Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 580 - Armies of Puppets

Chapter 580 Armies of Puppets

“Take revenge?”

Qu Qingning’s pupils contracted. He stared at Su Li’s face, “You are…”

“My name is Su Jiuzhou.”

Su Li narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Nice to meet you. I will take you in.”

Qu Qingning was puzzled. Then he was devoured by a cave.

“Su Bai, ‘take care of’ of him.”

Su Li’s voice came from the Cang Lei’s Cave. Before Qu Qingning could size up the cave, a perfect boy blazing with green light of lightning appeared in front of him.

At this moment, the beautiful boy stared at Qu Qingning with light flashing in his eyes, as if he was looking at an interesting man-shaped toy.

“I will wash away his evil intentions without hurting his consciousness and life.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“You are welcome. It’s very interesting. And it’s also the first task you give me, so I must complete it perfectly.”

Hearing what they were talking about, Qu Qingning was stunned, but he had no right of speech as a prisoner.

At the same time, the outside world.

“Qu Qingning doesn’t die… right?”

When Ban Qian came nearer to her gingerly, Su Li’s cold face turned gentle. She shook her head and smiled, “Yeah, he is still useful.”

Ban Qian couldn’t even force a smile.


If he was useless, then he might come to a bad end…

It seemed that Su Li perceived his inner thoughts. She smiled, “Relax. There is an enmity between me and the top holy sects. I did it just to give them a head-on blow so as to vent my anger. I don’t harbor a grudge against your Fenglei Holy Sect, so I won’t treat you like that.”

“I see.”

Ban Qian felt at ease and wiped off cold sweat on his head. “Sorry. I misunderstand you. It’s so kind of you to explain that to me instead of being angry,” said Ban Qian ashamedly.

“Never mind. It’s reasonable. I won’t blame you.”

Then Su Li turned around and looked silently at the palace which was broken a lot by her, “What is the origin of this palace? Are there any recordings about it in your sect?”

Ban Qian shook his head, “If I were not your ally, I wouldn’t pass the difficult tests before. Maybe the seniors in my sect always chose the right way, so we’ve never come here.”

“Oh, I see…”

Thinking of something, Su Li tapped the ground gently with her tiptoes, and then a black ripple sent out from where she touched.

Although Ban Qian couldn’t see what skill she used, he knew that she was nosing into this place with a special method. So, he restrained his pneuma in order not to bother her.

The evil ghost dug into the ground and kept proceeding.

Su Li closed her eyes slowly, and her eyelashes fluttered lightly from time to time.

Along with the perception of the evil ghost, she heard innumerable unknown howls. Although she couldn’t hear clearly what they were wailing, she still could feel the emotion of them.

Unwillingness, sadness, anger, and depression. It seemed that there was something else in this mountain. Was there anything alive in the Shengxian Mountain?

Su Li opened her eyes in confusion.

“What’s wrong, Fellow Practitioner Su?”

Ban Qian came close to Su Li when he saw her open her eyes.

“Nothing. There is nothing abnormal. Maybe it’s a place for rest. Let’s move on.”

Ban Qian nodded and didn’t ask further questions consciously, “Let’s go out of that gate?”

Su Li observed this place for a second. She looked back at that opened door and pointed to it. Then she stepped leftwards to first gate which was the closest to them, “We entered this gate right now, so we choose the left one this time.”

“But this gate is closed. It seems that it couldn’t been pushed open.”


It made Ban Qian’s throat tighten. He looked at the broken big red-gold gate with a forced smile.

Su Li withdrew her fist with her calm eyes as always.


In the ancestral temple on the first layer of Shengxian Mountain,

Jiang Run lay in the middle of the memorial tablets with a weed held in his mouth, looking up at the roof calmly.

“It’s so weird. It has said that the Endless Water will flood the Shengxian Mountain. But why can this ancestral temple survive? Will I be confined here for 2,000 years and get out until the next Tianjiao Battle?”

“Whose memorial tabletsare these? If the names on them were clear, I would get some hints.”

“Alas, Lord Jiuzhou…”

At the same time, in the Zuoji Test under the main hall, the huge armies of puppets were about to submerge the people who were still struggling in it.

“Fang Mu, are you sure you don’t want to join hands with me?”

Yin Xuetong’s chest heaved dramatically. She wore a pale complexion in a bit shabby faint yellow dress.

She held a matrix plate in her hand with divination light flashing in her eyes. Each time the light blinked, the matrix plate would burst out a tactical matrix which could repulse the puppets once. But the more tactical matrixes she sent, the paler her complexion was.

Wielding a long-stick weapon and a spiritual broadsword, Fang Mu wore a cold face and slayed the puppets with varied wounds on his body. It seemed that his situation was worse than that of Yin Xuetong.

After Yin Xuetong said it, he snorted coldly,

“Even if I die, I will not cooperate with a traitor.”

