Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 407 - Fifth Sister?

Chapter 407 Fifth Sister?

On the quiet path, seeing that the courtyard was completely covered by the tactical matrix and finally restored its original appearance, Su Li turned and was going to leave.

All of a sudden, she heard some footfalls mixed with men’s voice. Farther away, there were also some inaudible footfalls.

“Two groups of people?”

Su Li focused her eyes and waited without shunning.

Soon, two young men in the clothes of Su Family’s disciples came in parallel. It seemed that they were only in their twenties with powdered faces, superficial action and breath full of the smell of alcohol.

Su Li frowned. She thought that she could sound something out, but didn’t expect that they were just two prats.

She turned and was going to leave. The two childes of Su Family were so lecherous that they couldn’t let her go when they saw that Su Li was so petite and charming.

Seeing that, they immediately stopped her without discussion in advance. The young man with a long face grinned and said in a deliberate surprise.

“Oh! Who is this girl? You are so pretty. Why don’t you go to the central hall but come to such a remote place instead? Are you lost?”

Su Li didn’t speak. The obscure breath she had sensed before was not far behind them.

Seeing that, another young man, who was a little shorter, could not help but lean over, and said, “Little beauty, it must be fate that we meet here. Why don’t you let us give you a ride?”

“Haha, you must have never had the wonderful feeling of being a woman…”

Before finishing their words, the two men had the lust intention, and both directly pounced to Su Li’s body.

Su Li shook her head and stepped back slightly, so they didn’t catch her and staggered. Thanks for their little cultivation, they didn’t fall to the ground.

“How dare you! A handmaid should be like this? I’ll fix you!”

The two young men were so drunk with lewd faces. They got very angry and raised their hands, intending to slap Su Li.

“Stop it!”

At this time, a clear sound came from the two people’s backs, followed by two sharp palms patting forcibly on their backs.

“Ah! Ah!”

The two prats screamed and flew out. It took them a long time to stand up.

At first, they were only half sober. After standing up, they saw the outline of the person, and then they immediately became fully sober.


The young man with a long face widened his eyes and stammered for a long time without calling out her full name. In the end, he was so terrified that he rolled his eyes and fainted happily.

The little young man wanted to cry but had no tears. He knelt down and said in a panic, “Seventh Miss, spare me! I drank too much. I never bully or deceive people before…”

Su Yousheng’s cold eyes were full of anger. She snorted coldly and swung her sleeve, saying, “Take them to the jail room. If their conduct is not good, they will be punished in the servant room.”

“Seventh Miss, spare me, please!”

Hearing that, the little young man was muddled and immediately begged for mercy. He was dragged away by the administrator, and his voice disappeared. And Su Yousheng’s expression never softened.

“The face of Su family was really lost by them!”

Xiaoyu, who served on one side, said angrily. Hearing that, Su Yousheng’s beautiful eyes flashed a trace of helplessness.

She knew how sordid Su Family was, but now she couldn’t change the situation with her own strength.

With a sigh, Su Yousheng came to Su Li and squatted down. Seeing the cool expression on her delicate face, which was completely different from that of girls at the same age, she couldn’t help being curious.

She had seen people with a natural indifference, so she didn’t think too much. She said in a warm voice, “I’m sorry, little sister. You’ve been frightened. What’s your name?”

Su Li was silent, looking at the familiar face, her pupils passing an unobservable light.

Although Su Yousheng looked different from the girl Su Li remembered in her childhood, she still recognized her.

Fifth Sister?

Su Yousheng was confused about Su Li’s gaze. She thought that Su Li was too scared to speak, so she wanted to comfort her again.

At this time, she suddenly saw Su Li raising her head and looking her back. And then Su Li asked slowly, “Are you Su Yousheng?”


Su Yousheng was stunned and frowned slightly, and asked hesitantly, “You… know me?”

She had hardly ever been out for thousands of years. Although the little girl’s voice was very mature, she was only over ten years old, and her bone age was not more than 100 years old. How could she know me?

Su Yousheng was so surprised when she suddenly saw Su Li’s lips curled up with a familiar arc, which made her heart beat faster.

“My name is Su Li. Fifth Sister, thousands of years was not long. Don’t you remember me?” Su Li smiled thinly, “If so, I will be sad.”

At this moment, Su Yousheng was completely stunned and speechless for a long time.

Elder sister? Really?

All memories in the illusion of reincarnation came to her. From a baby to a child, even if it was only 4 or 5 years, she was enjoying the love from her sister all the time in that period.

Even when she returned to Qingshui Circle and all memories were recovered, however, the memory of that lifetime became clearer.

