Lady Cultivator

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: In the Jungle

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Having withdrawn spiritual aura from her body after she finished moving it along her Macrocosmic Orbit 1 , Mo Tiange finally opened her eyes and prepared to practice her spells.

Ever since she entered the middle stage of the Aura Refining realm, the Art of Sunu was no longer the only technique she practiced. Second Uncle told her that although this cultivation technique was remarkable, it didn’t have any early stage fighting method and others could see through this technique easily. Cultivators from influential cultivation groups wouldn’t be troubled by this, but individual cultivators like them often clashed against others. Hence, it would be better for her to learn some more practical spells.

After her realm was stabilized, Second Uncle gave her a technique manual called “Green-Wood Art.” This art was part of Ye Clan’s collection; it was learned by every ordinary clan member with wood element spiritual roots. This art could be practiced until the Core Formation realm, which for most ordinary cultivators, was sufficient. It gave them extremely powerful fighting methods. In the past few years, Mo Tiange had been practicing this art until she was proficient as part of her preparation to face the Immortal Assembly.

Now, she finished cultivating with the Art of Sunu and was going to begin practicing the spells in the Green-Wood Art manual.

She opened her palm and various unknown seeds appeared. With a flip of her hand, the seeds fell to her feet. Tender shoots instantly sprang up from the ground and grew into thorny vines, coiling themselves firmly on the table.

Seeing those thorny vines, Mo Tiange shook her head. The speed isn’t fast enough. Tables won’t move, but humans will!

Soon after, she gathered some spiritual aura on her fingertips and transformed it into a very small fireball. She then threw the fireball towards the vines, quickly burning them to the ground without causing the slightest damage to the table legs.

This was the result of two years of training. Now that she was proficient in controlling her spiritual aura, she could burn whatever she wanted. It could be said that this technique was just like the technique Li Yushan used years ago to burn a hole through the wall without damaging the surrounding wall. Of course, hers had a stronger effect.

Using Green-Wood Art to grow seeds to bind her target then using spiritual fire technique to control her target was a method she came up with.

Mo Tiange continued practicing. It was only after she saw that the sky had turned bright that she got up, washed and went out to make some food.

Cultivators no longer needed food after they reached the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm; after they reached the Foundation Building realm, they would no longer be bothered by dust. She was still in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, so she still had to eat and bathe. Basically, she was still a mortal.

It was an unwritten rule of the cultivation world that Aura Refining cultivators must not perform a long duration Closed Door Meditation. After all, if they went into a Closed Door Meditation for several months, upon coming out, they would have an aching belly, back pain, and a dirt-covered body; in short, it would be completely unbearable.

Mo Tiange had never eaten a Fasting Pill. Firstly, although Fasting Pills were cheap, they were still medicine. Secondly, Fasting Pills were nowhere near as delicious as real food. Although cooked food increased the impurities in the body, Mo Tiange didn’t need to worry about this matter if the food she consumed was derived from spiritual beasts. In fact, it could actually increase her spiritual aura by a very small amount. Even though spiritual beasts that possessed fighting abilities were hard to find, beasts infected with spiritual aura were everywhere. After all, they were on the Kunwu mountain range.

Every normal cultivator preferred to eat Fasting Pills because they thought eating cooked foods would create impurities in their bodies. Not everyone was aware that spiritual beasts and spiritual plants wouldn’t cause any problems. As for mortals, they naturally wouldn’t dare to eat spiritual beasts. Thus, Mo Tiange had never been worried about fighting others for food. She could go into the woods and catch some birds or other pheasants as she wished.

Outside the gate, she headed leisurely towards the jungle behind the market square.

Right after she entered the forest, she could already see fat spiritual rabbits jumping around. Mo Tiange was delighted. In the end, when it came to flavor, rabbits were still the most delicious! Unfortunately, rabbits had many predators and consequently became hard to find.

She threw a seed which instantly transformed into intertwining vines, trapping a panicked rabbit inside. With a wave of her hand, Mo Tiange sent a wind blade forward. The rabbit uttered a cry before it finally fell to the ground. She walked forward and picked the rabbit up, throwing it into her Qiankun Bag.

Because she was afraid she couldn’t bear to kill it if she caught it first, she had always killed her prey before picking it up. Second Uncle always said she wasn’t ruthless enough. Every corner of the cultivation world was dangerous. Some people still did evil things even if that meant they had to face their Inner Demon in their realm-breakthrough. After all, Inner Demons only appeared in the Core Formation realm-breakthrough. Meanwhile, of the hundreds of thousands of cultivators in the Celestial Pole, the Core Formation cultivators only numbered several thousand.

Her encounters with Li Yushan in her childhood and being forced to leave Mount Dongmeng made her understood that she had to be strong and couldn’t be afraid to kill. To protect herself, she had to eliminate her enemies before they had the chance to harm her, just like Ye Jingwen did. When he noticed that Li Yushan harbored evil intentions, he killed him directly without even batting an eyelid. Yet, although Mo Tiange was aware of all this, she was still unaccustomed to killing. Maybe if she went through some type of bloody event, she’d be able to slowly accustom herself to killing others.

