Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 582 - The Power of a Punch

Chapter 582 The Power of a Punch

In the huge space of test, Fang Mu could only saw gray debris of puppets. And there were only stumps of the blood puppets in longitudinal rectangular area in the space. He couldn’t see a puppet which was alive.

Recalling the dialogue he heard just now, Fang Mu imagined what happened quickly.

“The door opened too slowly, so the female practitioner threw a punch at the door. Her power has left deep scars! Even the blood puppets couldn’t resist it! If without the Shifang Tactical Matrix, we might…”

Thinking of this, Fang Mu got scared. Ban Qian picked up the fragments of the Shifang Tactical Matrix. He was surprised, “It’s the pneumaof Steller Teardrop. You used such a great treasure, but you still couldn’t reach the summit. It’s such a waste.”

Fang Mu gave a wry smile and shook his head, “Otherwise, we would be killed by those blood puppets.”

Ban Qian was a little terrified and forced a smile.

One holy boy and two holy girls joined hands, and two of them were from the top holy sects. Unexpectedly, the test made them miserable. But Su Li and he passed tests easily all the way.

Su Jiuzhou could just use one move to defeat the enemy, so he couldn’t know how difficult the test was now.

“What is the limitation of Su Jiuzhou’s strength…”

Losing in thought, Ban Qian pinched the fragments in his hand. Suddenly, he found something surprised.

Although he did not understand the tactical matrix, he could tell the remaining pneuma of the matrix was much stronger than that of the physical bodies of the blood puppets. The blood puppets were shattered, but these three people were still intact.

Ban Qian frowned.

“Su Jiuzhou knew that some people were trapped inside, so she lowered her force.”

Then Ban Qian did not dare to think about that anymore.

He quietly put down the fragments in his hand. Then he raised his head and smiled, “I specialize in wood. And I’m proficient in healing. Holy Girl Yin and Holy Girl Xuan are heavily injured. Let me see them.”

“Thank you, Holy Boy Ban Qian!”

Fang Mu stood aside to let Ban Qian heal them.

They stood up, only to find there were circles of black lines on the ground which was complicated and mysterious. It must be the tactical matrix of high level. No wonder the puppets around couldn’t approach them.

“That person has bad impression of the top holy sects. You’d better stay here. Don’t go outside…in case you are hurt by friendly fire.”

Ban Qian couldn’t help but warn them. Fang Mu stopped instantly and smiled to Ban Qian gratefully.

They should be care of that woman who could knock them out with a single punch.

When Su Li rushed into the armies of puppets, the body of evil ghost and she were integrated. It seemed her deep dark eyes could even absorb the souls.

In the state of the body of evil ghost, she saw a lot of ghost fire as opposed to stiff puppets. Most of ghost fire was baby blue. Some of ghost fire was dark blue. And the ghost fire of the blood puppets was crimson.

“What you can see is the method of corpse puppet refining. It is much more powerful than the method used by Lianshi Cult in Qingshui Circle.”

Black Lotus transmitted the sound timely, “This method might make those blood puppets have intelligence merely. It costs a long time for them to restore their memories of their previous lives and become members of Ghost Clan.”

Su Li was a little surprised, “Does the puppet refined by the practitioner of Human Clan could become a ghost?”

“Only the blood puppets have the possibility of becoming ghosts. The intelligence is the essential precondition for transformation.”

Black Lotus curled his lips, “You can pick out the puppets which have reddish ghost fire and keep them on the mountain of Immortal Cultivation Sect. Maybe they could transform quickly.”


Su Li nodded and released Hong Baizhu in the Cang Lei’s Cave. The little girl returned to her real body. Her two lines of blood tears, carrying all qualified puppets with ghost fire, flowed underground. After that, she saluted Su Li and then came back to the Cang Lei’s Cave.

“Tut, this little girl is more and more sensible.”

Su Li smiled. She knew Hong Baizhu’s thoughts. Hong Baizhu was jealous of Su Bai, and she didn’t even have a decent subordinate. But Su Bai had Qu Qingning whom he could discipline.

“They have been jealousy of each other. Maybe they have too much spare time. After this battle, you should let them do some errands.”

Black Lotus spoke while acting as an elder.

“I’ll let you handle that part.”

Su Li wore a faint smile. Then Black Lotus gave a bitter expression.

Black Lotus thought he shouldn’t shoot off his mouth.

“Those puppets have pretty good force. They should be in the late phase of the nature’s test. Let me see the reward of this test.”

While speaking, Su Li reached out her palm and put it down. Then she said lightly, “Destroy!”


Thousands of stone puppets instantly collapsed and turned into gray powder which flooded Su Li. The ghost fire in the puppets lost their protection and hurried to go back to the void of test. Suddenly, the evil ghost behind Su Li opened its giant mouth and sucked all the ghost fire.

Su Li let go the fusion with the evil ghost. With light flashing in her eyes again, Su Li gave a satisfied smile.

“It’s the very pure ghost essence. It doesn’t matter if there would be no reward in this test.”

In the distance, Fang Mu and the others saw this scene which was like the apocalypse. They were stunned.

“What kind of cultivation could do that? It is quite difficult for us to kill a puppet.”

