League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 6 - How to ADC

Chapter 6: How to ADC

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Having gotten used to Ranked play, Yu Luocheng hadn’t done things like this in a while. Apparently League of Legends players above Level 20 still used the 2-1-2 formation.

“Yu Luocheng, you’re only Level 13, and you’ve got no Runes. Play safe in Bot,” Wang Qin instructed.

“Yeah, they’ve nearly got a full set of Runes.”

Oh, thank goodness. They knew about Runes.

Yu Luocheng had been worried that if he reminded them to check their Runes and Masteries, they might give him another blank look and ask what Runes were.

“Right, everyone play seriously!” Playing the role of leader, Wang Qin rallied his team.

A countdown had appeared in the Champion selection screen, and then they were shown a Loading Screen.

Yu Luocheng glanced at Wang Qin, who appeared tense and nervous.

With a thousand bucks on the line, and the rare opportunity to impress Yang Qianqian, feeling nervous was perfectly natural.

Zhao Kesong also appeared ill at ease. He was the biggest coward here.

Cao Sheng was quiet, gazing intently at the screen.

Yu Luocheng was just taking it easy, idly looking around, and managed to catch a glimpse of Yang Qianqian’s long, lovely legs.

Noticing his lewd gaze, she fixed him with a look.

‘Touchy… Your skin’s not going to fall off from just one peek! But wow she’s hot. I wonder what those legs would feel like to the touch…’ Such was the nature of Yu Luocheng’s private thoughts.


On the other side, Lin Xu had his arms crossed as he stroked his chin, a smile playing across his face.

“Heh, there’s no way they would know that our Commander Lin Xu is being trained by a master. Your Level might be shown as 29, but you’d have no trouble taking down players at Level 30 or 40, huh?” A fair-faced student beside him whispered.

“Idiot,” Lin Xu responded with a laugh, “Max Level is 30 in League of Legends.”

“I see, I see. So there’s no going past Level 30?”

“You can go for Ranked,” Lin Xu replied.

“Ranked? What’s that like?” None of them had played in a Ranked match before, so they were all curious about it.

“There are lots of pros in Ranked, and they play at the highest level of strategy. Anyone who’s been to Ranked could squash us flat. You noobs don’t stand a chance against players of that caliber. The master I met here in the Rising Dragon is one of those Ranked players.”

Having never before seen that world he spoke of, they beheld Lin Xu with awe.

“Maybe next time, if there’s a chance, my master could take you guys under his wing, and you’ll know what a real pro looks like,” Lin Xu suggested. “Alright, the game’s starting. Show no mercy. If we get our fill of blood this game, I’ll treat you guys to a feast for supper.”

“You heard the boss. Tonight, we feast!”

The Class 3 boys were beside themselves with anticipation. Everyone knew Lin Xu’s family was loaded, so many flocked around him. Furthermore, any opportunity to take their Class 8 archrivals down a notch was always welcome. It was their own fault for not knowing their place in the world.

“Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!” A familiar female voice greeted them, pleasing to the ear, but carrying an underlying tone that was austere and solemn.

Knowing that at this level of play, Level-1 teamfights and stealing creeps was all but unheard of, Yu Luocheng brought Blitzcrank directly into the lane without worry.

“The two of you at Top, watch out for ambushes in the brush,” Wang Qin warned Zhao Kesong and Cao Sheng.

“Yup, yup.” The two nodded.

‘The two of you at Top…’ For some reason, this statement prickled a little for him to hear.

One mistake commonly made by beginners was to run into the brush before the minions spawned in. This was because they hoped to gain some sort of advantage on their opponents, as well as to check if anyone was in there.

To face-check the brush was to invite disaster!

Dear friends, life is precious. Cherish it.

Since Yu Luocheng was hiding behind the safety of the tower, he felt he could afford to observe events in the Top lane.

Cao Sheng’s Master Yi and Zhao Kesong’s Mr Demacia were far from their own tower, cavorting around near the brush. If all five of the enemy players were in there waiting, those two would soon have to respawn.

No one on the Class 3 team had Smite, either—so they were doing 2-1-2 as well.

Since there were no Junglers, Yu Luocheng had only bought a single Ward, despite playing Support. Playing with noobs, he figured there would be very little roaming about during the early game. Placing wards would probably just be a waste of gold.

Standing just outside the nearest clump of brush, he spent his first skill point on the Q-skill: ‘Rocket Grab’ . 1

Zhong Xiaoyun, controlling Miss Fortune, was following right behind him.

The minions were already arriving on the scene.

As the melee minions traded blows, the ranged minions hurried to catch up, their robes billowing as though in a wind, and then began flinging stuff across the battlefield.

Soon, the melee minions had been reduced to low health, and then a figure appeared from the brush in the distance, clad in red and black. A man with a spear emerged and struck down one of the minions.

Meanwhile, Miss Fortune continued to linger behind Blitzcrank, making not a single move even after the enemy had already appeared!

“What are you doing? Go get some creeps,” Yu Luocheng urged Zhong Xiaoyun.

“Aren’t you getting ready to hook somebody? I’m waiting for you,” Zhong Xiaoyun explained.

Yu Luocheng held back tears as he watched the enemy melee minions perishing without Zhong Xiaoyun doing anything to claim them . 2

An ADC who doesn’t farm minions? With teammates like this, what outcome could there be, besides defeat?

Miss Fortune finally stepped out of the brush, wiggling her tight waist and petite buttocks. Raising her dual muskets, she fired a shot!

“Hah!” Miss Fortune cried. The bullet struck unerringly upon one of the minions, and then ricocheted to hit another one behind it…

… and neither one died.

The first wave of minions was cleaned up in short order. Yu Luocheng pressed Tab on his keyboard and silently regarded Miss Fortune’s Creep Score of 1. A litany of curses drifted through his mind.

Was this what they called farming randomly?

Dude, this is not how you play ADC in the Bottom lane!


“Heh, heh! Last week, our boss taught me to wait until the minions are nearly dead, then strike to kill. This makes it easier to get that last hit in, for the gold. It really does work! I’ve got seven already from just the first wave, while that idiot on Miss Fortune has only managed to snag one.” Feng Xiaoqing of Class 3 was squawking away merrily.

Feng Xiaoqing used to be an unremarkable nobody. Ever since getting into League of Legends, he’d become the object of some awe from those noobs in class under Level 20. It had puffed him up like a penguin.

That day, he’d announced to his classmates that as the ADC, he’d get at least twenty kills during the game!

Feng Xiaoqing was playing ‘Graves, the Outlaw’, and he was certainly a good deal more skilled than Zhong Xiaoyun, using his skills to finish off the minions while at the same time shaving off bits of Miss Fortune’s health.

By the time she was around Level 3, Miss Fortune had already consumed all three of her Health Potions.

Yu Luocheng remained hidden in the brush, knowing that there was someone in the other bush nearby—a formidable goliath named Garen.

He could easily hook Garen over at any time, but the Might of Demacia would be only too happy to be brought into close quarters with them, putting the delectable Miss Fortune within easy reach of his massive broadsword.


“Sigh. Look at this fool Graves, throwing his Dash away for nothing.” Yu Luocheng’s eyes lit up. Now was the moment.

“Now, you’re dead.”

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