After catching the rabbit, Mo Tiange remained in the forest to pick some wild herbs and plants. She was just about to stand up and head back when she suddenly sensed some people’s breaths coming her way, stopping her actions.

There were two different sets of footsteps, so in other words, there were two people. Although this area was filled with spiritual aura, there were only average animals and plants here, so people typically didn’t come here. How could there suddenly be two people coming to this place?

Unable to resist her curiosity, she held her breath and crouched behind the bushes, watching a certain clearing through the small gaps between the leaves.

As she expected, there were two people. She saw two pairs of legs; one pair in black boots, another pair was in embroidered shoes. It seemed they were a man and a woman.

The man’s legs stopped then a soft voice came through, “Little Sister Lian, there should be no one here.”

The woman didn’t answer. Mo Tiange softly shifted her body until she could finally see everything clearly. She saw two young cultivators, a man and a woman, staring affectionately at each other and holding each other’s hands tightly. They looked deeply in love.

Mo Tiange was immediately filled with so much regret that she wanted to smack her head. They’re clearly two little lovebirds looking for a secret place to meet, okay!?

Having stopped spying on them, she crouched in hesitation. It would naturally be inappropriate for her to go out now. Between these two people, the man was also in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm like her, while the woman was in the sixth layer. If she wasn’t cultivating with the Art of Sunu, resulting in her Breath-Concealing Divine Sense Technique being more powerful than theirs, she might’ve been discovered already. If she came out now, they would think she harbored some evil intentions. Besides, if she destroyed their secret meeting, they would most likely give her a lesson. She had absolutely no intention of getting a beating.

While she wallowed in her regret, the couple was already entangled in their fiery passion. The man’s robe had been spread open on the ground while he carried his “Little Sister Lian” in his arms, ready to do something indecent.

Mo Tiange was completely petrified when she realized what was going on. She thought these two little lovebirds were just looking for a place to have a romantic moment. Who would’ve imagined they actually wanted to…

From the noise that came from the place, the two of them were apparently kissing each other. The “Little Sister Lian” managed to steal some time to say, “Watch your clothes.”

The man groaned “en” without stopping. The two of them undressed and went straight into the matter at a frightening speed.

Hearing their fiery passion burning ferociously, Mo Tiange suddenly had the urge to bury herself in the ground. She had been disguising herself as a man for several years. Furthermore, she was usually either engrossed in cultivating or doing research in the Law of Formations, so she didn’t understand normal relations between men and women. As a result, she kept her head lowered in extreme embarrassment, not daring to even glance in their direction.

After a long time, the noises gradually faded. The man said, “Little Sister Lian, there’s still a month before the Immortals Assembly begins. How are the preparations in your family?”

The “Little Sister Lian’s” voice was so tender and sweet that it seemed like honey would drip out as she sulkily said, “After going through so much trouble to meet, you’re asking this kind of thing?”

The man coaxingly said, “Don’t you think I asked that because I want to enter Yunwu Sect with you? If we both enter the sect, our families can’t interfere with our relationship anymore. Then we can become Dual Cultivation partners, forever inseparable…”

“Little Sister Lian” said with a hint of hesitation: “I… have an edge.”

The man said, “An edge? What kind of treasure did your family give you?”

“Little Sister Lian” smiled but didn’t answer.

Feeling curious, Mo Tiange secretly peeked from behind the bushes again. However, what she saw was actually a naked man and woman wrapped around each other with only a few pieces of clothing covering their bodies. She recited “ignore it” several times in her heart before she finally took a look at their appearances.

The two of them were about twenty years old. The man was quite handsome while the woman looked lovely and charming. It was no wonder they hid their relationship from their families—beauty was indeed harmful!

The man hugged “Little Sister Lian” and once again said, “Good Little Sister Lian, tell me, okay? I can’t stop worrying if you don’t.”

Perhaps the concern in his words touched “Good Little Sister Lian” as she finally said, “Father gave the Enchanting Lantern to me. I think no matter what opponent I fight, I’ll still have a bit of an edge.”

Although her tone was humble, there was very high self-confidence in her words. Mo Tiange was very curious about this Enchanting Lantern and why the woman could be so confident.

Cultivators in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, namely people at the peak of the middle stage of the Aura Refining realm like Mo Tiange, would definitely present at the Immortals Assembly. Even tenth layer Aura Refining cultivators would most likely come. This woman was only in the sixth layer of the Aura Refining realm. Her cultivation level could be considered part of the lower group, yet she actually thought no matter what opponent she had, she would have a bit of an edge?

The man said, “I see. In that case, I won’t have to worry. Little Sister Lian, you can definitely enter Yunwu Sect. Then, we…”

His unfinished words caused this “Little Sister Lian” to blush. The man brought her into his arms and the two of them started to become intimate again.

Mo Tiange withdrew her gaze with a slightly doubtful feeling. She seemed to have just seen a killing intent flashing across that man’s eyes. Did I see correctly?

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