this was the first time she had realized how wonderful it felt for someone to come to save her out of nowhere.

Ji Shiting frowned upon seeing her about to cry.

He pouted a bit, picked her from the ground, and in the next second, she wrapped her arms around his neck and teared up.

Ji Shiting wanted to push her away, but hearing her whimpering sound, he didn’t have the strength to do it at all.

He knew that the woman was probably trying to cling to him.

“Stop crying.” He stroked her long hair, trying to comfort her with his firm voice. “The security in the hotel did a bad job. I’ll file a complaint immediately.”

Qiao Yanze twitched his lips, but he couldn’t argue back.

He had asked the security guards to let the journalists in because he wanted to see the woman himself, but he’d never expected them to be so despicable.


However, it was worth it seeing Ji Shiting console a woman like this, even if he might have retaliated.

Yu Shuhang had been looking at Ye Shengge, then he poked Qiao Yanze and said, “Don’t you think?”

“What?” said Qiao Yanze.

Yu Shuhang frowned and said, “Don’t bother.”

Qiao Yanze didn’t think about Yu Shuhang’s reaction. Ye Shengge finally stopped crying, looked up and asked the man in front of her, “Why did you come back? It’s not me clinging on to you this time.”

Ji Shiting pinched her chin and sneered, “I only came back to pick up some stuff. I just ran into it.”

Ye Shengge didn’t believe a word he said, but she didn’t argue back, only nodded and pretended to agree.

The man retracted his hand, looked at Qiao Yanze and Yu Shuhang. “Has it been settled?”

“I’ve asked the security guards to take away their electronic devices and send them to the police station. They won’t let them out until they’ve been taught a lesson,” Qiao Yanze said and looked at Ye Shengge. “Can you introduce her now?”

“Not necessary.”

“Ji Shiting, you’re not human!”

“I mean, there’s no reason to introduce her,” said Ji Shiting apathetically. He grabbed her wrist. “Follow me.”

Ye Shengge looked around and followed him. Actually, she had recognized Qiao Yanze before. He was the fourth child from Fengqiao Corporation. With his solid family and handsome face, he was as popular as many A-list celebrities. There was gossip in the media about him from time to time. The other dashing man might also be Ji Shiting’s friend, a rich boy in Yang City.

But since Ji Shiting had decided to escort her away, she wouldn’t bother confirming his identity and didn’t even look at those two people.

She needed to seize this chance as that man finally showed some kindness.

Qiao Yanze and Yu Shuhang followed, both looking weird.

“Can’t believe Ji Shiting would pick a girl over his friends,” Qiao Yanze exclaimed.

Yu Shuhang thought a bit and said candidly, “You’ve overestimated us. I don’t recall him valuing us much before.”


“…” Qiao Yanze said with a straight face, “Okay. Stop talking.”

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