In the illusion where no one could remember the past, she was abandoned when she was just born. Her parents didn’t love her and regarded her as a burden. Only her elder sister loved her. Even in a difficult situation, her elder sister still took good care of her.


Su Yousheng felt so sad and her eyes were gradually filled with tears. She looked at Su Li and was about to say something. Suddenly she remembered something and looked back.

She saw that everyone was almost in a coma.

At this time, Su Yousheng remembered that Su Li just looked her back. She looked back and saw Su Li’s familiar eyes, and couldn’t help laughing.

“How can I forget my sister? I have been missing you carefully these years. Sometimes I thought that you are still living in somewhere in Qingshui Circle. I didn’t expect that it might come true. Am I dreaming?”

Su Yousheng said, blinking her eyes. In front of other people, she could be a cool and proud Seventh Miss of Su Family. But she just wanted to be a little sister who never grew up when she was with her elder sister.

Su Li looked at Su Yousheng, and a sense of strangeness arose from her heart.

The Reincarnation Mirror could be really terrible. All people had already been out of illusion and were sober, but they still could not let go of the interdependence in that dream.

Even she herself couldn’t…

With two figures appearing in Su Li’s heart, she sighed and looked up, with her eyes flashed. She pinched Su Yousheng’s cheek with her little hand and said gently,

“It’s not a dream. As you can see, given my present strength, I will take some time to recover.”

Su Yousheng touched her face, and the real sense of touch made her delighted. But when she heard Su Li’s words, she became serious and said, “I see, sister. Take a good rest in Yiyun Yard, and I’ll find a panacea for your recovery. At present, your identity is sensitive. Don’t expose yourself in case of anything bad happened!”

Su Li smiled and said casually, “It seems that you know a lot.”

Su Yousheng shook her head and laughed bitterly, “Maybe I knew nothing before, but now… Sister, you must trust me. There are too many enemies in the Jiuzhou Region!”

Su Li chuckled, walking to Su Yousheng’s side. Seeing the central hall full of lights, where the lively sound could be heard, she said, “Maybe, not just in Jiuzhou Region, right?”

Heart sinking, Su Yousheng said helplessly, “Sister, since you have guessed it, why do you do that?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Su Li raised her hand, a sense of the vicissitudes appearing on her young face. She said with a deep feeling, “Some things can’t be avoided, and there is no need to hide. So Why not take the initiative first?”


Su Yousheng rubbed her glabella. In the illusion of reincarnation, her sister always said something that she didn’t understand. Unexpectedly, although she practiced for thousands of years, it was still the same.

“Well, you will know my business later. You’re the main character tonight. Go.”

Su Li smiled with a glance back and patted Su Yousheng’s shoulder, “I hope you can manage Su Family for me in the future.”

Su Yousheng didn’t realize the real meaning of Su Li’s words, and nodded solemnly, “Sister, I will try my best! I’ll start as Seventh Miss!”

A moment later, Su Yousheng herself escorted Su Li to a place outside Yiyun Yard, where no one came, and then returned.

Su Li looked at her back, with a trace of extremely weak warmth and absolute peace in her eyes.

“Sheng, I hope your choice is right.”

Whispering to herself, Black Lotus Ring appeared among her fingers, and clucked, “Su Li, I think that child is sincere to you. Aren’t you afraid that you will chill her when she knows you sound her out?”

“Maybe she would be disappointed, but I will compensate her.”

Su Li rubbed the surface of Black Lotus Ring with her fingers, and her eyes were gloomy, “But in this lifetime, I can’t make a mistake at all.”

Black Lotus was glazed and speechless.

“That’s right!”

At this moment, in Yiyun Yard…

Qing Weiyue was sitting at the guest table, drinking and watching elders of Su Family who went around.

After his tension faded away, he hoped to get in touch with Su Family soon and finished the task that Su Li gave him.

“She is coming!”

“The new Seventh Miss is coming.”

After having several drinks, Qing Weiyue finally met Su Yousheng. Of course, he didn’t know the relationship between his Grand Elder and Su Yousheng. He just sighed inwardly that he was envious of talents. After that, he became silent and continued to wait for the call from top men of Su Family.

“Come on. Cheer up for Seventh Miss!”


“We wish Miss Su Yousheng a good fortune and smooth way on her cultivation from now on.”


“Thank you very much.”

Su Yousheng laughed, thinking where Su Li was at that moment. There was no substantive content in this promotion banquet, and no one made trouble. Soon, it was about to end, and she could leave in advance.

At the same time, Qing Weiyue saw an elder in a clothing with 3 pairs of sun and moon in the front of it coming towards him.

“Are you Ning Dawei from Meng Sect who come to discuss important matters?”

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