League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 532 - Beautiful Assistant

Chapter 532: Beautiful Assistant

Luocheng had returned to Shanghai ahead of the rest of them. It was expected that they would stay home for a while, it was a rare vacation after all.

Luocheng didn’t stay too long in Qianqian’s place since her parents had come back early from their vacation. Sigh, the heavens were not on his side. He had thought that with Yang Ying leaving after a few days, he wouldn’t need to sleep in separate rooms under Yang Ying’s supervision.

Back in Shanghai, Luocheng contacted Li Meiqi first.

Meiqi had become very busy, and oftentimes, you wouldn’t be able to see her from the early hours of the morning.

Taking out the key, he walked into a clean and tidy apartment. Luocheng then turned on the computer.

While waiting for the computer to boot up, he suddenly got the urge to pee, so he went to the bathroom and opened the door.

Eh, there was so much fog.

Why was there the sound of water running? Luocheng was puzzled.

And then, when he looked forward, he realized that there was a figure behind the frosted glass, and it looked like a naked figure!

A pair of surprisingly big knockers that you could vaguely see the outline of in the mist, but if you looked closer you could see milky white skin and the curves…it should be at least a 34C, and this led Luocheng to think of Sona for a moment!

Luocheng had always thought that the fullness and thin figure only existed virtually, he never expected it to exist in reality. Seeing it in person made the blood pump in his veins!

“Ahh, who is it!?” The horrified voice of a girl rang out.

Luocheng, with his face flushed red, cursed, hurriedly retreating from the room and slamming the door shut.

Once the door was locked, Luocheng tried to calm his beating heart.

Holy sh*t, why didn’t people lock the door when they showered? That was strange, it didn’t seem to be Meiqi. Her chest wasn’t that big, could it be that she had deliberately bound it?

Also, the scream didn’t sound like Meiqi, it had sounded more like that girl, Dai Lan, who had been with Meiqi the other day.

See no evil, see no evil. Even though Luocheng couldn’t figure out whether this was a sin or a virtue, no matter what, you must never debate with the girl whether or not locking the door was whose fault. As long as you were the one who went in, you were ultimately the one at fault.

Luocheng was very calm, and he hurriedly went into the living room. He turned off the computer that he had just turned on, quickly erasing any traces of him coming in, and then, pretending that he had never come back, he purposely ran to Demacia Cafe instead.


After a while, the bathroom door opened. Dai Lan had already dressed, the water droplets still dripping from her body.

This girl was quite daring. If it was any other person, they would have called the police. This was a house where there was no one else but her, after all.

The members of the team were all back home, and Jian Feng had followed Meiqi to Beijing to find a sponsor. Since there was only her in the entire house, it was normal for her not to lock the door.

It was nightfall and Dai Lan was still full of doubts when a handsome boy with a backpack knocked on the door.

“Luocheng?” Dai Lan had never met Luocheng in person, but his face was well-known to many.

“Yeah, you’re the translator that Meiqi hired, right?” Luocheng put down his bag and said, as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah, nice to meet you. Please take care of me in the future.” Dai Lan said as she extended her hand.

Luocheng shook it carefully, thinking internally, after taking a bath, a girl’s skin was really soft and smelled good…

“Same to you.” Luocheng replied.

“Did you just reach?” Dai Lan asked casually as she poured a glass of water for him.

“Yeah, got on the subway after getting off,” Luocheng replied, his face not betraying anything.

“Did you come by train or flight?” Dai Lan asked.


“Is your computer this one, or this one?” Dai Lan continued.

“This one.” Luocheng pointed out his computer.

“Did my body look good?”

“Not bad…ugh!”

Dai Lan was amused as she gave him a look that said “you think you can beat me, little brat?”.

Luocheng was speechless.

Sigh, why was there no trust between people.

If he had known that he would have been seen through, he wouldn’t have bothered going through the trouble of trying to erase the evidence and pretending that he had just gotten back.

Meeting for the first time, other than getting to know that Dai Lan had a very generous bust, he also understood that she had the brains. Whoever said that having big boobs meant no brains?

When Dai Lan proposed that he carry her to Gold and she would forgive his recklessness this time, Luocheng finally felt relieved. He was really afraid that this girl would have asked him to take responsibility for something, that…that would be so awesome though.

At night, Luocheng then accompanied her to play, and at the same time, he tried out some new Support plays.


“You’re using Gragas as a Support, can you win? In the newest patch, Gragas has been nerfed a lot. His win-rate is only about 42% which is terrible.” Dai Lan said.

The people who knew Luocheng also knew that his selection of champions for Support had always been eccentric. Only, could a Gragas serve as a Support, that was debatable.

“It’ll be fine, I’m experimenting.” Luocheng replied.

“Alright, big champions always treat Silver and Gold players like AIs, right?” Dai Lan said.

