Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 480 - Small Realm and Big World

Chapter 480 Small Realm and Big World

The dark cloud in the sky darkens the central mountain range of Shijia Rift Valley. Shivering animals hide in caves and some timid ones have even fainted long ago.

The noise in Shijia Rift Valley is so loud that it attracts many forces here one after another. However, because of the great momentum of the dark cloud, they can only stay outside.

Such thunder aiming at one specific place cannot come here only because of changing weather. Besides, who has ever seen thunder which can flatten a mountain? Stones have scattered because of it. Judith was sent to inspect here by his sister Windsor. The fat man gnaws chicken wings on the small starship and reports to Maple Leaf City in an unclear voice—the intelligent brain program and a bunch of experts also can’t figure out anything with some messy data. Judith is just in a remote video chat.

“I have heard that in some remote planets, gods are jealous of some wild monsters so they make Thunder Doom to eliminate such threats…”

An old scholar raises his head from the database and says with hesitation.

As a powerful alliance, the most important thing is to keep exploring countless stars. Let alone distant ones, Judith once found a group of rocs on an undocumented planet during his two years of life as an interstellar pirate with Windsor. “Friend” intruded their habitat and those rocs almost destroyed their ship which looks ordinary but is actually the most advanced starship of Nami Alliance.

If Windsor hadn’t commanded it properly, they might have not escaped.

Judith subconsciously stops chewing chicken wings. It is not surprising that there are powerful cosmic monsters in the universe. However, are they powerful enough to trigger supernatural phenomena to deal with them?

“Well, is our starship too close?”

No one dares to say that the prince is too timid. Starship commanders order the men to retreat. Some clever nobles see that the royal starship is retreating so they also retreat.

Of course, there are those who are not very clever. They think they have a chance to get treasures only when they are close enough. Therefore, they occupy the frontline position and they are not willing to retreat.

At this moment, the last thunder and lightning which contains all the power of the dark cloud falls without warning. When it hits the top of the mountain, even time seems to have a short pause. Wherever the shock wave hits, trees are rolled up with their roots. Disordered electromagnetism disturbs the airship system. Those nobles who were sitting in front of the luxury airship to watch the show now all “enjoy” the feeling of a sinking boat in the waves… This is really embarrassing. The airship actually falls to the ground like a fruit which is knocked down by the rain!

People who watch the show eventually become “characters” in the show for entertainment.

Is the person who made this show well now?

When Thunder Doom suddenly attacks, the blue jade floating above Lin Luoran’s head absorbs enough power of thunder and lightning. Before the final blow comes, it suddenly rotates at a high speed. Above Lin Luoran’s head, it transforms into a real “man” with a real face who looks exactly like Lin Luoran.

The last blow that destroys mountains, stones, and trees accurately hits on the blue jade “Lin Luoran”, smashing the jade into the ground and making it turn into its original shape.

At this time, dark cloud, thunder, and lightning all disappear. Suddenly, there are rays of sun rising from the top of the hill struck by the thunder and lightning. A strong fragrance is emitted. It revitalizes vegetation and animals affected by Heaven’s Doom so that they won’t be destroyed innocently.

The valley shrouded by rays of the sun looks so solemn and divine now. This scene surprises all Nami people who are fortunate enough to witness it. Later on, this phenomenon is called “lucky charm”. It is then passed down for thousands of years by the writers of the Nami Alliance with their imaginative recreation.

Lin Luoran is wrapped in red clouds, as a light cocoon.

Her body is transforming by the neonatal Meta of her body in the shining sunlight. Her skin, blood, bones, height, and appearance have all changed. Gathering Vitality advancement cannot turn a female cultivator into a majestic fairy. It only gives each cultivator the most suitable and perfect body for her after evolution.

After the conversion of Gathering Vitality in the pubic region, Wakan inside Lin’s body gradually transforms into more high-rank Meta. It takes the place of Wakan inside Lin Luoran, nourishing her flesh and filling her meridians.

Lin Luoran’s remodeling of body this time no longer expels black and smelly impurities. Instead, it let out fragrant sweat.

When she completes the Meta conversion and opens her eyes, she hears the undisguised joy of fire phoenix and other two monsters, ” Linny, you have gathered vitality!”

Yeah, she has gathered vitality.

Her old illness has all healed and she now gets a new body. Lin Luoran stands up and walks for two steps. She feels that her body is so light, as a feather which can’t be measured on a scale. She is about to fly like a feather.

