Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1653 - 1653 The Engagement Was Snatched

Chapter 1653 - 1653 The Engagement Was Snatched

1653 The Engagement Was Snatched

Xia Chunyu was burning with anger. Everyone around her had seen her invite Gu Zheng to dance. Now that she was rejected, countless people were laughing at her behind her back.

The dance was about to start when Xia Chunyu realized that a slim woman was walking over.

Qiao Xi had long seen Xia Chunyu pestering Gu Zheng. She did not want to have a conflict with Xia Chunyu, but she could not just watch that woman seduce her husband!

When Qiao Xi walked in front of everyone, Gu Yao hurriedly greeted, “Sister-in-law, you’re finally here!”

Xia Chunyu sized up Qiao Xi with a burning gaze and stood in front of her angrily. “You’re Mrs. Gu? You’re a little good-looking, but you’re nothing special. You just have good looks.


“As the daughter of the Xia family, I’ve learned etiquette, socializing, chess, calligraphy, and painting since I was young. Can you compare to me? I’m the most suitable person to dance with Mr. Gu!” Xia Chunyu said arrogantly.

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows. Xia Corporation in the capital was not much either. Xia Chunyu was clearly a wilful and brainless idiot!

She smiled charmingly. “Being good-looking is also a skill. Are you envious, Miss Xia?”

Xia Chunyu was stunned for a moment. She suddenly felt that Mrs. Gu looked a little familiar when she smiled as if she had seen her somewhere before. She did not have time to think before anger surged. “You b*tch!”

Qiao Xi said with a smile, “Miss Xia, you want to dance with my husband, yet you’re scolding me instead? Aren’t you too unreasonable?”

The moment that was said, the surrounding people echoed, “That’s right! Li City has its own rules. Bringing your wife to the banquet and not dancing with other women is the most basic show of respect for your wife.”

“Do you think you can force others just because you’re the daughter of the Xia family? You clearly know that President Gu has a wife, yet you still specially came over to snatch her husband. Is this the character of a socialite in the capital?”

Xia Chunyu’s bodyguards’ heads were buzzing. Their young master had instructed Miss not to cause trouble, but she still did not care. Not only did she offend Mr. and Mrs. Gu, but she also ruined her reputation.

The surroundings were filled with discussion, and Xia Chunyu’s expression was extremely ugly. She bit her lip and left with a gloomy expression.

Qiao Xi sat on the sofa and raised her eyebrows at the man in front of her. “You sure know how to attract women.”

Gu Zheng was stunned for a moment. His eyes were filled with affection as he laughed heartily. “Since you know that I’m so popular, you should be by my side at all times.”

Qiao Xi glared at him. “If it weren’t for Godmom telling me to try my best not to have a conflict with Xia Chunyu, I would’ve come over to look for you a long time ago!”

Gu Zheng pursed his lips and understood Madam Qin’s intentions. Xia Chunyu was not a kind person. By avoiding conflict with her, Qiao Xi could avoid interacting with the Xia family.

“I heard from Grandma that the old madam of Xia Corporation in the capital is her biological sister, so Old Madam Xia should also be from the Yin family. However, Xia Corporation in the capital doesn’t have any contact with Old Madam Yin now. What exactly happened between them?”

Seeing Qiao Xi’s confusion, Gu Zheng slowly said, “Old Madam Yin didn’t tell you that she was the one who originally wanted to marry into the capital’s Xia Corporation. The Yin and Xia families were long-time friends, so they arranged an engagement after the sisters were born. Old Madam Yin was the elder sister, so she was supposed to marry the young master of the capital’s Xia Corporation. The two of them were engaged when they were seven years old. Later on, with the support of their parents, they went to the same university and were only waiting to get married after graduation.

“At that time, the entire high society knew that she stole my sister’s fiance and became a mistress, so they were unwilling to interact with her. The Yin family rarely contacted her either. After the Xia family’s head passed away, Yin Lianyi took over Xia Corporation. Her status is outstanding, so no one dares to talk about her past anymore.

“What’s even more shameless is that she wasn’t pregnant at all back then. She was just playing tricks to get to where she is today. Back then, this matter was a topic of discussion in the high society. No one expected that decades later, the mistress who was despised by everyone back then became the powerful old madam. The entire capital’s noble families have to be polite to her.”

Qiao Xi grunted coldly. “Yin Lianyi is unscrupulous in order to achieve her goal, and Xia Chunyu grew up by her side. Looks like their personalities are similar.”

“Xia Chunyu can’t compare to her mother’s madness and methods,” Gu Zheng said indifferently.

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