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Chapter 363 Bear-san Lands on the Mysterious Island Day 4

Chapter 363 Bear-san Lands on the Mysterious Island Day 4

Fina and the others are screaming, but Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear did not dive into the sea but running above the sea as they tackle the waves. Instead of stepping on a puddle with water splashing all over, they’re really running on the surface tension like it’s the ground.

[Hu, Hugging Bear-chan is running on the sea!] Shuri

Just like the first time Shuri rode on Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, she was overjoyed. While Fina and Shia are dumbfounded and silent. There is nothing blocking the sea. No boats either. Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are both running under the blue sky and over the blue sea.

I don’t know whether there are people looking, so I instructed Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to leave the land.

[Yuna-oneesan! Swaying Bear-chan is running on the sea! What’s going on!] Fina

Fina finally rebooted and asked me.

[It’s the ability of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Please keep this secret.] Yuna

[I won’t tell anyone, but still, it’s unbelievable. They’re running on the sea. I was surprised when they got smaller and now this! Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are both really amazing.] Fina

[And if there are monsters nearby, they will warn us and they will even fight.] Shia

Fina and Shia lined up the awesomeness of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

[And they’re fluffy.] Shuri

Shuri hugs Hugging Bear.

[Well, I’m not Noa. But still, I want Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan.] Shia

[I want them too.] Shuri

Shia declared and Shuri followed suit.

[Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are my family. I won’t give them.] Yuna

[Then, if I marry Yuna-san, I can be with Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan.] Shia

Shia jokingly said that.

[If I get married to Yuna-oneechan, can I stay with Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan too?] Shuri

[If I get married, that’s true. But both girls can’t do it.] Yuna

To begin with, I have no desire to get married. Basically, I don’t get the image of me being with a man. With that in mind, I may not be able to get married for the rest of my life. Well, there’s no problem because I’m fine with it.

[But I didn’t think I could have the experience of running on water. I had a good souvenir story for my mother.] Shia

[I’m telling you not to tell anyone.] Yuna

[Is it no good even if it’s my mother?] Shia

……I can only imagine.

Once Eleanora-san knew of it. First, she will tell it to Cliff and the King. And then, it will be transmitted from Cliff to Noa.

And on the King’s side. He’s going to talk about it to Princess Flora, Tilia, and the Queen. Though I don’t know if he’ll tell it to his son, the crown prince.

For the time being, it’s better to prevent it from spreading.

[If Eleanora-san knows, she’ll talk about it to Cliff and the King, so please keep it secret.] Yuna

[That’s true. My mother would talk to them about it. I don’t want Yuna-san to hate me, so I’ll keep silent.] Shia

[And neither Fina nor Shuri can tell anyone as well.] Yuna

[Yes.] Fina

[Un.] Shuri

I also made the two make a promise. The two kept silent about Kraken even if they were tickled by Tirumina-san. Shuri is selfish, but basically, she is a good girl who keeps her promise. Besides, she can’t help it because she’s a child. And in the first place, even Noa and Shia said that Fina was a good and obedient child.

So this time, it was rare when Fina said that she wanted to come with me.

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are far from the land. I check the location of the mysterious island on the bear map. It is inconvenient that the map can only grasp a certain distance, but I can figure out the approximate direction. Well, the harbor is over there, so the island is in this direction.

While looking at the Bear Map, I told Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to head to the mysterious island taught to me by Kuro-ojisan.

[Ah, I can see the Bear-san made by Yuna-oneechan.] Shuri

Shuri points towards the distant coast. The bear water-slide is there. Because it’s a big bear, it can be seen well from a distance. However, the appearance of children playing on the bear water-slide cannot be seen clearly with the naked eye. It looks like something that seems to be small people moving around.

If it is that much of a distance from here, it should be the same when looking towards here from the other side.

[We can’t see Noa and the others from here.] Yuna

[Noa-oneechan? I can’t see her.] Shuri

[Yes, she’s too small to see.] Yuna

[As expected, you can’t see them at this distance.] Shia

I’m glad I couldn’t see them even with my eyesight as 5.0 as in some countries. I’m not sure if my eyesight is 5.0, but I wonder how far I can grasp it.

In this world, do adventurers have that much visual acuity? But at this distance, you can’t tell who you are looking at.

We proceeded while checking the map. We kept running at this pace for a while. And so, we can now see our target, the mysterious island. I checked the map and the direction that Kuro-ojisan taught me. That’s definitely the island.

According to Kuro-ojisan, it suddenly appeared and disappeared without his knowledge, so it was possible that it might’ve already been gone overnight. I’m glad it hasn’t vanished yet.

[Is that the island?] Shia

[If that’s the island they taught me then there’s no mistake.] Yuna

Kuro-ojisan is old, but he’s not getting dull yet. He’s still sharper than the other fishermen. He shouldn’t make a mistake about this.

As we approach the island, I instructed Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to slow down.

[Then, let’s be careful when we get to the island. If there is a danger, you will immediately return. You will not act on your own. That’s right, Fina and Shuri shouldn’t get off from Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear except for Shia.] Yuna

[Yes.] Fina

[Un.] Shuri

Both of them replied properly.

If there is something dangerous, they can escape or be protected by riding on Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

As we come near the island, just like Kuro-ojisan says, large whirlpools swells around the island. They’re unnaturally rippling around the island.

