Lazy Dungeon Master

Chapter 566

Ch. 566

Released: 08/20/2023

Translator: Ziru

Bridegroom Training

Park Date

Alright, so Rokuko and I were quietly watching Nerune and Wataru's date.

"Oh, good morning Kehma. Breakfast time is already over."

When I woke up, the two of them were on their way to the park.

"Good morning. They're having their date at the park, right? I'm glad I made it in time."

"There was already a skirmish. Nerune won the first round, and Wataru is already flustered."

"I see?"

I wondered whether dating was an activity where one could win or lose, but decided not to dwell on it too much.

"But to start with her glasses, Nerune is really enthusiastic…!"

"… Wearing glasses is her showing enthusiasm?"

"Yes, it's a fashion choice that caters to Wataru's tastes. Wataru seems to like Nerune wearing glasses."

She had apparently gathered this information from Ichika at some point.

There did seem to be some seriousness in her effort to look up such information.

"So Kehma, would you like it if I wore glasses?"

"Well, it doesn't matter whether you're wearing them or not, but it might be a refreshing change since you usually don't."

"Then maybe I should try having you wear some. I think they would suit you!"

I don't have bad eyesight, but I wouldn't mind wearing non-prescription glasses.

That aside.

"If Nerune is enthusiastic, does that mean she's leaning towards accepting Wataru's confession?"

"She might reject it. Perhaps she wants to end things with a good memory…? That's a possibility too."

Rokuko spoke with a smug look, but it seemed like she didn't really know.

Well, if she knew, she wouldn't have arranged a date for Wataru and Nerune before our own date. I don't really understand it either.

Just then, the two of them arrived at the park. Since we had promised to watch over them with Leona, we decided to actually go to the park and take a peek. Yeeeep, [Teleport].

We arrived at the park. There was a small plaza along the walking path and some benches were available.

"Alright Wataru-san~, let's fully enjoy this park that was created by Rokuko-sama~."

"It's more of a stroll. I helped out as well, and that forest was impressively cleared and developed."

I'd helped out when I was asked to, but it was originally a dense forest. At the beginning, we used a big spell to create a rough clearing.

"Ho-ho~! What kind of magic did you use~?"

"I did use some magic, but mostly it was a full-power slash for wide-area control with my holy sword, Ea, which was bestowed upon me by Haku-sama."

"… Not magic~?"

"I used a bit of magic for adjustments."

"Was it earth-type magic~? Or maybe the kind that manipulates plants~?"

Nerune-san seemed very interested in magic… meaning that Leona-san's offer would be a formidable foe no matter how he resisted.

Next to the path, there was an open space of bare ground about the size of a tennis court.

This area was apparently created as a magic training ground modeled after the ones in the Demonlands.

There were even some iron targets that were our village's specialty.

"Okay, let me show you some magic I can use!"

"Oh~! Wataru-san~ wants to show me~ his magic~?"

I entered the training ground and stood facing the target.

… What magic should I use?

"I should probably stay away from using magic that's too powerful and could destroy the training ground, huh."

"Muu~. It would be problematic if we were to damage the park's facilities~"

Hmm. Nerune-san put her hand on her cheek, making a [What a pickle~] sort of pose.

A magic spell that looks good but isn't very powerful… Hmm.

"It seems like you're in trouble."

"Eh, Leona-san!?"

"Oh~, hello there~?"

Leona-san appeared suddenly in the training ground. I hadn't noticed her…!

Well, I figured she'd be watching from somewhere because of the contest, but I didn't expect her to slip past my perception and get this close!

"Today, as a special treat, I'll set up a barrier for you. Inside it, you can use any magic you like, okay?"

"Oh~, Leona-san is so generous~!"

"Yes. I wouldn't want you to have the lame excuse of not being able to show off your magic here and getting rejected by Nerune-san. So go ahead and show off to your heart's content, 'kay?"

Leona-san looked quite pleased.

"… Are you sure it's okay? I may not look like it, but I'm fairly confident in my strength."

"Why not start with weaker magic if you're worried? It's okay, even if my barrier magic is broken and the training ground gets destroyed, I'll take responsibility. I'll apologize to Keima-san and the others, and I'll fix it all by myself."

Overflowing confidence. And Leona-san mentioned [Barrier Magic].

Upon hearing that, Nerune-san adjusted her glasses.

This is… a contest. Is my magic stronger, or is Leona-san's barrier magic stronger?

The one with the stronger magic would capture Nerune-san's heart…!!

"… Understood, I'll accept your challenge!"

And so began the battle between Leona-san and me—

"—[Thunder Pillar]!!"

A tower emitting lightning appeared from the ground, releasing countless bolts of lightning into the barrier.

… But the barrier absorbed it, and the walls of the training ground didn't even have a single scorch mark.

"Amazing, Wataru-san~! A pillar-type spell~!"

"Ugh, the barrier is too strong…! What's going on!?"

"Hehehe. I have a bit of confidence in my barrier magic. Let's just say my Hero Skill is involved."

"So you have a magic type or support type Hero Skill!?"

What a turn of events, my [Super Luck] couldn't counter the barrier that's enhanced with combat support Hero Skills…!

I drooped my shoulders and hung my head. I lost…

"Fufufu~, what are you doing, Wataru-san~?"

"Well, uh… uh, I'm sorry. It seems I can't break Leona-san's barrier with my magic…!"

When I admitted my defeat, Nerune-san tilted her head slightly.

"Hmm~? I'm quite satisfied because I got to see many of Wataru-san's spells though~?"

"… If you're pleased, does that mean I actually won?"

"Was it even a competition to begin with~? I thought you were just showing me your magic~?"

When she put it that way, I realized I hadn't actually said a word about having a magic competition with Leona-san.

"Thank you for showing me a variety of magic spells~!"

Nerune-san said with a beaming smile.

… Yeah, once again, I couldn't help but realize I liked that about her.

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