“That’s not really true. Playing this game, if training this champion fails, I will also be bullied.” Luocheng replied.

In fact, there were many Silver and Gold players who were quite good. They were often able to easily bring down the lane, so naturally, it was impossible for Luocheng to win against these people using champions that he wasn’t used to.

The main problem was that in Silver and Gold, they were not playing to win, but playing for fun. If it was just for entertainment, that was fine. But if you were serious about climbing the ranks, this was something that needed to be corrected.

Taking a lot of kills was useless because if you lost, then you lost. Even if you died a lot, as long as you won, it was still a win…

Luocheng often mixed around in the different groups, so he had a better understanding of the different personalities around. At the same time, he also had sufficient experience in dishing out the abuse. Hence, even though he practiced with unconventional champions for Support, he was still able to maintain a high win-rate.

“That’s right, it seems that the venue of the S International League has been changed to Korea. Do you speak Korean?” After a sudden thought, Luocheng asked.

“Of course I do. I majored in English in university and had a minor in Korean and Japanese. I love to watch Korean dramas, so naturally, I learnt well!” Dai Lan said confidently.

“Oh, then why did you learn Japanese?” Luocheng asked quietly.

Dai Lan’s face flushed slightly, putting on a straight face. “I like to watch Japanese dramas too, so what?”

“Nothing, if there’s a chance we can communicate…”


“You died.”

“Why didn’t you protect me!?”

“There were four of them there and you rushed in. There’s no way I could have.”


After about three days, the rest of them came back one after another.

Da Luo and Wu Sen saw that the assistant Meiqi had hired turned out to be such a beautiful lady, and their eyes drifted elsewhere for a moment, privately guessing whether it was a D or an E.

Luocheng was quite disdainful about their d*ck behavior, anyway, he had seen it personally, it was definitely not an E.

There were suddenly two beauties under one roof, everyone was in a happy mood. Even though they couldn’t touch, obsessing, flirting, and washing eyes was still fine.

On the fourth day, Team Skycrown was officially back to training.

During the time when the rest were not back yet, Luocheng and Dai Lan had discussed a little on their training plans.

In the morning, everyone had to get up at 9 AM, from 10AM to 12PM was basic training and tactical discussions.

In the afternoon, there would be training matches and they needed to play 4 full games. Every game needed to be treated and approached like a competition, this would equal to four sessions of class.

At night, they would head to the Demacia Cafe and rank on their own. They could also find their own people for custom games, treating this time as their personal training time.

They would maintain this rhythm everyday, and even when the S International League arrived, they would not be able to miss a single day.

Without hard work, how could you achieve excellent results. Luocheng would never think that e-sports was something that relied on talent.

No matter how much talent one had, they would only be able to hold onto the glory for a little while. If they were unable to improve themselves, eventually, they would be eliminated.

The five of them had no distractions now since the business affairs were handled by Meiqi, Jian Feng, and Dai Lan. They just needed to concentrate on the eventual fight for the Worlds.


“Luocheng, there’s someone looking for you!” Dai Lan called out toward the living room after opening the front door.

“Oh, I’m coming.” Luocheng walked to the door and found Xie Lianda with his curled hair there.

Luocheng was a little surprised that the latter had come all the way to Shanghai.

“What’s up, coming to see me specially?” Luocheng asked.

After his relationship with Lianda had gotten better, Luocheng would often contact him and have training matches with Team Beijing.

“Yeah, came to talk to you about the happenings at the Asian Indoor Games.” Lianda said, his face sullen.

Luocheng looked inside the house, then he said, “Let’s go down and talk.”


Reaching the small park downstairs and sitting on the stone benches, Lianda lit a cigarette, offering one to Luocheng.

Luocheng shook his head and waited for him to speak.

“Sigh, initially, after the Asian Indoor Games was over, the E-sports Association should have been established. Who knew that our results would be so poor and now, there’s really no reason for the top dogs in the General Administration of Sports to pay any attention to us.” Lianda said in frustration.

“Don’t blame yourself too much, you did your best. It’s all up to the situation now.” Luocheng comforted him.

“That side said that the General Administration of Sports will be paying attention to you guys when you play against the foreign teams. Even though I don’t know what they actually mean, I hope you guys can achieve some amazing results in the S International League.” Lianda said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely give it our best,” Luocheng said.

“This time, I want to give some special training to your Mid, Wu Sen.” Lianda said, explaining his visit.

Luocheng’s eyes brightened, this was a fantastic thing!

Lianda’s ability as a Mid should be the closest to Hades, and if he were to be Wu Sen’s opponent, Wu Sen’s abilities would be able to improve greatly in less than a month!

For the sake of higher victory, Lianda was able to push aside the rivalry relationship they had in order to help them improve their abilities. This was really too valuable, Luocheng didn’t know how to thank Lianda!

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