With this, it is impossible to go to the island by boat. If you get caught up, it may be difficult to escape. Often, there was a fisherman who saw this whirlpool and still decided to go by boat. Even an amateur seems to understand that it is dangerous. He’s either overconfident in his ship maneuvering skills or just plain stupid.

[The whirlpools are really going wild around the island.] Yuna

[Yuna-oneechan. I’m scared.] Shuri

Shuri, who is sitting in front, grabs Hugging Bear tightly.

Certainly, it may be scary to look at it up close. Just by looking at it makes me feel like I’m being sucked into the whirlpools.

[It’s okay, you’re riding on Hugging Bear.] Yuna

[But they can’t bring us closer to the island.] Shia

[It’s okay since we’re riding on Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. The problem is where we can land on the island.] Yuna

It’s impossible to do it with a boat. But we’re not on a boat. We’re Riding Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. In the past, they crossed a torrent river. Whirlpools are nothing compared to it. We go around the island clockwise to find a place that is easy to land on. I found some places with low cliffs. We will try to land on the island from there.

[Because we will pass over the whirlpools, it may shake a little, so hold on firmly.] Yuna

Well, they won’t fall, but I said it just to be careful. Basically, when I’m riding Swaying Bear it feels like I’m stuck with super glue and I couldn’t fall no matter what I do. However, if you feel like getting off, you may fall.

Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared not to fall. The three hugged Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear tightly so that they don’t fall.

After confirming this, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear rushed out and jump over the whirlpools as if they were bouncing. Then, they landed on the island after a few more jumps.

[We really crossed the whirlpools.] Shia

[Hugging Bear-chan is amazing.] Shuri

I used my detection skills to look around. There was no reaction from monsters within the range. Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear also showed no reaction to danger sense. However, there may be ordinary beasts even if there’s no danger from monsters.

I got off from Hugging Bear.

[Both of you don’t get off.] Yuna

[Yes.] Fina

[Un.] Shuri

Both of them replied

[When you come to a place like this, it really gets you excited.] Shia

When Shia got off Swaying Bear, she took out the sword from the item bag and hung it on her waist.

It certainly is exciting. It’s fun to go to a new place. But that maybe because I’m with Fina and the other two. It’s more fun to play in multiplayer than solo campaigns. (TC: I beg to differ.)

There is no doubt that I can say I have a lot of solo gaming experience.

[Yuna-oneechan. Is there a treasure here?] Shuri

Shuri asks with her eyes shining. Didn’t she say she wanted to go because she wanted to see treasures?

[Well, I don’t know? Does Shuri want the treasure?] Yuna

[If I find it, I’ll give it to mom and dad.] Shuri

To Tirumina-san? Some unexpected words came out.

I look towards Fina.

[Etto, Fina. Are you in trouble with money so much? Is your household budget really that severe?] Yuna

I’m worried about the household budget of a 10-year-old girl, but I’m curious, so I asked. She’s currently my employee. If she’s having a hard time, I’ll have to think about it.

However, Tirumina-san’s salary should be raised as it is. Gentz-san also works in the Adventurer’s Guild. I don’t think they’re in trouble with money.

Maybe Gentz-san is drowning in alcohol?

[Etto, thanks to Yuna-san, we’re not in trouble with money. Shuri, why are you giving the treasure to mom and dad?] Fina

[They said that if you have more family members, it will cost you more money.] Shuri

[Family!?] Yuna

Maybe there is a baby in Tirumina-san’s stomach?

[Fina, is that so?] Yuna

[I, I don’t know.] Fina

Apparently, Fina doesn’t know. If Tirumina-san’s belly really has a baby, we have to celebrate.

But Shuri is already thinking about that.

[We may not find treasure, but I hope we can find some souvenirs.] Yuna

[Un!] Shuri

First off, we will go around the seaside to check the topography of the island. Shia and I will be in front, Fina who’s riding Swaying Bear will be behind us, followed by Shuri who’s riding Hugging Bear.

I used wind magic to mow the obstructive grass. There was no evidence that people passed by for a long time. Was it hard to get to the center of the island?

I can cut grass, but not the trees. I hope there is a place where we can easily go to. As we walked as if we were trotting, Fina in the back screamed.

[Yuna-oneesan. There are Orens.] Fina

There are many Oren fruits in a big tree in front of me. Well, it’s technically oranges. I often see them in Crimonia, where I normally bought them, and ate them.

I jumped lightly and picked the delicious Oren. Then I gave it to everyone.

[It looks delicious.] Fina

[Yuna-san, you can easily do great things.] Shia

I peeled and ate the Oren fruit. I think it tastes better than the usual Oren which I always eat.

[Hugging Bear-chan, a~n.] Shuri

When Shuri reaches out and puts Oren in front of Hugging Bear’s mouth, Hugging Bear bends his neck and eats it properly. Fina saw it, so she imitated it and fed Swaying Bear.

If you walk a bit further, you will find a tree with apples. But, to think that there is such a tree here.

Shuri must’ve also eaten it before, so I’ll pick it up just like the Oren.

Perhaps this island is a treasure trove of fruits?

Author’s Note:

Finally, we landed.

With a visual acuity of 5.0, it seems that you can see quite far.

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