League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 23 - Yi Qin

Chapter 23: Yi Qin

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Lots of people know about video games, and about MOBA games.

But how many people know about pro-gaming teams, tournaments, and which competitions are the biggest ones?

Geeks filled the land, and gamers were legion. How was it that everybody knew about the NBA and the CBA, but hardly anyone had ever heard of the G-League, the LPL, and the meaning of the term ‘imba’?

You recognize sports teams like Barcelona, the Lakers, and the Rockets; do you know the teams competing to be world champion of your favorite games, like DOTA, LoL, Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and Crazyracing Kartrider 1 ?

Of course not. Hardly anyone knew them.

Although there were countless gamers and enthusiasts out there, pro-gaming teams could rise and fall without ever garnering a moment’s notice from the general populace.

Even those heroes who managed to become world champions would have nothing to show for it besides that little bit of prize money. They would receive neither fame nor recognition, as though glory had become as inconsequential a thing as honor in the modern world.

GTV was planning to include game-casting in its broadcasts. Yi Qin had little patience for such matters.

She’d been in the e-sports scene since her second year of high school, and had continued to give it her all after graduation. Thanks to the growing ubiquity of the internet, they’d been getting more and more exposure.

It was still far from enough.

In other countries, it was now possible to earn a living from pro-gaming, and stand a real chance to become somebody.

Here, pro-gamers were still being overlooked.

Another petition rejected. She was all worn out. Without even changing out of her office clothes, she flopped down on her bed, sweat and all.

Fulsome curves bulged beneath the white shirt that she wore. For a woman to be able to display such dramatic topology even while lying flat on her back, it was a rare thing indeed.

Her short, black skirt was a little out of place, revealing voluptuous legs clad in flesh-colored stockings. It was a tempting sight to see.

Maybe it was like people told her: with her assets, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to snag herself a rich husband, and enjoy the easy life. Forget all this e-sports nonsense—no one appreciates it, anyway.

But she loved it. With all her heart.

She laid her head upon both hands, but she didn’t shut her eyes. Instead, she stared at the pale yellow wall beside her bed.

There was a poster on the wall. It had been there in her room for some time, now.

The person in the poster was smiling, and for some reason, whenever she saw that smile, she felt tears welling up in her eyes.

Buzz… buzz… buzz…

There at her bedside, her phone was vibrating. Yi Qin continued to stare at that poster for a while longer.

When she saw who was trying to contact her, her pretty face was marred by a touch of annoyance.

“Yes, Dad,” Yi Qin answered the call wearily.

“Have you finished packing your things yet?” The voice over the line was cold and harsh.

“Not yet.”

“Well, why don’t you get to it, then? Are you expecting me to come over and give you a hand?”

“Dad, I don’t want to go abroad.”

“Your mother and I purposely flew over from America just to get you, and now you say you’re not leaving? Stop being silly. The flight is on Sunday. Finish getting ready by tonight!” It was a direct order.

Doot… doot… doot…

He’d hung up.

Yi Qin tossed her phone aside despondently, a tiny droplet already squeezing itself out from the corner of her eye.

“Why are they always pushing me around!” Yi Qin buried her head into her blanket, unable to hold back the tears any longer.

They’d left the country when she was ten, only returning to see her about once every couple of years.

Whenever she felt lonely, the only thing she could do was play some MMO or MOBA games. That was what she did, all the way to this day.

As an adult, she no longer feared loneliness. However, nowadays they were suddenly in the mood to take up their role as her parents, pressuring her to start a job in some financial firm!

One day’s salary there was more than what she currently made in a month.

And over there, each day would feel longer and more tiring than an entire month here!


The night wore on, and Yi Qin had no appetite for dinner. Exhausted from crying, she trudged into the bathroom, shrugged off her clothes, took a shower, and then slipped into a more comfortable nightgown.

Now that she’d calmed down a little, she picked up her phone again, and called one of her colleagues.

“Hello, Miss Yi Qin. Was there anything else you needed?” It was a young woman’s voice.

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow. From now on, the GTV tournament broadcasts will be all up to you.”

“Eh? You’re leaving already? But there’s still so much I don’t know… That matter you told me about today, about Coca-Cola sponsoring a nationwide e-sports championship, I still don’t know what to do with that at all! Miss Yi Qin…” The voice was tinged with fright and panic.

“I’ve already discussed the matter with the sponsors. It’ll start off around mid-June. Just follow the program schedule I’ve set and you’ll be fine. If anything has to change later on, figure it out yourself. You’re a clever girl—I have faith that it won’t be too much for you to handle.” Yi Qin smiled warmly as she said this into the phone.

“But… Miss Yi Qin, I just don’t think we can bear to see you go. In the e-sports domain, female announcers as outstanding as you are a vanishing breed. If we lose you too…”

“It’ll be alright. There will always be more gamer girls, and I’m sure they’ll be even better than me, not to mention prettier, more charismatic…” A hint of bitterness crept back into Yi Qin’s voice as she said all this.

“In that case, please let us send you off tonight, Miss Yi Qin. You deserve a farewell dinner, or something.”

“I’ve already got plans tonight. Don’t do anything for me, it’ll just make me feel worse about this.” By the time Yi Qin finished saying that last sentence, she’d already pressed the button to end the call.

The more they talked, the heavier her heart grew. With every breath that she drew, the air soured her lungs.

How many years had she put into e-sports? She’d worked so hard, and now she had to throw it all away.

“Ah… I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye to him.”

Yi Qin started up her computer, and plugged the headset into the CPU.

She’d just bought this headset the other day. She had to wear one at work the whole day, and it became uncomfortable after a while, so she’d never used one at home.

Opening up QQ, Yi Qin found that the person she was looking for was already online. Somehow, every time she saw his name lit up like that, her heart danced a little.

As she always did, she greeted him with a smiley face.

It seemed like he’d also been waiting for her, because he immediately replied with a leering sort of expression.

Yi Qin frowned in exasperation, and told him he was a pervert.

“In the interest of optimizing our teamwork, shall we use voice communication today?”

“Eh? Oh, I forgot to buy that microphone!”

“Say it isn’t so! Do you know how much I’ve looked forward to this? Tell me your address, so I can mail one to you.”

“I see… now you’re after my address, as well. Are you planning to break in here and do nasty things to me?”

“Please get your mind out of the gutter.”

“No, you!”

“Ah. Well, let’s continue relying upon the psychic link between us to dominate the Bottom lane!”

“Fooled you. I’ve got a brand new headset right here. Send me a voice call.”

“Are you serious!”

“Try me.”


Across the distance, in Lecheng city, Yu Luocheng stared at these earth-shattering words, his heart hammering in his chest.

At last… at last… at long last, he’d be able to hear her voice!

Hold on, stay cool!

He ought to brace himself. It might still turn out to be a guy’s voice!

But… what if it was a girl?

What if it was a hot babe, with a mesmerizingly lovely voice?

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