Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1656 - 1656 Is There Any Reason For Xia Yunqiu's Daughter To Be Jealous Of You?

Chapter 1656 - 1656 Is There Any Reason For Xia Yunqiu's Daughter To Be Jealous Of You?

1656 Is There Any Reason For Xia Yunqiu’s Daughter To Be Jealous Of You?

“Mrs. Gu, tell us what’s going on!”

“That’s right! Miss Xia is from the capital’s Xia Corporation. If you really picked up her bracelet, you should quickly return it!”

Everyone stood up to smooth things over, but Qiao Xi insisted, “The bracelet is mine. Miss Xia, if you’re unconvinced, call the police.”

“B*tch! You’re quite arrogant!”

Xia Chunyu cursed angrily. She looked at Qiao Xi’s vixen-like face and was infuriated. Wasn’t the reason Gu Zheng married her that she was a little beautiful? If her face was ruined, would Gu Zheng still like her?


“Just because you’re Mrs. Gu, you stole my bracelet and refuse to return it. You’ve offended the capital’s Xia Corporation. I definitely won’t let you have an easy time! I advise you to be sensible and immediately kneel down and kowtow to me to admit your mistake!”

Qiao Xi raised the bracelet and said with a smile, “Miss Xia, this isn’t the Xia family’s heirloom but the Yin family’s emerald bracelet.”

Xia Chunyu was stunned.

Yin family? Wasn’t that her grandmother’s surname? However, there was no family in the capital with the surname Yin. This woman must have checked her grandmother’s surname to deliberately fool her!

Just as Xia Chunyu was about to retort, a dignified voice came from outside the door. “Xi Xi is right. The bracelet belongs to the Yin family!”

Xia Chunyu’s face was filled with disdain. B*llshit! How could the Yin family compare to the noblest Xia family in the capital?

She looked in the direction of the voice but was stunned when she saw the person’s face. Her body trembled uncontrollably, and her face instantly turned pale. “G-Grandma?”

Why was Grandma in Li City?

No! No! This was not Grandma!

Xia Chunyu broke out in a cold sweat. Grandma would not look at her with such a cold gaze.

At this moment, Madam Qin broke the silence and came forward to greet her. “Old Madam Yin!”

Everyone recovered from their shock. This was the old madam of the Yin family! It seemed that she was here today to support Qiao Xi. After all, Qiao Xi was her granddaughter. Although Xia Chunyu was favored, she was just an adopted daughter.

Yin Lianxin’s cold gaze landed on Xia Chunyu, then she sneered. “Miss Xia, you said that this bracelet is the Xia family’s heirloom. How laughable! When did the Yin family’s heirloom become the Xia family’s?”

At this moment, Xia Chunyu did not care about the person in front of her anymore. She still looked at Qiao Xi with resentment. “But my bracelet is missing. She stole it!”

Yin Lianxin sneered. “Miss Xia, aren’t you curious about why I look exactly like your grandmother?”

She suddenly had a bad feeling. Before she could react, Yin Lianxin said, “Your grandmother probably didn’t tell you that she has a twin sister, right? Back then, my mother carved two bracelets and gave one to each of us. The word ‘intent’ was engraved on the inside of her bracelet, while the word ‘heart’ was engraved on my bracelet.

Xia Chunyu panicked. It turned out that this old madam was Grandma’s biological sister. That bracelet…

At this moment, Madam Qin walked to Qiao Xi’s side and carefully looked at the bracelet. “Yes, the word ‘heart’ is engraved on the inside of Xi Xi’s bracelet. In other words, this is Old Madam Yin’s bracelet.”

Xia Chunyu’s face was pale as tears streamed down her face. She roared unwillingly, “I didn’t know that there were two identical bracelets! I lost my bracelet. Maybe this b*tch is jealous of me and deliberately hid my bracelet!”

“Jealous of you?” Yin Lianxin sneered. “You can go home and ask your grandmother if there’s any reason for Xia Yunqiu’s daughter to be jealous of you.”

Xia Yunqiu’s daughter?

At this moment, Xia Chunyu finally reacted. It turned out that this b*tch was Xia Yunqiu’s daughter, Qiao Xi. Back then, Xia Yunqiu snatched her mother’s lover. This time, Qiao Xi had snatched Gu Zheng. The mother and daughter were vixens who specialized in snatching other people’s men!

The past grudges were intertwined, and Xia Chunyu’s face gradually became ferocious. She roared angrily, “So what if she’s Xia Yunqiu’s daughter? Xia Yunqiu’s father is Xia Cheng. He’s just a member of the declining branch family. Can he be compared to the Xia Corporation in the capital?

“Although I’m an adopted daughter, I’m the only daughter of the Xia family, while Qiao Xi is just an orphan. Even if she has the support of the Yin family, she’s far inferior to me!”

The surroundings were silent. These words were unpleasant, but they made sense. Qiao Xi’s parents were not alive, and the Yin family was indeed not as noble as the Xia family in the capital. Their identities were naturally incomparable.

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