Hearing it, Yin Xuetong became so angry. She turned her head to the pale-faced graceful woman in blue, “Holy Girl Xuan, can you still hold on?”

The woman in blue glanced at the Yin Xuetong. The sword in her hand sent out a beam of blue sword light again. Then it froze the front row of puppets. She spat out cold pneuma, and abnormal blush rose to her cheeks. Then she said stubbornly,

“My Master from Ciyun Building ordered us never to be together with the top holy sects. I can’t disobey it.”

Yin Xuetong was even more angry, “You! Such a group of blockheads. We cannot pass the test if we fight separately. Do you want to die here?”

Fang Mu did not answer and neither did Xuan Yu’er who glanced at Yin Xuetong.


A crack appeared on Fang Mu’s weapon. Then more and more cracks covered it like a spider web.

Fang Mu’s expression immediately changed, but he didn’t make a sound. As he defended himself, he got more bloody holes on his body.

Xuan Yu’er couldn’t bear to see it, “Tianhe Sect from which Fang Mu comes and Fate Sect are sworn enemies. Master won’t blame me if I help him.”

Xuan Yu’er found an excuse for her to break the sect’s rule. Then she sent a sword light and moved to him.

At this moment, a huge gang of puppets surrounded her from nowhere.


The face of Xuan Yu’er suddenly became pale. She was shocked and couldn’t care about Fang Mu anymore. Confronted with the countless puppets, even she used the Will of Sword to its full potential, she might not survive.

Seeing it, Yin Xuetong sighed in her heart. A white elixir flew from her waist and dropped into her mouth. As she flipped her hand, the matrix plate became white as well.

Honestly speaking, her strength was the strongest among them. If the whole power of the matrix platewas stimulated, she could escape, but Fang Mu and Xuan Yu’er could not.

However, she couldn’t bear to see them die here.

She knew that in Fang Mu’s mind, she was the traitor in the accident that year!

The Ciyun Building where Xuan Yu’er belonged were full of female practitioners practicing with swords. Those old women had reputations for stubbornness. Their holy sect could be ranked the top ten. And they had remained neutral and never given the top four holy sects a smiling face since ancient times. Except for Tianjiao Battle, they would never come out.

Compared with them, Xuan Yu’er was too young. However, even if she was 1,500 years old and lacked 500 years of practice, she could be ranked the tenth on the Tianjiao List by Tianyake Attic. Thus, it could be seen that her genius was extraordinary.

“Huangxing Hall… I did it involuntarily. I will not be redeemed in this whole life. But Fang Mu should not die here. He is still waiting for his eldest brother Fang Yuan…”

Yin Xuetong recollected the happy times when she, Fang Mu and Fang Yuan played and practiced together in childhood.

At that time, Huangxing Hall as well as Tianhe Sect were both decent sects. But after they got in touch with Fate Sect…

With tears flickering in Yin Xuetong’s eyes, she gritted her teeth and moved her fingers. Two rays of white light instantly flew out of the matrix plate. Then she shouted, “Go!”

The white light encircled the two people immediately and exuded mysterious pneuma. The surrounding puppets’ eyes darkened, and then they became inanimate.

Fang Mu felt at ease. When he saw the white silk yarns around him, his face changed and he turned his head instantly.

Yin Xuetong forced herself to swallow the blood in her throat and smiled silently, as if she was saying, “Now you have to accept my help.”

“Yin Xuetong!”

Fang Mu growled at her with complex emotion, “Remove your dirty things. You don’t deserve it!”

Yin Xuetong beamed at him. Suddenly, a special blood puppet appeared behind her and wielded a giant machete at her back.

Fang Mu’s eyes contracted, and he shouted subconsciously, “Watch out!”

Yin Xuetong was still smothering the reversed effect in her body. She had no time to dodge the attack.


With sprinkling blood, Yin Xuetong got a deep wound on her back, through which her spine could be seen. She raised her head to spit out the blood and then fell down.

“Sister Xuetong!”

yelled Fang Mu. With the white silk yarn which had not yet disappeared on his body, he rushed out to hold Yin Xuetong and stepped back crazily. Seeing it, Xuan Yu’er helped them retreat in an instant.

“Sister Xuetong, how are you?”

Fang Mu asked in a trembling voice. Looking at weak Yin Xuetong in his arms, he recalled the happy times with her in childhood. He thought he had forgot it already, but why did his heart ache in fits and starts?!

Yin Xuetong couldn’t see him clearly and said with a forced smile, “You finally call me sister again. The wound is worth it.”

“Yin Xuetong!”

Fang Mu held Yin Xuetong tightly like a hurt beast. He roared, “What are you talking about? Are you going to die?!”

Then she gave a peaceful smile with a sense of relief, “I can’t pay off my debts in this life. Maybe it’s better to…pay them in the next life.”

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