Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

Chapter 285 - Chapter 285 – North Building

Chapter 285 - Chapter 285 – North Building

Chapter 285 – North Building

As for the room’s defense, I was used to such things, so it finished quickly.

Now, even a High Lord class would not be able to enter easily.

“That should do it.”

‘We lost some time here.’

‘That being said, we gained some useful information. So in the end, we might have actually saved time.’

Serulis and Shia said through telepathy.

I had continued to keep the telepathy magic activated. And so Serulis could use it, even if she was a warrior.

‘In any case, let’s head to the north now. Follow me.’




And so we headed to the north building that the mercenaries said they were forbidden from entering.

Eric’s palace was positioned at the far north of the city.

It was probably because the king was supposed to be like the northern star in the sky, but I wasn’t sure.

Regardless, as it was to the north, it also meant it was the closest to the palace within the embassy.

And it was over the center of this embassy, that the hole in the divine protection in the sky was located.

‘We need to repair the divine protection. As we do not know when the dark ones will send reinforcements.’


‘And we also have to be careful of the evil god’s protection!’

Upon hearing those words, Lord Gerberga, who was in my jacket, shuddered.

Lord Gerberga was more affected by it than anyone.

It was much more painful for him than for me.

And so if possible, I wanted to suppress the enemy before they could activate it.

I touched Lord Gerbera gently from over my clothes. Just then, we arrived at the north building.

This place was said to be the living quarters and office of the ambassador.

Of course, I had continued to use magic to search the place. However, I could not see inside of the building.

‘It blocks both Magic Exploration and Magic Detection. We don’t know what might be in there. So stay on your guard.’

Of course, if I had half an hour, I could probably find out what was inside.

Unfortunately, we did not have that much time.

‘There may be traps.’

‘We will have to be careful.’

‘Grulf, you wait behind Shia.’


The door was locked by magic. And the door had also been reinforced.

That being said, I should be able to break it easily with my own magic.

And the walls were protected by an even stronger magic than the doors.

However, I decided to avoid the doors. It was for the same reason that I went over the walls earlier.

Because it was likely that there were traps behind the door.

And so I fired off a magic bullet into the wall. There was a deafening crash, and a large hole appeared in the wall.

Thick mist came out of the hole. It was from the vampires.

Perhaps these walls had been soundproof in order to defend against Lord Gerbera’s cry.

‘Perhaps it was this special wall and the mist that prevented me from seeing inside with magic.’


Lord Gerberga stuck his head out as if to ask if he could crow.

‘Do it, Lord Gerberga.’


All at once, the mist dispersed.

‘Thank you! That was very helpful!’

I said, and then I jumped through the hole.

At the same time that I entered, magic blades shot towards me from every side.

But I blocked all of them with a magic barrier.

Once that was done, after a slight delay, a sharp spear shot towards me from the front.

It was a physical object that was made of mithril.

“Hmm. They really thought this out.”

I grabbed the spear with my right hand.

Just as I had used magic to block magic attacks, there was this physical attack.

Only a sorcerer would have been able to deal with the first attack, but they would have found the second attack to be difficult.

“…You monster.”

Muttered the man in front of me who had thrown the spear.

“Surely that word is more fitting for you? …Hmm? You’re a human.”

The spear had been thrown with great speed and accuracy, and so I had assumed he was a vampire.

‘That’s the ambassador.’

Said Serulis as she followed me through the hole.

Shia and Grulf entered as well and inspected the place.

As for the ambassador, he was a man who appeared to be in his forties.

He was very tall and healthy and athletic looking.

Perhaps he was a noble from a military family.


I scanned the room.

It was the first room leading to the entrance. And it was quite spacious.

I saw that there were also traps set around the windows and door.

However, the ambassador was the only person here.

There wasn’t a single person or vampire besides him.

And so I wonder if he himself was a trap, and talked to him cautiously.

“Ambasador. In that case, they could not cast charm on you or make you a thrall.”

Due to his position, he would have opportunities to appear in the Mendilibar Kingdom’s palace, as well as the Ringain palace.

And security was generally much tighter in such places.

Not only that, but there were many palace sorcerers and sorcerers of high rank. And in the Mendilibar palace, there were lots of beastkin wolves as guards.

And so the ambassador would have to be human.

“That’s right. I am the Ringain Kingdom’s ambasador in Mendilibar Kingdom. If you point your arrows at me, you are doing so to both countries!”

Declared the ambassador in a bold and authoritative voice.

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