Lady Cultivator

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Meeting

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Mo Tiange hesitated for a long time before she finally accepted his offer.

She was very lonely on her path of cultivation. As for her family, she really wouldn’t stay with them if she could. That was why she had been cultivating secretly, wishing that if she succeeded in cultivation one day, she could leave that house and find her father.

During the past three years, she hadn’t had anyone to talk to about these matters. Not even Tianqiao…

Tianqiao had a different life compared to her. She still had parents and was completely loved. Her future would involve a blissful marriage, a happily ever after. Since their paths were different, telling her about cultivation matters would be useless.

Besides, the more kindly Tianqiao treated her, the guiltier she felt. Because, although Tianqiao genuinely considered her a sister and best friend, she clearly understood that Tianqiao could only be a passerby in her life. One day, they would have to separate and lead their own lives.

Except for the dream she had three years ago, the only understanding she had about the cultivation world was the one she got from the books. Curiosity had been piling up in her mind. Now that she happened to meet a cultivator, she really couldn’t resist the temptation to find out more about that world.

Once Li Yushan found out Mo Tiange lived in the vicinity, he told her he would be staying in town for a while and that if she had the time, she could drop by the inn to see him. Both of them went their separate ways after bidding goodbye.

Mo Tiange lost the appetite to stroll around and just accompanied Tianqiao absent-mindedly. When the sun was about to set, Mo Tianjun finally came to find them. The group of people went back home together.

Tianqiao excitedly fiddled with the things she bought at the fair after they returned to the ancestral house. Mo Tiange, however, returned to her small room and started to rummage through the copy of the book from the library she made years ago.

In the book, lay Buddhist Qing Lian said he only learned about the existence of the cultivation world after he inadvertently ran into a cultivator in the secular world. It was very rare for an individual cultivator in the secular world to meet another cultivator. That was why every time it happened, they usually made an appointment to have a discussion with the hopes that their cultivation would be benefited by exchanging their experiences.

Having the chance to talk about cultivation methods with others was extremely appealing to Mo Tiange. She had been fumbling around with her cultivation for the past three years. Even if the Old Master could tell her about the literal meaning of the method, he couldn’t provide her with answers for the difficulties she had with cultivation. Because of that, her journey in cultivation had always been a very bumpy one.

However, she planned to master Wind’s Breath before seeing Li Yushan. Both the Ancestor and Qing Lian said that a human’s heart was hard to fathom and that she had to always remember this when dealing with other cultivators. If she mastered the Wind’s Breath spell, she wouldn’t be entirely defenseless.

Hence, she promptly put her thoughts into action.

To learn the Wind’s Breath spell, first, she had to be agile in controlling spiritual aura. In order to maximize the use of her pearl bracelet, Mo Tiange had been exercising control over spiritual aura for the past three years, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

She began to control the spiritual aura according to the instructions and she practiced for two days straight. It was only after she was sure she had absolute control over the spiritual aura in her body that she started to practice Wind’s Breath.

It was unclear whether these notes were written by the Ancestor, but these spells were all explained in great detail. In order to avoid injury, it would be best for those who had just begun practicing spells to first accustom themselves with moving the spiritual aura in their bodies before trying to release it.

Mo Tiange didn’t dare make any movements that would alarm others, so she practiced moving the spiritual aura in her body slowly. After she was certain she wouldn’t make any mistakes, she cautiously started to practice the spell.

At first, she couldn’t produce any wind. After practicing for several days, she still couldn’t match her hand movements with the incantation and could only produce a soft wind that couldn’t even blow a piece of paper away. In short, it was completely different from the invisible wind blade that could injure people described in the technique.

This was a huge blow for Mo Tiange. Her intelligence had always been praised by others. She was already able to speak when she was a year old and could read when she was three. After she was admitted to the school, her work had always been better than other children. But against all reason, while trying to learn this spell, her intelligence seemed to have completely evaporated. Since there was no shortcut to learning it, she could only immerse herself in practicing and working hard.

After another three days of practice, she gradually became proficient in controlling and matching her hand movements with the incantation. Mo Tiange was exhilarated. After practicing with perseverance, she could finally control the wind, slowly transforming it into a sharp blade. Filled with excitement, she formed a wind blade in her palm. With a wave of her hand, the paper in her other hand was slashed and emitted a ripping sound. A clean, precise cut in the paper demonstrated the efficiency of this blade.

A smile appeared on Mo Tiange’s face. Although she had been cultivating for a few years, this was the first time she had the power to attack others as well as the power to protect herself.

She waved in another direction. Although the table was still, she cut the corner and it fell to the ground.

In the next second, however, her smile turned into a bitter one. She put her hand down as exhaustion appeared on her face.

She hadn’t expected that this spell would consume this much spiritual aura. She had only used it twice, but her body was already drained of spiritual aura. In the secular world, where spiritual aura was scarce, it wouldn’t be easy for her to replenish her spiritual aura.

All of a sudden, she thought of something. In the cultivation world, there were, in fact, two other ways to quickly restore spiritual aura. The first way was to use spirit stones. Spirit stones were said to be a type of stone full of spiritual aura. They were the equivalent of a spiritual aura storage tool. The other way was to eat medicinal pills. However, even in the cultivation world, medicinal pills weren’t easy to obtain, not to mention the difficulty of obtaining them in the secular world.

Actually, she had seen neither of those materials. The only things related to the cultivation world she possessed were a cultivation technique imprinted in her mind and a pearl bracelet that could gather spiritual aura.

As she thought about those things, she became more interested in meeting Li Yushan. She practiced for another two days for that reason, and when she became proficient in using Wind’s Breath, she sneaked out of the house.

Li Yushan was indeed staying in the town’s inn. Mo Tiange had just entered and hadn’t had the chance to ask the waiter when she saw Li Yushan walking down the stairs. He cupped his hands as a greeting towards her and said, “Little girl, you finally came.” He then told the waiter, “Bring several dishes to my room.”

Although the waiter was curious, he didn’t dare ask and could only comply and do his job.

Mo Tiange was still very young. She was naturally unconcerned about propriety and followed him directly into the room. Besides, Feiyun was a small town and most of the people there were farmers. There weren’t too many rules there.

After the waiter delivered the food and left, Mo Tiange said, “Young Master Li…”

Li Yushan interrupted her and said, “Fellow Daoist Mo, you have probably never had any interactions with other cultivators. For us cultivators, calling each other ‘Fellow Daoist’ will do.”

Mo Tiange thought he was right, so she complied and called him: “Fellow Daoist Li.”

Li Yushan smiled and started to talk about matters related to cultivating.

Their cultivation levels were pretty equal, so Mo Tiange could understand what he was talking about. Sometimes, there were some things she couldn’t explain, but Li Yushan could still understand her meaning. In the beginning, Li Yushan spoke for the majority of the time, but gradually, Mo Tiange also spoke her mind.

Li Yushan treated her with respect and enthusiasm. Never once did he belittle her because of her young age. Mo Tiange originally didn’t understand why he would do so, but as time passed by, she finally understood his intentions. It seemed that the reason why Li Yushan was extremely hospitable to her was because her father was a cultivator. He must’ve thought she obtained her current cultivation level at such a young age because she received pointers from her elder. Thus, he humbly asked her for guidance, wishing to obtain some kind of secret to success.

Mo Tiange really didn’t have any kind of secret. However, it was true that the cultivation method she had was very detailed. Whenever Li Yushan asked about something she knew, she would explain it to him. Some of the answers she gave really did dissolve his confusion, so he treated her with even more respect.

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