A more dramatic change is the joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness of everything which Lin Luoran can feel as she breathes.

She feels that the changes brought about by the Gathering Vitality period are enough for her to study for a long time.

Lin Luoran picks up the blue jade on the ground. The criss-crossing cracks on it remind her how dangerous a situation she was facing.

White Fairy said that this is a treasure of the deep-sea mermaid line.

“The moon in the sea has tears and the blue jade smokes in the warm sunshine.” Mermaid tears can turn into tear pearls. The pool which gathers mermaid tear pearls breeds a “blue jade” after a million years. Blure jade is not a famous jade of Huaxia. Such jade only plays one role which is to humanize and suffer for others.

This is a treasure never given away by the Mermaid line. No one dares to wear it except for the royal family in the Mermaid.

Because of this treasure, many cultivators target mermaids to advance Divinization. Mermaids are treasures themselves and they are also the possessors of treasures. It’s almost inevitable that this ethnic group disappears… Lin does not know why the mermaid who has been dead did not use it in the Sea of Sin.

No matter what, this thing has taken the bullet for her. Lin Luoran puts away the cracked blue jade carefully.

White Fairy laments that it is really a pity because only Divinization of Gathering Vitality can make the best of this kind of treasure completely. Lin Luoran is not greedy. If she wants to achieve Divinization, it is still a hard stuff even with space to help. She doesn’t want to make herself regret because of some possibility in the future. It’s not worthwhile to worry about gains and losses in this way.

From Laying Foundation to Bearing Essence, Lin Luoran once won a “big gift package”. What about the Gathering Vitality period?

Lin Luoran remembers something and she gets into space.

The original 20 acres of soil land has changed dramatically. Happiness comes so fast that Lin Luoran’s head is dizzy.

There is an unexpected hill in the former place of the tiny pond. This hill is the best place for her to plant trees and ordinary Huaxia herbal medicine. There are all kinds of mushrooms fungus and vines which grow in the most suitable place for themselves automatically.

The fire pit where Strange Fire was has changed into a real mountain. Strange Fire itself has seeped into space. Lin can now feel the hellfire lava in the mountain… It seems that if she digs the right place, maybe she can really set up the alchemy furnace to make elixirs. Plants, trees, and spirit herbs which originally belong to the Fire are all automatically transplanted to the red mountain.

Between these two mountains, there is a good field stretching for dozens of miles. At the edge of the field, there stands her small wooden hut. A pond is close to her hut. The most fertile place is the two acres of red soil land full of spirit herbs and exotic flowers. The black soil land covers four acres and the remaining good land is all yellow soil land.

A lake borders two mountains on the edge of fertile fields.

There are two mountains and one lake. The rest of the place is still shrouded in dense fog. It’s easy to know that she can’t go there.

The plants she planted before remain unchanged. Lin Luoran walks to the edge of the yellow soil land, feeling like she has jumped over an invisible barrier. The Reiki here is very faint. Lin Luoran has a strange instinct. The two new mountains she gets recently are different perhaps not only for the quantity of Reiki—maybe they have lost the difference in time?

In order to confirm her guess, Lin Luoran buries a pumpkin seed on the hillside and stares at it for a few minutes. However, there are no signs of sprouting.

Does this place really lose the advantage of “one day here equaling to one year outside”?

Lin Luoran faintly feels that this doesn’t seem to be a bad thing and space can’t make two mountains for nothing. Besides, the “medicine fields of different time” she originally owns are still there. The two mountains are totally free. What else is she dissatisfied with?

And there is still a lake. Maybe it can be used to raise fish?

She just achieves a small new realm from the later Bearing Essence to Gathering Vitality but space gives her a big world.

The three of fire phoenix covet on the edge of the fertile field.

“When can you gather five elements…” Fire phoenix looks at Red Stone mountain eagerly.

Lin Luoran looks at the two mountains and one lake which suddenly appear. She suddenly realizes something. Green mountain, hellfire, lakes… are these things belong to wood wolf, fire phoenix, and silver fish?

When she finds the divined monsters of the Earth and Gold elements, gathering the five elements in space together, the environment of space may not be the only changing thing.

Lin Luoran infers other things from one fact. She thinks about the three-color plum petals which lit up between the eyebrows of her Gathering Vitality in her pubic region. Obviously, she still lacks the Earth and the Gold.

Space is growing dramatically, and it is closely related to her personal ability enhancement. Lin Luoran looks forward to the day when the five elements are gathered. Space may really become an independent small world at that time.

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