Xuan Yu’er looked at Su Li with worship in her eyes.

The serendipity and the good helper.

Was she the good helper that Master had mentioned?

“Su Jiuzhou’s power is much stronger than that of her shown in the battles of the Immortal Layers.” Fang Mu gave a serious expression, “She may defeat Ling Li!”

After he came up this idea, he couldn’t stop thinking.

“How could I make Su Jiuzhou fight against Ling Li?!”

Fang Mu frowned and lost in thought.

When Yin Xuetong saw that Su Li was flooded by the powder, she suddenly remembered someone. Then she looked up at Ban Qian and asked in a casual manner,

“Holy Boy Ban, you just said Fellow Practitioner Su hates top holy sects. How does she think of Han Sect?”

Ban Qian was not a fool. He instantly perceived what Yin Xuetong’s words meant. He replied with a smile, “I also encountered Fellow Practitioner Su in the Shengxian Mountain. I didn’t really know her. You asked the wrong person, Holy Girl Yin.”

Yin Xuetong was greatly disappointed. But she continued to ask, “Holy Boy Ban, how do you know she hates the top holy sects?”

Ban Qian gave a meaningful smile, “Holy Girl Yin, maybe you will know it moments later.”

Yin Xuetong frowned and stopped asking.

At the moment, a gust of wind came.

Ban Qian turned around and saw all the stone powder suddenly converged at the same direction until it condensed into several stone balls. Then the balls were thrown aside. Having done this, Su Li retracted her sleeves and walked in front of the crowd. She asked calmly, “How do you feel, Yin Xuetong?”

The tone in which she spoke was…like a command. It made Yin Xuetong uncomfortable.

Yin Xuetong frowned. Before she could answer, she saw that Su Li looked at her coldly with enthralling light in her eyes. Yin Xuetong was shocked. She couldn’t say any word.

“Holy Boy Ban, how is Yin Xuetong now?”

Seeing this, Ban Qian knew Su Li wanted to embarrass Yin Xuetong. He thought for a second and then answered, “Fellow Practitioner Su, the wound on Yin Xuetong’s back is not that serious. Her viscera are injured, but it is easy to heal them. It seems that she has used some secret methods, so she underwent the reversed effect. Her heart pulse is impaired, too. She needs to rest quietly to recuperate.”

Su Li was well versed in medicine. She naturally could tell that Ban Qian did not lie. She just needed someone to tell the condition of Yin Xuetong’s injuries.

“Rest quietly…”

Su Li rested her eyes on Fang Mu. Then Fang Mu felt quite nervous.

“How about him?”

Ban Qian laughed, “Holy Boy Fang Mu is just exhausted. He has only skin trauma. It doesn’t matter. As for Holy Girl Xuan, the bones of her arms are shattered. She needs to rest quietlyas well. She shouldn’t fight those days.”

Su Li gently nodded and kept silent for a moment. Suddenly, she asked coldly, “Would you like to rest in my cave?”

Although she was asking, her tone was high-handed.

Yin Xuetong asked helplessly, “Can we have a choice?”

Checking Xuan Yu’er’s arms, Su Li

said in a casual tone, “Yeah, sure. You go inside the cave by yourselves. Or else, I will send you inside. Now, you can make a choice.”

Yin Xuetong felt it was so humbling. As a proud holy girl, she didn’t want to bow down to Su Li.

Fang Mu shrugged carelessly. He didn’t like fighting with others. If his elder brother hadn’t disappeared, he wouldn’t have been here. Even if they were caught by Su Jiuzhou, he didn’t need to worry about their lives and could take care of Sister Xuetong. That was good enough.

As for his ranking on Tianjiao List… he wanted to handle it after returning to the sect.

“May I…come in?!”

Xuan Yu’er flushed a little. She felt excited.

Su Li gave her a quizzical glance, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want. I bear no grudge against Ciyun Building.”

“Ah. No, no.”

Xuan Yu’er waved her hands and explainedquickly, “I would like to go! Fellow Practitioner Su, you can see that my hands are broken, and I need a place to heal.”

Su Li stared at Xuan Yu’er more quizzically.

Xuan Yu’er flushed under Su Li’s gaze. Then Su Li said, “Suit yourself.”

Xuan Yu’er was relieved.

She almost didn’t keep up with the good helper that her master mentioned. Oh! She shouldn’t talk nonsense.

Ban Qian scratched his head, and he was at loss.

Did this holy girl from Ciyun Building have some mental problems?

In the cave, except for someone’s strength was higher than that of the owner of the cave, people in it couldn’t revolt. It was so weird that someone wanted to go inside the other’s cave.

Then Su Li opened the Cang Lei’s Cave. Xuan Yu’er immediately walked inside. Holding Yin Xuetong,Fang Mu followed Xuan Yu’er.

Seeing this, Su Li did not close the door of the cave. She turned her head and asked, “Ban Qian, I want to check another place, where you cannot get in probably. Do you want to go alone or…”

Ban Qian understood Su Li quickly. He instantly made his choice according to the trust built on the way.

“Fellow Practitioner Su, you can rest assured. Go ahead. I am sure you don’t mind me to visit your cave, right?”

Su Li exposed a gentle smile.

It was so convenient to talk with a wise person.

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