Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Is That Ye Shengge?

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Hearing Mu Yanhuai say ‘Shengge’ to his pleasant surprise, Mu Xiaoya raised her head.

She was then shocked by what she saw.

Is that Ye Shengge?

Ye Shengge always wore jeans and a t-shirt for the convenience of work, she never did her hair, and because of that birthmark, she used to put most of her hair to the front to cover her face, which made her look nondescript.

However, the woman who was walking toward them was wearing a plain-colored dress and stilettos with the same color. It looked simple, but it still showed her thin waist and slender shoes.

Mu Xiaoya hadn’t realized until just then that Ye Shengge had a great body!

And her face became clearer as she walked closer.

A breeze blew on the woman’s hair, and her exquisite face was revealed in front of everyone.

She had seductive, shining eyes and dark eyelashes. Her nose and lips were both stunning, but they paled compared to the peony on her right cheek. It looked like it was blossoming.

Mu Xiaoya gazed at her as she couldn’t believe her eyes.

How could that be Ye Shengge?

How… How was that possible…

Mu Xiaoya couldn’t believe it as Ye Shengge was more dashing than any star she’d seen before.

She couldn’t help turning around and looking at Mu Yanhuai.

Mu Yanhuai was also astounded as he stared at Ye Shengge, having trouble breathing smoothly.

Mu Xiaoya bit her lips while her body shivered. The jealousy in her mind quickly eroded her organs and rationality.

Ye Shengge walked toward them with ease.

The journalists all parted for her, and soon Ye Shengge walked onto the stage.

She squinted her eyes a bit, and she saw Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya’s different facial expressions.

This was the first time she had met them after she’d found out what they’d been doing.

It seemed that the sex tape last night had put them in deep distress, which was exactly what she had been aiming for.

She couldn’t help smiling, which made Mu Yanhuai breathe more heavily. He couldn’t help swallowing hard before she said, “Shengge, finally you’re here.”

“Sorry, I’m late.” Ye Shengge smiled and pointed at herself. “It took me some time to do my makeup.”

“That’s alright.” Mu Yanhuai calmed himself down. “Quick! The press are all waiting.”

Ye Shengge looked a bit confused, ‘What do you expect me to say?”

“To tell them that the sex tape is nothing but a fake,” Mu Yanhuai explained. “Tell them that you, me and Xiaoya are always hanging together, and that you would’ve known if there was actually something going on between me and Xiaoya. And besides, you know me as a person, and there’s no way I’d do something like that.”

He then reached over for Ye Shengge’s hands and said, “The most important thing is your trust in our relationship. You know, Shengge, that I’d never betray you.”

Ye Shengge stared at his eyes, and for a brief moment, she almost believed him.

Perhaps the man standing in front of her was the best for acting.

“Certainly.” She pulled her hands back, turned around and faced the journalists below.

All the journalists, who were stunned, finally regained their consciousness. They aimed their cameras at Ye Shengge directly, and the flashlight almost blinded Ye Shengge completely.

It was also a hit in the social media.

Countless netizens were all expressing how they felt through their comments.

“Oh my god! Is that the other boss of Star Brilliance, Ye Shengge?”

“I just don’t understand it. Why doesn’t she choose to get into the acting field? Wouldn’t those artists feel inadequate in front of her?”

“Oh my god! Boss Ye is just exquisite! I can’t even imagine what was going in Boss Mu’s head if he actually cheated on her with his own sister.”

“Do you know where Boss Ye got that peony drawn? It just looks amazing!”

“I’m becoming a fan of Boss Ye!”

“I’m becoming a fan too!”

“Count me in!”

The journalists stopped taking photos at the same time as they realized Ye Shengge was about to speak.

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